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Homeschooling Myths: Let’s look the top ten ones

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Homeschooling offers one of the most flexible and convenient means of learning for kids of all categories. While most parents rely on this mode of learning, there still is a bunch of traditional parents who are skeptical about this virtual schooling technique. Here are the top 10 homeschooling myths:

Top colleges might not approve homeschooled kids

One of the prominent homeschooling myths, but it is not valid since any college or university approves students who take classes from accredited homeschools. At the end what the Admissions Officer of any college looks for, is the credibility of the student. It does not matter whether the student has studied from a conventional high school or an online homeschool. They just make sure that the specific student has undergone challenging learning activities and have passed from an accredited institution.

In fact, it has been seen that homeschooled students score a greater overall GPA in their college courses as compared to their conventional school counterparts. This is because the education which a student gets is highly customized.  It enables them to gain a wholesome form of learning.

Only a small category of parents homeschool their children

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 2.5 million children are being homeschooled in the U.S. This is attributed to the fact that parents feel they can provide a more meaningful education for their child. And no wonder, homeschooling empowers the child and his parents by fulfilling or at least by making efforts to fulfill the child’s personal needs and objectives. Homeschools focus on individual access thereby students getting deep knowledge. The parents can connect with other homeschooling parents and students, take online classes and email the academic advisor for useful advice as well.

Homeschools hinder socialization

In today’s times, a student’s “real” friends exist outside of their school campus, all thanks to the digital intervention. Many make friends online, meet up and become genuine friends. Homeschooled children get to interact with parents, family members, neighbors, friends, and people in the community. They have the option of attending live classes, co-ops, sports and college courses and interact with people of all ages and circles.

The means of socialization adopted by homeschools is way healthier than that of the normal classroom setting. Children get to select friends of similar mindset from the online community itself. Such bonds turn out to be more fruitful. It is no big deal today to engage in live hang outs on the internet today. Many homeschools promote interaction through live classes, dual enrollment, collaborative projects such as community service projects, etc.

Learning capacity gets reduced

The bare truth is that homeschooled children actually show a better learning ability than their counterparts in traditional schools. This is because homeschooling incorporates a flexible and self-paced learning style that makes the child take a genuine interest in education. They need not be forced to study once they gain interest. Moreover, since homeschooling enables students’ curriculum to be customized as per their needs, they are able to achieve their best potential in a short period. This one on one attention helps the child to acknowledge his own learning pattern and interests.

 Makes the child lazy and obese

Homeschooled children are highly active and engaged in their learning. Homeschools come up with several fun-filled extracurricular activities to facilitate students with opportunities like field trips and many other real time events. Homeschools provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to engage in a variety of fun-filled activities.

Absence of a ‘live’ teacher can cause a setback

Homeschools might not include “live” teachers but they come up with highly certified online teachers to guide you at any point of the day. In traditional homeschooling, parents take the role of teachers. In such a case, the education is quite meaningful since family and religious values are taught as well.

homeschooling mythsNo access to extracurricular activities

Students get ample free time when they take homeschooling. Thus, homeschooled children can pursue their hobbies and focus on their extracurricular interests to develop multiple talents. They are not restricted by any pre-established schedule as in case of conventional schools. Homeschools help athlete-students or students with any special talent to complete their basic education along with pursuing their passion.

Homeschooling shall not allow your child to learn the right things

On the contrary, the public school system mainly focuses on bookish knowledge rather than imparting the right lessons related to family values and ethics. A homeschool can be the best ally for your child to get value education. Thus, the child not only excels in displaying academic growth but personal growth as well.

Homeschool families lack diversity

The truth is just the opposite. The community of homeschoolers all across the globe is highly diverse. It comprises of families from various political, religious, philosophical and socioeconomic groups. Most of these homeschooling parents do not have faith in the conventional school system. They have a strong desire to spend more quality time with their children.

All homeschool provide the same services

Certain homeschools are pretty rigid in their curriculum and operations. They do not allow the tailoring of curriculum specifically for your child to enrich the learning capacity.  This indicates the children might need to be online at a specific time. They are also required to take standardized tests.

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