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3 Effective Time Management Prompts for Students

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When you’re a student, there’s one life skill that’s absolutely crucial for your academic success – time management. There’s a great deal of importance that lies in time management for students. This skill will serve you forever, but in order to get through school, you must learn how to use your time wisely. Your time management skill will determine how well you perform on exams, whether or not you meet deadlines, and basically, how good of a student you are.

Thankfully, this is something that can be taught. In order to master the time management skill, you should know the three essential prompts that define you as an organized person. Once you master these techniques, you’ll have achieved great things in terms of your education. Based on this skill, you can build your success.

Prioritize and Delegate

The first step of successful planning is prioritizing. When you write down all the things you have to do this week, you’ll probably end up with quite a lot. But, do you really have to do all those things right now, today?

One of the best time management tips I can give you is to sit and write things down. When you do this, get all the data you need, such as your class schedule, the syllabus, and the assignments. In the schedule, you should add your tasks and projects’ deadlines. This will help you keep up with your tasks.

But, planning goes beyond just noting things down and being aware of every deadline. You need that to ensure that you never miss a deadline. To actually make things happen, you need to prioritize.

Take your full list and start prioritizing. Make a calendar where you schedule your tasks based on urgency. Make sure that your calendar is flexible in a way that allows you to take breaks, finish unexpected or unplanned projects, or for anything that might prevent you from doing your tasks.

If you end up having less time than you need to finish it all, it is time to delegate. Nowadays, you don’t have to miss deadlines and lose grades because you lack the time. If you prioritize your tasks and still end up with more than you can take, go online and type: do my assignment online with Edubirdie experts. Delegating is often your best and only option, especially when prioritizing isn’t enough, or you can’t tackle a certain assignment.

Set Study Goals

Use your time management skills to create a goal for yourself. You must aim to achieve something, and obtaining a degree is one big and wide goal to complete. To get to it, you need a plan. You may need to get yourself a planner to jot down your goals and buy a good watch to become more conscious of your time.

Let’s say that your long-term study goal is to graduate. Now that you have that plan, you should break it down into chunks or smaller goals that you’ll add to your schedule.

Study goals can apply to everything from class attendance to exam sessions. Once you have a set goal in mind, you can better organize your time and motivate yourself to follow it.

To make this more motivating and easier for yourself, break the big assignments into a couple of smaller ones. Make them more manageable. After each assignment, take a break. Maybe even give yourself a bit of a treat. This should keep you moving and help you follow that schedule of yours.

Eliminate the Distractions

In life, distractions are your biggest enemy. Everything that prevents you from focusing on your assignment is causing you to lose time, miss a deadline, fail an exam, or lower your grades.

That’s your starting point – eliminate distractions.

Nowadays, one of the most common causes of distractions is technology. Therefore, start by turning off your phone or the sound, logging off social media, and turning off the TV. You might even want to start using some apps to eliminate such distractions if you can’t control them on your own.

But, even though technology is the most common culprit, there are many other things that may reduce your productivity levels. There’s such a thing as a perfect study spot for everyone, so try to find yours. Pick the right lighting, temperature, and make sure that no one disturbs you. This will help you stay in track with your schedule and will keep you from procrastinating.


Are you ready to take your studies to a whole new level? Time management is the most important skill you should master and the sooner you do, the more successful you can be in school. By following only these three steps, you can make yourself more productive and effective in the studies, as well as build a skill set that will serve you for years to come. It might not be easy at first, but once you get the right study habit going, you’ll turn into a successful student.

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By Emma Rundle

Emma Rundle is a psychologist who works as a student advisor at a UK university. She guides students in the right direct...more

Emma Rundle is a psychologist who works as a student advisor at a UK university. She guides students in the right direction, helps them overcome various life barriers, and teaches them to use the right tools to succeed in life. Thanks to her experience in the matter, she’s a great advice-giver to anyone who listens. less

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