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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Generate Leads For Your Business

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Businesses can use different channels to communicate with customers and businesses to find leads. The process of finding these potential customers is known as lead generation. You can try different channels, but you will see good results when you use email marketing. Check out these five ways that email marketing can generate leads for your business.

1. Email Capture Forms

You can easily set up email capture forms as a way to generate leads through your website. Email capturing forms allow customers and businesses to fill out their email information on your website so that they can receive deals or newsletters from your business. This gives them a way to show you that they want to interact with your business.

This image shows the different lead capture tools that a group of small businesses use. Web forms more than doubles the other categories because it’s easy to implement and allows others to come to you. Leads visit your website and show their interest in becoming a future customer by filling out your email capture form.

When your business uses email marketing, it can easily add email capture forms to find you new leads. You can also take advantage of automated software to add those new leads to your email newsletters and deals. This way, you don’t have to worry about adding each new email.

2. Providing CTAs and Links

In each of your email campaigns, you can include a call-to-action (CTA) for your subscribers to follow. This means that you invite them to do something that will encourage them to make a purchase or further interact with your business. Many businesses will add links to their landing pages as a CTA for people and business affiliates.

On top of landing pages, you can give your subscribers different CTAs to help your business.

Provide icons that link to your social media pages.

Add a link that informs them about a new product.

Encourage them to share the email with someone that they know.

You can always think of new ideas for your CTAs, but it doesn’t hurt to stick with links. Links make it easy for leads since they just have to click on it to follow your CTA. This will take them directly to the site, saving them tons of time and trouble. By doing this, you can get subscribers and other businesses to your website and encourage them to become customers.

3. Lead Nurturing

Email marketing allows you to consistently interact with your leads. You can do this by sending them emails about your business, sending them specific deals, and allowing them to enjoy different benefits from your business. These constant interactions are known as lead nurturing, which means that you continue to contact your leads to turn them into customers.

As you can see with this statistic, half of your sales won’t occur until you have interacted with those people or businesses at least five times. This happens through the lead nurturing process as you send them relevant information and encourage them to become customers. You can easily reach these interactions by using email marketing to contact them.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just spam five messages. Instead, focus on setting up your automated software to send relevant and helpful information so that they will form a positive opinion of your business.

4. Gated Content

When you set up email campaigns and encourage people and businesses to sign up for them, you can offer exclusive deals, information, and access to groups through your email campaign. This is known as gating your content. This means that you only offer some of your content and information to specific people.

For example, you could create a social media group that’s unlisted or private. People can only join the group if they have the link to it, which you can provide through your emails. Once they sign up for your newsletter, you can have your automated system send them a link to that gated content.

This helps you to gain leads since people that want access to your gated content will most likely show interest in your other content. Once they start receiving emails, you can continue interacting with those leads in the hopes of turning them into customers. The simple act of creating gated content can attract new leads to your email newsletters.

5. Referral Programs

People like to receive rewards and gifts from companies when they do something to help out. With this in mind, you can use your email marketing to set up a referral program. When people or businesses give you referrals that turn into customers, you can then give them rewards, deals, or credit for their help.

These statistics show that you get faster sales, higher lifetime value from customers, and higher conversion rates when you use a referral program. Asking other businesses to send customers your way can help you to gain more leads, especially as you give good incentives or commission to them.

Make sure to think of your audience when you use email marketing to automatically respond to people that send you referrals. If you have customers in the program, they might want deals or in store credit. Businesses might prefer commissions for their efforts. Make sure you see what they want and give them compensation for their referrals.

6. Final Points

When you add emails to your online marketing, you can use them to easily generate leads for your business. To top it off, you can also use automated software to handle your lead generation. Make sure to use email marketing and its automated software so that you can generate leads for your business.

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