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5 Tips on How to Make E-Learning More Efficient

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Modern edtech has revolutionized the way we study and learn new skills: it’s not the book, pen, and board anymore, neither it is only by actually going to the universities and taking courses in the physical auditoriums. Another thing is that e-learning has increased the age of the students and allowed them to get involved in corporate learning that doesn’t interfere with working processes. But how one can boost the efficiency of one’s online learning process while being a student of online college? Below are the 5 tips to e-learn with agility.

Prioritize Your Workload and Take Advantage

Even though you’re involved in e-learning, it doesn’t mean that you’re free from all the assignments, no. Studying remotely in college means you have to process all the course content, write (or rewrite)  every essay, and come up with your completed project on time. And here is where you can go two directions: you either pay for having your work written or you are that person who does it themselves and takes the assignment of the colleague to do for money. While going through another e-learning material, one can simply google the following request “rewrite my essay”. There is a number of students who prefer to purchase an essay rather writing it. And there is nothing bad about it, as long as the student invests free time in something valuable. Find such a student, take his topic, write an essay, get some money, and practice your skills. It is a total win-win situation.

Participate in ALL Writing Assignments

One of the biggest trends in online studying is involving the students with extra projects, essay rewriting or creating, apart from the standard curriculum college assignments, and although they are completely voluntary, we’d argue they are well-worth being taken for several reasons.

To start with, text creation is now an absolute must-have skill in any sphere: service, research and development, HR, IT, social media marketing and much more. So if you can provide a good original copy or rewrite any text, like that college essay, so it looks like new, you’re welcome to apply for the writing jobs while being a student. This will give you more financial independence and probably become an important factor in choosing your career path.

Another reason to do it is to boost the efficiency of your learning. This article proves the fact that some of the development coaches prefer to increase their students’ productivity by writing articles on various topics. The thing is that when we write, we activate a lot of processes inside our brain which works like exercising in a gym: the more we do it, the stronger and more flexible we become, the easier we can to it when we need it.

The last but not least, you’ll learn on the way more than your coursemates would. How can it be beneficial if you’re studying online? Well, most of the credible online courses have this information recorded into your future certificate, so purely from this perspective, it should be of some importance. After all, our knowledge is something that is very easy to carry around and is the biggest investment we can do. So why don’t you start with this extra task?

Plan Your Schedule 

Don’t even start with your time-management problems: we know everyone has them, but this is something you can easily fix if you put some effort into it, ask help at PapersOwl, and speaking about the e-learning, this part is of particular importance. Below are just a few factors why you’d want to do it.

Consistency vs Duration. Taking 20-30 min of your time for uninterrupted learning every day does more good than a 3-hour intensive session once a week. The reason for it is simple: when we learn, we are most likely to use our short-term memory, and when we activate it day by day, we can accumulate more information.

Stick to your schedule hell or high water. You can only skip your studying session if there is a national emergency, the threat of death or injury, hurricane or earthquake. Other than that, you can say no and join your friends after you completed your duty. Rewriting your schedule is OK, just make sure you have this little space for your education.

Keep the rhythm for at least 21 days. It’s said that the habit is formed when you keep doing something for 3 weeks. So plan your month in advance and follow the path. It might feel like you’re doing something robotic, but over the course of the first week, you’ll see why it works.

Practice What You’ve Learned

This advice might be especially true to the language learners, but it can be applied to virtually any subject. How? Well, for the language learners there are a lot of services nowadays to practice a language with a native speaker for free or a very small fee (we’re talking the monthly fee of one cup of coffee price). For other learners, the web has various forums where people can discuss the best way to solve the problem. In addition, you can also participate in various contests, a lot of which have money prizes or valuable gadgets. Some people who study at the real universities are even placing bids for the other users to “rewrite my college essay” for money in the way the people sell their stuff on the E-bay auctions. If that’s what will bring you more expertise in the field – why not do it for money and place the bid to that “rewrite my essay for me”?

Involve All the Possible Edtech Solutions to Optimize Your learning

Remember how it used to be in school? The coolest things the teachers brought in the class are, the more eager you were to start learning, and the more chances you’ve had to finish the topic successfully. Same with e-learning. The modern technologies are so diverse in the way they provide the educational apps for the potential students that you can’t stand the chance to remain indifferent. Some are taking on graphics, others have introduced very interactive content, while some put a stake on social media engagement. And this variety is amazing because it makes the learning process more efficient and less boring, tackling the most dangerous challenges of the self-learning student.

Even though the way we study has altered dramatically, it still has the efficiency problem that comes with it. However, with proper prioritization, extra work, smart planning, lots of practice, and incorporating various devices and apps, you can make the most out of your daily e-learning routine, turning it into an interesting and valuable experience. Because no matter the medium of studying, it should never be a monotonous thing you hate.

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