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5 Tips to Help you Ace your Studies while Working a Part-Time Job

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For many, the idea of working a part-time job while studying can be daunting. The majority of the time, the greatest fear is not knowing whether or not you can balance the personal, the studies, and then the job on top of everything.

The biggest catch is learning the skill to prioritize and plan your life efficiently enough to handle all of it. If you are feeling overwhelmed; don’t panic, that’s completely normal. Believe me, I too have sensed this experience.

Many students work a part-time job while studying because they simply need money to pay for tuition fees. Of course, spending a bit of money on your name is also always a nice thing to have.

Whatever the reason is, if there isn’t a balance between the two, chances are you won’t be getting that degree or you’ll lose your job. To prevent this from happening I have put together some tips which will help you ace your studies while working a part-time job.

Be Realistic

By being realistic I mean don’t over-commit yourself. There are only so hours in the day and you are only one!

It is up to you to decide about how many hours you will be working each day and how much free time you will have. Of course, sleep should be included in your time-investment strategy.

Most universities don’t permit students to work during the term duration. However, others recommend 10-hours per week if a student simply has to work to get by. Don’t forget it is just advised. If you can manage 15-20 hours per week of work in addition to your studies, go ahead.

The most important thing to decide is how far are you willing to go with your commitments. Will you hustle over the weekend? What days of the week do you have to spare to sit down, and do intensive study sessions?

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t agree to more than you can handle.

Know Your Schedule

The last thing you want is to show up for college and realize, oh shoot! That assignment was due today. Or head to work, and realize you’ve completely botched up an important project.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you it is important to stay organized. You should take note of all the important dates that are coming up in your course, and job. One way to do this is to write them down on your calendar.

You can do this either on a printed calendar or on your phone. Be sure to also include the days you will be working. Your social life is also important, so make sure to jot down those parties too.

Once you have organized your schedule you can then plan accordingly.  Check out for more ways to plan your life.

Be Productive

One advantage of taking on a part-time job while being a student is that it forces to use your time productively. As contradicting as it may sound, you will soon learn that the less time you have, the more you get done.

It’s psychologically proven that we work almost 26% more efficiently when on a tight deadline. I am not saying you should leave your business presentation until last minute, or research the PAT for your chemistry experiment the day it’s due. But it’s a nifty productivity hack to know about.

Becoming a productive expert is definitely not the easiest art to master. I myself battle with it, often.

However, it is quite astonishing to see the impact it has on your work, studies and social life balance. Once you adjust how you make use of your time the change will be clear.

If you want to learn more about how to master the art of productivity, check out this guide!

Don’t Skip Class!

I know it is the best feeling to stay in bed while listening to the sound of rain pouring down from the clouds but don’t skip class. Simply don’t engage in that.

Trust me I made that mistake multiple times. I can confidently say it does you absolutely no good. In fact, you will most likely have a larger pile of work to do cause you’d have to catch up what you have missed.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all human. Sometimes, you are as sick as a dog or have some real-life emergencies that leave you with little to no options. In this case, you should take measures to make sure you don’t miss any important work while resting up.

Just make sure you are not skipping class because you are feeling lazy. Nationally, each student pays an average of $11,762 per year. Make the most of your studies because you don’t want to waste all that hard-earned cash for no reason.

With these tips in mind, you have no excuse not to ace your studies while working a part-time job. Remember it may be difficult but it is possible!

Eliminate Distractions

With the new technological era, there are so many distractions. How many hours do you spend on your phone using Facebook, Twitter or simply chat over Whatsapp? What about the hours you spend binge-watching series?

As great as these apps are there also do a lot of harm. These things may be preventing you from completing important tasks. At the end of the day when you are more focused on your smartphone rather than work/studies, you are most likely going to end up with a high-stress level.

My advice to you is to set limitations for yourself regarding the use of social media. This means putting your phone away for a few hours until you have completed the necessary tasks. Once you are done for the day you can then reward yourself with some time on social media or series.

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