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10 Rules for Increasing the Productivity of Projects

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Team output depends on time management and direction. Having this in mind, productivity improvement and work efficiency are the primary focus of modern companies in these times of highly-competitive and rapidly changing business environment. In this article, we share the key rules of efficient time management, leadership, and communication for those who struggle to improve the productivity of projects. Workplace efficiency is a derivative of communication, motivation, leadership, and personal development.

Measure the Productivity of Your Current Project

In order to increase the productivity of projects, it’s necessary to measure it because what you can measure, you can manage. It’s not an easy task, however, as you cannot just divide the output of all employees on their number. Your measuring criteria depend on the type of activity your company is involved in. For example, one of the criteria used in content writing business is generating plagiarism-free texts which can be checked with the help of Eduzaurus or other related services. Thus, the effectiveness of work in content writing business can be measured by the percentage of plagiarism-free texts.

Procrastination is an Enemy of Good Time Management

Sometimes we all tend to procrastinate or just feel lazy to do something. Employ a “do-it-now” rule in your work settings to make it more time efficient. This will help save a lot of time and significantly improve work efficiency. Undoubtedly, some stages of the project require more time to be completed, but if it takes several minutes to revise a report, write a response to email or make an outline, why not do it immediately? We must not forget that we work in teams and procrastination lags overall workflow.

Frequent Meetings Perform Miracles

Scrum projects are common today: the work is divided into several manageable parts and then performed in stages. Scrum meetings are held daily generally before all team members start their work. By organizing work this way, teams have opportunities to reveal problems early and solve them before the problems start to aggravate. Besides, frequent meetings help to check progress towards project completion and keep team members accountable.

Clear Communication

Sometimes we underestimate the role of clear communication in improving workplace efficiencyMany efficient leaders notice that communication is one of the factors for success. Effective communication can do a serious job: clearly communicated tasks and responsibilities increase the productivity of employees. Therefore, significant attention should be paid to open and positive communication on all levels.

Factors which matter in increasing the productivity of projects

Share Feedback

Feedback is a part of effective communication, but we allocate a special place for this rule because sharing feedback helps employees perform their job in a more efficient manner. When employees receive consistent and regular feedback, they understand which areas to improve and feel more confident about their performance. Regular feedback encourages employees to keep a dynamic pace, stay motivated and demonstrate high work efficiency.

Set an Example

There must be a leader in a pack: once you demonstrate engagement and commitment to your employees, they will follow your example. Leaders tend to form the teams according to their leadership styles. Your employees will copy your attitude to work, a manner to solve problems, and communication style. Therefore, try to avoid micro-management or solving all problems alone. Delegating responsibilities and giving the opportunity to solve problems independently will make the teamwork more efficient.

Allow Flexible Hours

All people have their individual biological clocks which make an impact on their productivity. By scheduling flexible hours, you may reach higher productivity and eliminate lateness. Allowing remote work is a good idea as well. Give your employees the opportunity to decide when and where to work. You will see that most probably the number of sick days will decrease and the productivity will boost.

The Importance of Economic Rewards

You can reach productivity improvement by simply making an effective incentive program. Just give your employees slightly more cold, hard cash, and you will see how this motivates them. Additional perks cannot be disregarded as well: free ski passes, gym memberships or movie tickets can significantly increase loyalty and morale. Facebook and Google know this very well and use this approach to increase work commitment and engagement of their employees.

Ways to avoid Procrastination

The Power of Recognition

Undoubtedly, money is the best motivator, but we cannot disregard the power of recognition. Appreciation of job which was done well encourages employees to do it better the next time. It also increases their self-appraisal and morale. Hard work, time and efforts spent on performing a task must be noticed and praised. This makes employees feel valued and included.

Invest in Your Team

There is no need to explain the importance of education. By investing in the education of your employees, you will show their importance for the company. In this way you can kill two birds with one stone: show your employees their value and increase their productivity.

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