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5 Side Hustles to Pay Off Your Student Debt

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The matter of the fact that student debt is impacting millennials and other young generations is no secret. Having a degree is imperative for entering into many professions. Despite being considered as a valuable asset, college education certainly does not come cheap.

The majority of people cannot afford the cost of studies outright. And so we wind up taking out student loans which we keep paying back for years. In fact, it is estimated that the average American possesses around $17,200 of student loan debt. That is certainly not a small bill to repay. Perhaps you are making repayments from your paycheck each month. And it begins to feel as though you are making progress until you receive a statement which outlines how much you owe, and you realize that you’ve barely made a dent on the overall balance, or perhaps you are only paying off the interest! Also read, 5 Basic Skills Required for Online Jobs

In an ideal world, we’d win a small fortune on the lottery so that we could pay of these hundreds of thousands of dollars without flinching. Or at least our boss would give us a raise or some well-paid overtime to help us! In reality, it isn’t always so easy and as such, you may need to search for a side hustle in order to accumulate enough money to repay the debt. This article suggests some creative (and enjoyable) ways in which you could make money in order to tackle your student debt:

Teach English Online

Did you know that not only is there a significant demand for online English Teachers, but people are willing to part with a pretty penny in order to enjoy the attention and assistance of one. You can actually teach online from home and there are a broad variety of people eager to improve their spoken English skills – from children, to adults.

Often you may not need any formal qualification in order to teach English online and the job itself isn’t necessarily too difficult or strenuous. The student may ask you questions about grammar, sure, but typically these people are most eager to improve their spoken English and their pronunciation and so mostly you will just discuss a variety of topics with your student. You may even make a new friend and learn about a new culture in the process.

Characteristics of an Online English Teacher

Become a Social Media Manager

The majority of companies nowadays are learning the benefits of having a presence online via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An online presence acts as an extension of the company’s branding and also aids them both in their promotion, and in their customer service. Along with this comes the need for businesses to hire people to manage their social media accounts for them.

A job as a social media manager involves simple tasks such as responding to online inquiries via direct messages, tweets, and comments and crafting social media posts that inspire, grab attention and convert traffic and sales. You don’t necessarily need a formal qualification to do this, just experience in managing social media accounts (which let’s face it, most of us have!) If you have grown a substantial following on any channel (perhaps you’re instafamous?) Or if you have experience with blogging and managing several social channels, that increases your attractiveness as a candidate.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Whether you have specific experience or not, if you have a degree then chances are that you will have the skills necessary to offer your services as a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant exists to aid a company in any number of tasks. These tasks range from inputting data into spreadsheets to emailing clients and customers.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs opting for remote working conditions and lives as Digital Nomads. And they are looking for remote working employees also. This makes working as a virtual assistant the perfect side hustle as you could do it from home or practically anywhere!

Get Engaged in any of these 5 side Hustles to Earn Money

Bar Work

Something that has been proven time and again to be a great side hustle is working in a bar environment. Especially if you are still relatively new in your career or still at university, bar work acts as a social opportunity as well. You can be out and meet other new people all while getting paid to do so!

The great thing about bar work is that it usually quite easy to pick up casual shifts as necessary. And to fit them into your schedule as it suits you. So if you work 9-5 during the week but wouldn’t mind earning a few extra dollars over the weekend, you are likely to easily find something that suits.

Translation Services

In a similar manner, it being easy to find remote opportunities as a Virtual Assistant, you can also easily pick up remote work as a freelance translator. If you are fluent in any particular language, you will be able to find well-paid opportunities. These opportunities entail both translating information (articles, manuscripts, etc) and proofreading content that has not been written in the author’s native tongue in order to ensure that it is correct.

It makes sense that you would like to look for additional ways to make money. So that you can repay your student debt faster. Perhaps you haven’t even graduated yet but you would like to make a head start. So that you can start tackling this huge debt in advance. Whatever situation you’re in, keep these tips in mind to make some extra money. Check out, Earn While You Learn Pursing Educational Programs in France

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