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5 Data Analytics Tools Every Marketer Needs to Master in 2020

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Data analysis is the key to success in today’s information-driven marketing environment. Resultantly, there’s no shortage of tools that marketers can use to measure every imaginable aspect of online consumer behavior, which is a blessing – and a curse.

As is the case with most tech-related fields, the younger generation is learning how to use data analytics tools without really knowing it, as teachers are incorporating many tools into their curriculums. Microsoft Excel® is a common program on most home computers, and it has many internal functions relating to data analysis that are being taught in classrooms. Data analysis a versatile tool to have under your toolkit. From marketing analytics to healthcare data, data analysts are needed in every industry.

In addition, there are many tools specifically used for data analytics, and the following are five powerful data analytics tools that every marketer needs to master in 2020.

1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel’s primary function is displaying information about how consumers are using websites and mobile apps. In addition to “total visits” and other aerial view analytics, Mixpanel allows users to get as granular as seeing how many clicks a given button or link on a website or app has received. Mixpanel is also extremely user friendly (no code writers needed!), and the basic package is free to use.

2. The AdWords Performance Grader

This 100% free tool is great to determine what is working and what isn’t in regards to a user’s website or app. This tool is for anyone with a Google Ads account and does a complete audit of a user’s PPC (pay-per-click) analytics in less than a minute. The grader grades (that’s what they do!) on 10 key metrics, including mobile optimization, wasted spend, impression share, and text optimization.

3. CrazyEgg

Heatmap analytics are used to show the “hot” and “cold” areas of a webpage or app, in regards to user interactions (clicks, scrolls, etc.) and CrazyEgg is another great tool to help marketers determine which parts of their web pages/apps need attention. The app also measures scroll depth, which determines how “far down” site visitors scroll before they lose interest in the subject matter (hopefully you’re going to keep scrolling on this page!). Like the first two analytic tools, CrazyEgg is also free to try, and then very, very affordable for even the smallest of businesses following the trial period.

4. KissMetrics 

KissMetrics is another data analytics tool that displays user information regarding webpage and app interactions from visitors. A nice feature that KissMetrics offers is the ability to compare analytics before and after any design changes are made to a website. For example, if a CrazyEgg heatmap analysis is a catalyst for a marketer updating a section of a webpage, KissMetrics will provide a comparison of the key metrics before and after the updates to determine if they were successful.

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in an attempt to provide its users with data regarding the traffic going to their website and how that traffic is getting there. It also provides a feature that displays competitors’ rankings on search results so users know where they stand against similar websites.

A final note in regards to web marketing in 2020 is protecting all of the data that these analyses gather, and ensuring your customers that their data will be secure and protected. Blockchain encryption is widely revered as the best way to do this for the foreseeable future. There are many layers to blockchain encryption, but relating to protecting the information gathered using data analytic tools it is becoming more and more essential to ensuring your customers’ information is protected. In 2017 the blockchain market was worth $708 million and is expected to be worth $60.7 billion dollars by 2024. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to invest some of the money saved by using the tools above into blockchain encryption so you can confidently tell your visitors that their information is secure or else you might not have visitors at all!

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