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10 Essential Tools for Students Writing a Dissertation

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Dissertations should be reflective of the kind of person and the work you’re doing. It should show strong work ethics, thoroughness and attention to detail in your research work. So in writing your dissertation, you have to be proactive in thinking for ways best to paint this image. As a student, this is particularly a challenge, usually is not accustomed to such writing styles.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to students in this generation. These tools ease the efforts required to make progress in writing a befitting dissertation. They aim to help improve your originality, arrangement, and efficiency.

Below listed are 10 tools that may be useful in writing that dissertation worthy of any valedictorian:


Dissertation writing is very keen on a good planning scheme. Among scholars, Wunderlist is one of the most preferred tools of management. It boasts of having a wide range of features that meet the daily needs of the public. It is developed by Microsoft.

By using this app, forecasting one’s availability is feasible. In cases where the student is unable to meet up with the deadline for his dissertation, they can outsource it. Due to time constraints, there are dissertation writing services in UK that help to fill in on the work yet to be done by the student. This may come in handy as a last resort.


Hemingway is an app that helps to vet your writing works. It does this by checking for a list of grammatical features. It is liked by many professional editors being a post-writing tool. It is used to make your write-up easy to read and concise.

Hemingway is readily accessible on the internet, and it doesn’t require an account. Writers can also attach it as an add-on to their software. Also, the app allows you to publish your finished writing works for ease of work.

One of the constant challenges faced by all writers, through the ages, is spelling certain words you can only pronounce. Gladly, this app now does that for yours. Whenever you’re faced with words that you’re unfamiliar with, simply search them up.

It also provides you with phonics, synonyms, antonyms, and cited examples of the word or phrase. Scholars that frequent this app are seen to have improved vocabulary and spellings of their words.


Focus is the main determinant of how much time is spent on a write-up. With the advent of technology, there’s an increasing amount of social media platforms, sites, and materials that distract scholars from their projects. Freedom helps to curtail the effect of such platforms.


The bibliography is a list of all materials used in preparing a dissertation. It is vital to achieving a degree-worthy dissertation. A poorly written bibliography can be misconstrued as plagiarism and has grave penalties as a deterrent to future students. Hence bibliography is arguably the most crucial part of any written work.

Referencing is the stumbling block for many students when writing. Even though referencing has clear cut rules; the dos and don’ts, it is still an uphill task for many. This tool helps with that, serving as a citation generator. All you need to do is choose your referencing style. Browse up your online source and download the text, that’s all. The app does the rest for you.


Although dissertations are mostly comprised of write-ups, imagery is a small component that is there. Occasionally there is the need to give a pictorial representation of a concept in your dissertation. Canva is the site for the job, having numerous templates and fonts to help express you better.

Sometimes creativity is hard to express and pen down as a student. This app makes the presentation of data in your dissertation, interesting, simple and professional.


Are you looking to make your dissertation free of errors and well structured? Then Grammarly is your go-to app. It is similar to Hemingway, but it is better for proofreading to detect grammatical errors, wrong usage of words, syntax and plagiarism detectors.

Many scholars prefer just opting for the free version since it covers all you need to work on your project. However, there’s the minority about 5% who still go ahead to subscribe for the full package. This, however, is not entirely necessary.

Google Scholar

This is a part program of Google for scholars. It serves as a search engine for research papers archived in their system. It provides students with links to view and possible download such works if they’re not redacted.

Its most loved feature is the ability to give the location of any text or print available in your libraries and archives in your country.


Sometimes the use of excel can be ambiguous due to its multiple functions. Raw helps to simplify the process of presenting data from research on the graphs and tables. Having a more user-friendly platform it easier for scholars to find their way around its features.


Dissertations can be quite demanding on one’s schedule. They require time and planning of many activities that need a high level of organization to avoid things slipping through the cracks. Evernote is an app, which specializes in note-taking. Students can jot down ideas, reminders, and activity schedules to better plan and organize their thought processes. This leads to more efficiency and an increased sense of control on the part of the student.

By using Evernote, you avoid lag time. This gives you the advantage to divert time and effort to other sectors of your work that are in dire need of attention.

Evernote is not completely free. There’s a price cap that is reviewed yearly to reflect premium rates. Nevertheless, for a dissertation, the free edition is more than sufficient to meet your basic needs.

Mastery of these tools may take time, but it pays graciously in the end. With practice, your dissertation comes to life, shouldering all the expectations you have of it.

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