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5 Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician

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One industry that has been seeing major growth is in the pharmaceutical world. The need for trained pharmacy technicians is high. Whether or not you’re aiming to work in a retail pharmacy, hospital or even with a home health agency there are a variety of positions for those with the needed skills.

Pharmacies run a whole lot smoother with great pharmacy technicians in place. When you’re studying for a career as a pharmacy technician there is a lot to learn. So often the traits that make pharmacy techs outstanding are glossed over for the more technical information. Yet it is those extra things that make the difference between “fine” and “great.”

No matter how much you’ve studied during your schooling to learn everything there is to know about the pharmacy world there are a few things that can’t be taught. Below are 5 qualities that every great pharmacy technician should possess in order to make a positive impact on the people they help.

1. Be Empathetic

Pharmacy technicians are still in the service industry and having a smile can’t hurt. Understanding that your patients and customers may be overwhelmed with a new prescription or diagnosis can help you be in a better mindset to help them learn from you. Having empathy is a huge indicator of success as a pharmacy technician.

Building a level of trust with your patients takes time. Pharmacy techs who take each opportunity to build relationships with the people they encounter will be the techs people want to work with. When you show empathy, people naturally seek you out and you’ll have a strong reputation for excellence.

You will get to know the ins and outs of your patients’ lives just by doing your job and they will come to know you as well. When you have a preexisting relationship with a variety of patients on the off chance you are having a bad day, or perhaps your computer system isn’t working well, people won’t just blindly assume negative things about you.

Being able to understand the motivation and feelings of people around you will help you to engage with them on a more personal level. When you are empathetic you will also get greater satisfaction out of helping others during the course of your career.

2. Be A Great Problem Solver

You may think that working as a pharmacy technician would be repetitive. But pharmacies are changing every day and little problems seem to pop up sometimes out of nowhere. Whether a printer isn’t working or an expected delivery is running behind, you will need to think on your feet to gain control of any given situation.

Critical thinking skills are crucial for pharmacy techs. When you are able to deal with difficult situations and problems without faltering you will demonstrate great leadership skills and people will begin to rely on your cool-headed abilities.

When your pharmacist knows they can depend on you, you will be given more responsibilities and there becomes more potential for advancement. You can practice your problem-solving skills by training your brain with logic puzzles and word games. Keeping notes is another way creatives keep track of the goings-on so they can anticipate problems before they happen.

Another great mindset to be in is always to try and find a solution. If you focus on the problem you may become anxious and lose focus and that won’t help anything get done. If you evaluate your surroundings and attempt to fix it, however, your proactive mindset may just make you stand out as a great pharmacy tech.

3. Have an Eager Attitude

Measuring out medication may not be the most exhilarating day in and day out. Depending on your specific responsibilities you might find some days to be downright monotonous. But in the world of pharmacy technicians, attitude is everything. Be willing to work and roll with the punches.

Every day presents a new opportunity to learn something. Being delegated to certain tasks may not be your favorite but if you pay attention to why you have been chosen you may start to learn what’s really going on in your pharmacy. When you take the chance to continue learning you will gain insight and advantages over those who are unwilling to have a positive mindset.

Pharmacy technicians need to have a lot of stamina. When you’re on your feet all day, taking orders from people and filling prescriptions it can wear a person down. But having a positive attitude has been shown to be good for your health.

4. Organizational Skills

Keeping track of all your duties as a pharmacy tech can be daunting if you aren’t prepared. While you can certainly learn more organizational skills those who naturally have the ability to stay focused and multi-task are going to be standout pharmacy tech employees.

Organization leads to efficiency and when you work in an industry where someone’s life could truly be on the line you don’t want to make a mistake but you also have to move quickly. Planning how to prioritize every task is an important part of the job. Having great attention to detail is great but being able to multi-task with attention to detail is even better.

Being able to juggle several things at once, most of which involve counting or even more complex math isn’t for everyone. But once you’ve completed your pharmacy tech training you will be more prepared to take on these tasks. Having a natural aptitude for math certainly can’t hurt but more importantly, is being able to stay on track between your job responsibilities.

5. Have Patience

There is no such thing as too much patience for great pharmacy technicians. Whether it’s a slow day and there aren’t many assigned tasks or you need to explain to a patient or client step by step how something works, having a great deal of patience is crucial to your success.

Assembling and packaging drugs and supplies can become repetitive but having patience is essential so you don’t make a careless mistake. Sometimes people who are sick are cranky and forget their manners. Your patience with everyone you encounter will make a world of difference to how you perform.


If you can see yourself in these traits then it’s likely that becoming a pharmacy technician would be a great career choice for you. Since pharmacy technicians have such important responsibilities of being a standout at your job will only give you more job satisfaction. With a little patience, empathy, and problem-solving skills you can be a great pharmacy technician.

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