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5 helpful tips for the first time investor

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Providing you’ve got a sufficient amount of capital available, investment can be an incredible way of building up your assets, and using your money to make an additional income stream. Thinking of getting started with investment? Here are five quick tips that might help you along the way.

Consider how much you want to invest

Before getting started, it’s important to think about the amount of money that you have available, and how much you can feasibly afford to put into an investment strategy. Many investments are long term with incremental growth, and so you won’t necessarily be able to access your funds, should you need them as an emergency. Remember, only settle on an amount that you feel comfortable with, and that allows you to still put immediate priorities (such as family) first.

Make an investment plan

Once you’ve decided on a figure that you’re comfortable with, you should then thing about what you want to achieve from your investment. If you have a certain amount of growth, or a specific goal that you want to target and eventually achieve, then it will help you to plan out how you are going to get there. First time investors that are new to the market should also consider contacted a property expert or professional, for advice on their plans, if they seem plausible, and what tweaks they could make to them in order to optimise their investments for the best possible returns.

Think about the investment type you want to go with

Thinking about the type of asset class you want to look into, or what you actually want to invest in, is crucial. Some investment opportunities carry more risk than others, and so it’s important that you’re ‘invested’ in what you’re buying into.

RW Invest recommend property investment, one of the most lucrative and secure investment strategies available in the UK at the moment. In spite of political doubt and anxiety due to Brexit delays, the prospects for the buy-to-let market stay strong, particularly in the growing northern areas such as Liverpool (which is undergoing a mass amount of development at the moment, spreading the sphere of influence away from London in terms of job opportunity and creative buzz among young professionals).

Be aware of the investment market

Cluing yourself up and keeping up to date on all the latest trends in your chosen market will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition, and make sure that you’re making the right choices when it comes down to it. Again, with regard to the property market, for example, the important things to consider looking forward are rental yield growth projections, potential for appreciation in value on your property, and which areas are sustainable in terms of tenant demand.


Diversify your portfolio

When establishing and building an investment portfolio, something imperative that all experts recommend is making sure that you diversify, in order to help ensure financial stability. Having investment interest in a wealth of different avenues will keep you afloat should one area encounter a down spot or dry up entirely.

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