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12 teaching strategies to help students with difficulties

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Are you a teacher at school or preschool level? Possibly you have to deal with different difficulties or challenges day by day. Whether it is because one child is very restless, another has difficulty concentrating or one of the students is not very fond of numbers or letters, there are several ways to support students in their learning and make the school experience more enjoyable for all.

Here, in this post, we show you a series of simple tactics that can help teachers to face these challenges. To be honest, the following teaching strategies are what every professional teaching academy, such as Kids Academy, normally applies.

Discover them below:

1. Start at the End

For some children, it can be difficult to visualize the final product of certain tasks. When assigning a specific project, teach them, if possible, give them some examples made by students from previous years.

2. Form Couples

Gathering students in pairs to carry out work or projects can be very useful for both parties since the two can help each other to copy the tasks, take notes or read the material aloud to better understand the proposal.

3. Let them Express Orally

If putting the answers in writing is a great difficulty for some students, you may consider allowing them to express orally for certain tasks or tests. In some cases, you could also provide the possibility to record the answers of your homework.


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4. Apply the Tests in the Morning

If the exams or tests are at the last minute, this is likely to reduce the ability of students to concentrate. Try to plan these evaluation instances for the first hours of the day.

5. Sing

Expressing information in a melodic way can help students remember it. If you can’t find a song on the Internet that refers to what you want to teach them, invest it!

6. Employ Mnemonic Resources

Rhymes, word associations with images and other tricks – such as placing numbers in order and backward to learn the table of nine – are fun and effective resources to teach your students and help them remember something.

7. Highlight the Important ones

Highlight, either with a fluent color, with italics or with bold, the most important information inside the material. In this way, you will help students remember it more easily. Later on, they will be able to highlight their own texts.


Benefits of Fun teaching

8. Use Graph Paper

Some children find it difficult to keep the numbers aligned when doing mathematical operations. Show them how to use graph paper to keep the numbers organized in the corresponding columns.

9. Make Lists

When proposing a task that requires multiple steps; try to do it through a list that clearly lists each step to follow. Give each student a list so that they can cross out as they complete the steps.

10. Let them Move

For some children, spending a lot of time sitting and concentrating is simply impossible. Let your most restless students stop while they work, ask them to reach some object or whatever it is that allows them to be in movement.

11. Take a Rest

Give the brain a rest from time to time is necessary and recommended so that students can stay focused. Do a physical activity with them for five minutes, either with a few yoga movements or stretching, so that they can return to work with more energy.

12. Use AudioBooks

If reading is a difficult task for some children, using audiobooks can be an excellent way to ensure that they do not lose interest or motivation for literature.

Hopefully, the above 12 points can help you achieve the optimal learning process with your students.

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