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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your English Grammar

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tips to learn and improve your english grammer

A majority of people will agree to the fact that they are not perfect at grammar. People may have been using the English language as a medium of conversation for long. Still, they are not usually a hundred percent sure for the correctness of their statements that they use. It is a problem that not only the non-native English speakers face, but even native ones do too.

The English language is amongst the most used ones in the world. And, naturally, there is a vast marketplace that this language has created. Here, people can learn from the choice of their own. Too many options can make one indecisive when choosing the right source to learn from. But whichever option you go for, to put in your efforts to learn this language is the most essential thing. Still, you can start taking steps in the correct directions and be better at it. And, this is possible with the following five easy tips to improve English grammar.

1. English Content Consumption

The kind of content that you consume daily has a lot to do with your everyday conversations. If English is your second language, then it becomes even more crucial for you to watch English TV shows. For the same reason, you must watch English news and read magazines or books in this language only. Ensure that the content that you read, watch or listen to is in the language that you want to master. Consequently, it becomes more comfortable for you to get a tighter grasp on it.

It might be fun to watch movies dubbed in your language. Still, it is better for you to switch to English if you want to improve at it. One particular tip that we would suggest you is to add English subtitles to the TV shows that you regularly watch. This will help you follow the shows better. Moreover, it will also let you notice even the smallest details of the English in the script. And, this could include punctuations and the grasp over how the actors execute them with their pauses and expressions.

2. English Grammar for Dummies

‘For Dummies’ is a fun guide to learning the fine details involved in the English language. The authors have efforted for ‘For Dummies’ series of books in a manner to present information in the simplest way possible. We believe that by going through this book thoroughly, anyone can master English grammar. It is a unique book that will give you great insights into the English language and how different rules in it have been developed over time. The book has clearly explained confusing topics like, Parts of Speech definition and examples in English that too in a way that you will retain everything that you read in it.  You can have English Grammar for Dummies from Amazon and other leading book stores.

3. Grammarly for Your Texts

Texting is something that you might be doing without caring much about whether what you are writing grammatically makes sense or not. However, imagine how much you could learn if every time you were corrected for any error that you made while texting your friends. Thankfully, Grammarly has got your back on this front too. Grammarly is a known site on the web, that lets users correct the English grammar mistakes that are present in their writings. From research papers to drama scripts, people have been using Grammarly for years for its ability to produce error-free content. Even this post has been checked for its grammar on the Grammarly site.

Grammarly has now started its very own keyboard app for smartphones which tells the users about any wrong use of grammar that is present in the texts written via their app. Unlike other apps like Gboard, this app shows you why your sentence is wrong, and how you can improve the sentences that you write.

4. Duolingo- Learn Languages on Your Phone

Duolingo is a popular app for smartphone users looking to learn new languages. Out of the many languages that it offers, English is one that you can opt for to absorb every bit of it. You can choose from beginner to advanced user options in this app depending on your knowledge of English. The app personalizes your learning experience by adapting to how much you are learning each day. It reminds you often about the lessons that you must check on the app, or tests that you have to take on it. It is a light and clean app, which does not cost you much to learn the language that you want to.

5. Write Something Every Day

No matter what language it is, you must practice for becoming better at it. We suggest that you start writing every day in the English language. It will help if you type it on programs with grammar correcting abilities, like MS Word with a Grammarly plugin. It does not matter what you write, it can be a journal or a blog, but make sure that you write each day and check its Grammatical errors to learn from them. In this manner, you will be able to get rid of the usual mistakes that you make while writing and improve upon your English grammar.

Learning languages can be fun, and with the ones like English, where resources are in abundance, it is even more so true. We hope the information presented in this post helps you become better at this incredible language. Also, for more Grammar related content checkout “A comprehensive guide to English Grammar“.

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