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5 Struggles Of A Blogger

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We often read the success stories of corporate professionals who gave up their high-paying job to pursue their dream of earning by blogging. I agree that Blogging is the best answer to the question – How to Earn Money Online? These success stories tend to paint a picture of effortless success that was waiting at these professionals’ doorstep. Against common belief, blogging is not a cakewalk. It requires a unique set of capabilities that include creativity, perseverance, commitment, and promotional skills. Seeing the efforts of some culminating into a tangible success somehow tends to dilute the struggles they and others like them endure. Here are a few struggles that a blogger needs to surpass to savour success.

Money to buy tools and courses

Initially, a blogger’s income is as good as nought. It takes time for bloggers to identify their target audience, attract them to their site, and put out a sales pitch for the said audience to consider. This is a process and the blogger must continually run it to attract traffic to the site. The learning curve that the blogger has to chart to start earning is mostly elaborate. Hence, managing the little income earned to invest in tools (marketing and content) that will, in turn, attract traffic becomes challenging. The cost of upskilling to keep pace with the new digital marketing tools and other advancements also turns out to be an added challenge.

Building trust among readers

 Building trust among readers that the blogger strives to attract is critical for the blog’s success. Before making a sales pitch, it is discreet for a blogger to get the readers to sign up for an email list. This is an intermediate step that allows bloggers to gain necessary trust by seeking permission to push content. By signing up, the readers will receive consistent updates on the content and the brands that the blogger is promoting. The inability to earn the readers trust will exclude them from the email list, thereby failing to retarget them to the brand partner. Breaking this cycle tends to delay the success that every blogger awaits.

At par content creation

Bloggers often struggle to emulate the response a post has received by following up with content that is at par with said post. Brand associations are one of the major sources of income for a blogger. However, these associations require the blogger to provide precedence to the content that the brands wish to push. More often than not, this results in destroying the blogger’s

creativity and leading them astray from their niche. Additionally, understanding the needs of the target audience and consistently providing them with content that will make a difference in their lives can be an ongoing struggle.

Sustain the time before success arrives

 Some say that they got into blogging for the sake of passion. The harsh reality, however, is that passion alone cannot sustain the livelihood of a blogger. Bloggers need to put out plenteous free content initially to attract traffic. This requires investment in terms of time, efforts, and tools to ensure that free content is riveting. The return of investment in the area of blogging is also seen to be taking a lot of time. A major part of a blog’s success is directly related to finding brand associations. Brands that tie-up with bloggers to gain market outreach often try to take over and take the blogger’s space for granted. Bloggers

also often witness a delayed stream of payments from brands despite delivering the latter’s content/post on time. All these factors make the life of budding blogger challenging until success arrives.

Competing with well-established bloggers:

The number of bloggers who are consistently publishing posts is innumerable. There are a handful of bloggers who have charted the heights of success and are seen to be earning a substantial income. However, breaking through noise or clutter and stand out by being a superior content provider is an irrefutable challenge. Once the blogger figures out a way to

express the distinctness of his/her blog, success is certain to follow.

Blogging is here to stay and can stay strong against any other future business ideas in India or abroad.

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