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5 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications

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In today’s very powerful and connected technology industry, finding suitable and useful job opportunities in this field can be daunting, especially if technological innovations can change its name. Most emerging technologies have little or no experience but want to get a decent IT education. Starting a career in information technology is a bit like learning a bike. Some do well for the first time and leave. Others, especially those with limited computer experience, need more support to get to know their area before they start working. If you are considering a career in information technology, it is not a shame to get technical certificates to use a training wheel before training and be sure of the absolute basics. IT certifications can review your knowledge of different areas of talent, enhance your strengths, and set you apart from other candidates.

What is an IT certification?

An IT certificate is a title that indicates certain expertise in a specific technical area. IT certifications are usually obtained by assessment, course, or exam, and show that you have met the strict standards set by the administrator. They cover only a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, network security, and development, but only a few.

Top 5 Entry-Level IT Certifications

Information technology is very powerful and is constantly evolving. As the industry evolves, so will the skills needed for strong employees to change. In order to keep up with this new technology as well as global competition, it is important to continue studying regularly. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get an IT certification.

IT certifications can offer many benefits throughout your career, especially if you are looking for a new job or promotion. But with all the options available, do you know where to start? We’ve put together extensive IT guides and a list of the best IT programs for 2020 to help you get started.

Cisco Certified-Technician (C-C-T)

The certification of Cisco Certified Technician verifies the capability of individuals in order to recognize, reestablish, repair, and substitute critical networks of Cisco as well as systems on consumer’s site. The individual has an option to select among 2 different steps of Cisco Certified Technician: layer and a switch or a center of data. It is designed for on-site support engineers working with peripherals and software on the Cisco Core network. You must have completed the Cisco Data Center v-2.0 Support Course before passing the test.

Azure Developer Certification

Texas A&M’s Azure Developer Certification is intended for developers to design, build, and maintain cloud applications and services, along with cloud database management, cloud architecture, cloud servers, and clients. Azure certified developers are involved in all stages of development, such as coordinating database servers, cloud architects, and cloud servers in the design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of solutions. Applicants must be qualified in at least one cloud platform that supports a programming language and has at least one year of experience in developing software for scalable solutions. All the same, below-defined are the covered areas:

  • Providing virtual machines, creating Azure Resource Manager models, managing and executing teamwork, creating clustered Azure Service, and creating container images.
  • Build web applications, mobile applications, APIs and Azure App services
  • Develop solutions for the distribution of storage disks, storage garments, Cosmos DB storage and data storage
  • Deploy Azure security such as authentication, access control, and secure data solutions
  • Apply rules for automatic scaling, content integration, and recording and use Azure Monitor to troubleshoot and troubleshoot

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Released May 2019, this new Azure administrator certification from Texas University validates the cognition along with power needed in order to operate, monitor, as well as maintain Microsoft Azure services, including IT, storage, networking, and security. It combines the skills of two outdated tests, the AZ-100 and the AZ-101, which were inactive in May 2019. On the other side, the below-mentioned are the covered Areas:

  • Management of Azure orders, resource groups, resource utilization, and role utilization and access management analysis
  • Create and configure Azure storage accounts, Azure files, and backups
  • Share and manage virtual machines (VMs) and VM backups
  • Deployment and management of virtual networks, implementation of Azure Load Balance and Network Security Group
  • Create and manage Azure Active Directory (AD), AD objects, users, and groups

PMI Certified Associate in Project-Management (CAPM)

The CAPM is a widely recognized project management investment certificate. In order to accomplish the PMI Certified Project Management Partner, there is not a requirement to become a manager of the project. There are a number of jobs in Information Technology that requires project management abilities so as to handle critical projects. There is a requirement of a minimum of 23 hours of training in project management in order to clear the test; however, a person can also attain this by having elementary training in PMI project management.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

This credential is intended for individuals who are willing to start their IT careers or change careers. The test is designed to validate your basic computer knowledge and give you a better idea of how to do things in computer science. This certification test covers networking, substructure, concepts of supercomputer, apps, and software, safety, basics of the database, and software development. However, it assumes as a great initiative if someone is interested to carry on with the certification program of CompTIA.


Obtaining an IT certification can validate your employment skills and help you keep up with the latest developments in your field. Whether you are a new IT scientist or an experienced person, you are certified. Certificates are a great way to validate what is learned in the room, both as a beginner and because information technology is and always will be an area of continuous development; IT certifications are the starting point. This might give you a better idea of what to look for in entry-level certificates. All you have to do is pick a route and get going!

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