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5 Reasons You Should Learn Woodworking

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The art of woodworking might create a better person in multiple ways. Though there are many reasons to learn Woodworking, here are just FIVE reasons:

1. Construction industry employee value;
2. Energy industry employee value;
3. Architectural/Engineering industry employee value;
4. Digital Marketplace product value; and,
5. Personal home enhancement value.

Yet the skills inherent within woodworking carry multiple benefits. Students utilize math processes/eye-hand coordination/creative learning to improve individual grades. A recent international study displayed results for lag in United States 15-year old students: ranked metrics that United States students were positioned 25th in math skill among 34 assessed countries. Not a surprise. Science and reading metrics followed closely in similar rank. With these results, it is not a surprise that “finding a great scroll saw can be useful“. Traditional classroom learning is further enhanced with options for woodworking instruction. Doesn’t the head need the hands in life?

“Does working with your hands make you smarter? Woodworking teachers have observed that effect for years,” stated Doug Stowe, teacher and woodworker hailing from Arkansas. Similarly, results from a Perdue University (2009) study found that 8th-graders learned more engineering and technology using hands-on techniques than from classic classroom instruction for rote memorization.

The Art of Woodworking enables creation of functional and decorative products from use of wood materials. It is both a hobby and profession. Woodworkers use power and hand tools to fashion built product. Wood is shaped for functionality. Restoration of wood products also requires woodworking innate knowledge and skill set. But, really, woodworking is way past (5) useful reasons into the realm of brain power. You do want that brain power: communicating and understanding ideas non-verbally; enhancing spatial visualization for technical careers; providing physical evidence for skill set; instilling personal pride and accomplishment; ability for self-assessment throughout life; recognition for beauty throughout life; and, advancing personal habits for perseverance, patience and concentrated attention. Brain power is accelerated through:

Recognition of relevancy

Pursuit of excellence

Appreciation for learning

Engagement of multiple intelligences

Advancement for problem-solving

Back to basics. Woodworking must be taught in a classroom or on-site through a specific course. It cannot be learned online, without hand use capability. You need wood materials and tools like a table saw, cordless drill, measuring tool, nails, bolts, screws, fasteners, sanders, and miscellaneous items within this specialized industry niche. Let’s not forget environmental benefits to woodworking.

Woodworking Environmental Benefits

Woodworking utilizes organic material for construction. Products are not machine-fabricated, industrialized or mass-produced causing pollutant emissions from industrial industry. There is a reduced environmental carbon footprint with this “go-green” alternative specialty. Woodworking connotes individual effort, not mass production, and viable economic benefits are realized. Government tax incentives are given to those industries reducing fossil fuel emission output, so businesses realize this cost-effectiveness as well. Wood work is competitively priced, lucrative and supports a career – again – within the construction, engineering, consulting and marketplace industries. Quite worthwhile. So explore woodworking as a career or hobby, and enjoy the accrued personal and environmental benefits.

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