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4 Great Educational Programs for Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors

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Saying you want to become an entrepreneur is a lot like saying you want to become a consultant. Usually, you can’t just leave it at that, you’ve got to follow up with something else to be more specific about your plans.

There is no “by the book” path to becoming a successful entrepreneur like you might find with other careers. You look around at many successful business owners and chances are each one has a very unique backstory.

Even though you may not be able to find the perfect blueprint out there, you can still take plenty of steps in the right direction. One of those steps is enrolling in some additional educational courses.

With this list, we’re going to be focusing more on those entrepreneurs who wish to become real estate investors or move into the ever-evolving world of real estate.

The University Certificates

Even though you may not be able to attend an Ivy League school full-time, many top universities offer courses that you can enroll in immediately. For example, MIT has a course on Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment.

It’s a short course that lasts six weeks, calling for 7-10 hours of dedication per week. The course is entirely online and can be flexible to your schedule. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Another option is through the London School of Economics and Finance. This course is a bit longer, lasting eight weeks and is a bit more in-depth that its MIT brethren. These courses can be pretty expensive, sometimes costing around $5,000.

With both courses, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of real estate, from understanding real estate cycles to various types of loan options.


Udemy is one of the top places on the web to learn about almost anything. You’ll find a whole array of classes taught by leading experts, and they have plenty of real estate investment programs as well.

While you won’t get the same attention or big name certificate as you would from certain universities, many courses are often under $20 and you can easily take multiple classes. Many can be completed over a weekend or the course of week.

For starters, check out the Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp to get your feet wet. If you’re looking to flip houses, they’ve got a course titled Learn to Fix and Flip. There’s honestly too many to list here.

The one downside to Udemy is that some of their classes are outdated, having been made 5+ years ago. Make sure you read the reviews before purchasing a course.

Post Graduate Certificates

While quite similar to the first option, post-graduate certificates tend to be a much longer course that does not offer the same flexibility. They have certain sign-up dates and are more expensive, but you’ll receive more attention and feedback than you would with other options.

One such program is The Mechanics of Real Estate Finance from Middlesex University. The course is entirely online and is definitely more intense, with students required to submit a 5000 word essay at the end of their course.

These options are even more expensive than your university certificates and can easily climb over the $10,000 mark. Places that offer certificates usually don’t offer scholarships, so be ready to bear the cost.

General Entrepreneur Classes

If you’re looking for a more generic overview of running your own business, there are even more courses that you’ll find online.

Many top US universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Rice, California, and more offer entrepreneurial courses, either online or in the classroom. You’ll also find plenty of other universities, such as top ones in the UK, that offer similar courses. Some of these courses are only available to those in either just finishing college or university, so make sure you’re aware of the requirements.

Udemy is also packed with various courses on entrepreneurship, including everything from intro classes to more specific skills. If you’re going into real estate investing and development, you’re going to have to wear plenty of hats. You might want to take some courses on basic marketing or managing to feel like you have a basic idea of what else is out there.

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Shubham likes to write about various educational and tech updates. In free time he likes to spend time in nature and exp...more

Shubham likes to write about various educational and tech updates. In free time he likes to spend time in nature and exploring the forests. less

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