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5 Online Educational Websites that Made it Big in 2017

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Online educational website

2017 is near to its end, and this is the right time to review the performance of online educational websites. In a nutshell, just like the last year, 2017 has also proved to be a bright year for online education. Numerous new websites came into the mainstream, and other universities managed to get more subscriptions and users. To discuss this success of online educational websites in depth, I am writing this article in which I am going to announce five online educational websites which made it big in 2017. Read Best 10 Education companies in India.


A conclave of students to promote online learning with alternative solutions to their problems via digital infrastructure, information, and communications technology. Being a digital dormitory, it aims to revolutionize the online teaching by changing the face of education in India. It aims to build a robust framework of student connectivity across the country with its online podium via a route which is most appropriate, inexpensive, and of course engaging. EduGorilla facilitates students with the online study material that can be assessed 24 x 7, from any corner of the country or world. It offers digitalized course content and learning resources like video lectures, interactive quizzes, self-assessment tools, presentations, slideshows and forums where students can experience a one stop that is a blend of classroom, library and peer interaction.



After a brilliant 2016, Coursera has made its mark in 2017 too. This university became the partner of US’s leading universities and got submissions from around the world. This website also increased its range and now offers courses in over 30 subjects. Moreover, this year they launched their specialization program in ten different courses. By taking this program, students from any part of the world can get an official certificate from their partner universities in US. While covering everything from data science to music and arts, Coursera has been the best online educational website with the pride of being accessible to everyone.


Academic Earth:

Academic Earth

Apart from a golden 2017 year, Academic Earth doesn’t believe in the ranking due to its seniority in this industry. The Academic Earth is operational from 2009 and is curating online courses from the world’s top colleges and universities. This list includes Princeton, Yale and Carnegie Mellon. Due to their high quality and useful courses, this educational website has always been the first and trusted choice for every online learner. By covering all the captivating courses from technology to history, Academic Earth offers original and interactive videos to their registered students in order to teach them what they seek. This comprehensive online learning site is the trendsetter of this industry and educating masses from its launch.


Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction while writing for the reader of a website which is dedicated only to tech. But it is necessary to introduce its educational wing to masses. Microsoft Virtual Academy is an initiative from the Microsoft to ignite the beacon of education in the world. Like its every other product, the Microsoft Virtual Academy is also a hit and did brilliantly this year. The courses range over different tech-related industries like IT, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. This undoubtedly makes Microsoft Virtual Academy the king of online education in the technology sector. Despite its limited marketing, numerous students registered themselves in this academy. They learned new things through live events and following the tutorial in real time.



Another pioneer of online education in our list, Lynda is always in the talks whenever someone discusses online education. This educational website is a library of numerous videos based on lectures, tutorials, and mockups covering different subjects. Moreover, it only charges $25 per month. At this charge, it offers access to its vault of videos which numbers 80,000. This year, Lynda has managed to get more subscription than any other year of its existence. It also promised to get more next year due to new features that they are going to launch for the users announced recently.

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The Amy Jackson is an Entrepreneur and the student of Business Management who likes to work everything related to media including the production, design and media ethics. She also works with the rental company and provides iPad rental services. less

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