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Which is the Best Online Test Series for AFCAT?

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AFCAT- In A Nut Shell

AFCAT or the Air Force Common Admission Test is the entrance exam for the aspirants looking for a career into the Indian Air Force. This aerial vertical of the Indian military inducts competent officers through AFCAT. For this, later to the written exam, it carries the interview, popularly known by the Air Force Selection Board Interview. Read more to know which is the best online test series for AFCAT.

What EduGorilla’s AFCAT Online Test Series can Do for You?

EduGorilla’s Test Series on exams on defense and paramilitary forces like CRPF, various states’ police forces etc. intends to provide ace to your preparation via its more than 200 online mock tests. The online mode of the series translates to your facilitation of working anytime and anywhere. This feature is going to help you extremely in the event of a power loss. Hence, you need not fear for missing your mock tests. You can take them any time of the 24 hours duration of a day.

Moreover, EduGorilla’s Test Series covers all AFCAT equivalent exams (exams from the sphere of defence) like various states’ police forces, the aviation sector, BSF, CDS, Central Armed Forces (CAPF), Coast Guard, Intelligence Bureau, NDA, Police Constable, MP Police, Railway Police, UP Police etc thus making it the best online test series for AFCAT. Also, you don’t need to panic for the recentness of the pattern of the questions and problems. They all are based on the latest pattern.

Also, after you take your mock tests, you avail the highly refined analysis of your performance. This is, as the EduGorillas have empowered the series with the prowess of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Incorporating your performance with the latest digital technologies like these will result in revelations of your weak areas. Also, these machines will analyze the stronger spheres of your performance. you can avail a benefit from this analysis. It is that you can prioritize your study plan according to this result. This means you can prefer to practice more for the weaker prepared questions and compromise on your stronger counterparts. This you can continue for the time till you bring both kinds of results on (nearly) the same level of good scores. Studying according to this plan will save a good 40% of the time you took earlier to taking these tests.

Some More Features of EduGorilla’s Online Test Series

There is one more feature that can facilitate the analysis of your performance. It is the predictions for your state wise and nation wise (the All India ranks) ranks for your exams.

And what more, you will also get some mock tests for free. This will go an extra mile in acing your preparation.

Seeing the features, the price you need to pay for EduGorilla’s Online Test Series for AFCAT is also quite reasonable. EduGorilla has kept it at a humble amount of Rs. 99/- for its monthly version. While the yearly subscription of the Test Series is also at a meager of Rs. 499/-. You will soon find the righteousness of your decision to buy EduGorilla Test Series. We promise it won’t disappoint you!

Frequently Asked Questions on AFCAT

From where can I get a mock paper for the AFCAT?

Well, there are many educational portals and websites from where you can get these mock papers for the AFCAT. EduGorilla, testbook, GradeUp…there are several such where you can give a try and take a feel of the quality of the questions/problems provided in them. Moreover, you need to ensure that the questions/problems are apt for your use in the sense that they must be ‘just right’ for you to take the particular exam. It’s important as if the problems will be too tough, their difficulty level will be extravagantly high than you need. If their difficulty level will be too low, working with them won’t provide you any substantial benefits for taking your exam. Hence, be wise in this matter.

What is the best way to prepare for AFCAT?

As per our discussions with some of the sincere preparators of the exam, here are some of the WAYS! We expect that you will follow these to achieve your target of securing a seat in this prestigious exam:

  • Grab the various sample and solved papers of last ten or so years and practice through them to measure the levels of difficulty the questions carry. Arihant publication is one of the highly regarded players in providing the popularly perceived right material for your preparation, in this regard.
  • Don’t reserve the questions/problems in the section of Numerical Ability for solving them in the last half an hour of the exam. Either attempt them at the earliest or in the middle of the task.
  • Solving 50 problems/questions or more would hopefully be enough to drive you in a lot of successful candidates to clear this written examination. Hence, avoid attempting those which you are not sure about. This is more so as there is the danger of reducing your score via the negative marking (-1 mark for each wrong answer).
  • Aim to reserve 1.5 minutes for each question/problem, at the most, to attempt solving them. You can go on with this approach particularly for the sections of Numerical Ability and Reasoning.
  • Though we have focused more on the section of Numerical Ability and Reasoning, those of General Awareness and Verbal Ability (English) also carry much importance.
    • For General Awareness, we strongly advise the candidates to go through the NCERT books for classes 6 to 12.
    • Honing your skills in English is a little challenging though, particularly for the students who have studied in a vernacular medium. Therefore, they need to make it a habit to study English newspapers, magazines and journals or their online versions.
    • For gaining an upper hand in the sphere of current affairs, you need to make it a regular habit to read current news. Use newspapers, news magazines, and journals and their online counterparts, for this.
  • Bear in mind, the lowest cut off score for the last AFCAT exam. Knowing the lowest cut off will help you set a minimum score needed that you would like to achieve, to rank substantially in the results.
  • Make use of the invigilators present in the examination room if you experience any problem that you think merits their attention. Ask for help from them, that is to say.
  • And lastly but most importantly, 2 days prior to your exam, just relax completely and treat yourself as a King. Don’t take the stress of any kind and enjoy the remaining two days by fulfilling each of your wishes- go out and picnic with friends, visit a relative, enjoy a movie or do that everything that relaxes you and refills you with energy.

How can I prepare for the AFCAT?

As most of the procedures have been discussed in the above answer, we shall focus here more on the general guidelines. Hence, to begin with, developing a time table through robust planning and religiously sticking to it is the first prerequisite of beginning toward your preparation.

Moreover, a thorough analysis of the questions/problems following any pattern in this exam is a must. If you notice questions/problems following any kind of fashion or pattern, do work upon it.

What are some good books for AFCAT?

Though AFCAT isn’t the type of exam you would need to purchase a book and study from it, there certainly are some choices you can go for. These have been described below:

AFCAT for Flying, Technical & Ground Duty Branch (Arihant Publications): The book comprehensively covers all the sections of the exam, viz., Math, GK, Reasoning, English etc. There are questions and problems for you on each of these topics to practice with. Though, there is a sort of a drawback as some of the students could feel. It is that the book provides short explanations to these questions. Anyhow, the book is quite satisfying for the students overall. Lastly, the book is available at much-discounted prices at online stores.

AFCAT Practice Workbook (Kiran Publications): it is a practice workbook containing a huge number of workable questions for all the sections of the exam, as well as the questions from the solved papers of previous years.

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