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5 Ways for Bilingual Students to Edit Their Papers

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Though being a bilingual student has many advantages, still it has some disadvantages. On one hand, you get to improve your cognitive skills, as well as your listening skills and memory. All these things make you a better thinker and help you face your academic challenges successfully. However, on the other side, the studies have shown that bilinguals suffer more from ‘tip of the tongue’ moments and these costs in vocabulary are applicable to syntax too.

For this reason, bilingual students need to pay special attention when they edit their paper. Here are some useful strategies you can use to make your essays impeccable and mistake-free.

1. A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

Sometimes when you don’t have time for editing, or you can’t take chances to get a bad grade, it’s better to find somebody who can give you a hand. A fresh pair of eyes will bring a new perspective and notice the mistakes more quickly and easily. Also, outside editors process written information slowly since they analyze the paper as they read. is a helpful website where you can get information and reviews of different writing, editing and proofreading services and choose the best one for you. It’s really helpful because you can avoid scam services like Boom Essays as you can read the reviews and try only the best platforms with experienced writers. When you aren’t sure about your writing, don’t shy away from asking for help.

2. Rest Your Paper

Once you’ve finished writing your paper, let it sit for some time, and you can take a break. Even though it may sound like a wrong idea because you probably have a deadline to meet, it’s actually not.

The more you try to edit or proofread in one sitting, the less efficient you are. When you go through the same text over and over again, naturally you tend to memorize it. Then you anticipate what you are going to read next, so you lose focus to identify your mistakes.

Hence, set your essay aside for one or two days. When you come back to proofread and edit it, your piece of writing seems as if somebody else wrote it and you will be able to catch all errors.

3. Make Your Top 10 List

As a bilingual person, you probably tend to mix languages. Sometimes you may apply rules from one language or use words that don’t exist in another. So, for you, it is especially tricky to edit your own essay.

It would be a good idea to make a list of your common grammar or spelling mistakes. Singling out your frequent errors will help you identify them in your essay as well. That way, you can polish your piece of writing and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Besides, you can include some of your repetitive words to this top ten list. Just hit the search button in your word processor to find them. If you notice that you repeat the same verb or adjective while reading your paper, replace them with adequate synonyms.

4. Have Different Readings

After taking a break from your essay and creating your top ten list, it’s time to sit down and read what you have written.

When you read for the first time, pay attention to the structure, entire organization and flow of the paper. Ask yourself:

– Does your essay accomplish the given objectives?

– Do my paragraphs flow logically and smoothly?

– Are my sentences clear enough?

Afterward, it’s time for second reading and looking at punctuation, grammar, word choice, and other details. Make sure you spelled everything correctly, that you used appropriate verb tense and formatted citations accurately. Also, check whether you used the proper vocabulary for the topic or if there are cliches that can cloud your argument.

5. Listen to Your Paper

Another convenient way to edit your paper is to read it out loud. Relying on your ears can help you catch some mistakes and omissions in your writing. When you read a text out loud, you need to verbalize and analyze every word in the sentence, so you can easily spot any irregularities.

It’s even better if you have a friend who can read your piece out loud, but if you don’t, no worries, technology can help you out.

Did you know that you can use Google Translate even for editing? Yes, that’s right. Just open this free tool and paste your essay into the box on the left. Click the sound button and start editing.


Keep in mind that practice makes your editing skills perfect. Reading your essays for several times and spotting different elements each time, as well as listening to your paper and taking a break once you finish your work will help you detect any irregularities and enhance your pieces of writing. As a result, you will get better grades and open yourself new possibilities.

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