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5 Ways to Deal with Multiple Exams in the Same Week

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Deal with multiple exams in the same week

Most students live for the day when they see exam week disappearing. Are we anywhere near that point? There’s a long-going debate around finals in the world of academia. Many academics believe that finals are an outdated method of evaluating the academic performance of students. However, the exam week is still a part of our reality and we have to deal with it.

You can go on and on complaining about having to take multiple exams in the same week, or you can use your time in a more useful way and prepare for the challenge. This is the first thing you need to realize: you can do it! Thousands of students undertake the same challenge with success. How do you think they do it?

We’ll list five ways to deal with several exams in a week without losing your sanity.

1. Get Someone to Help with Your Writing Projects

What’s your priority? The exams? Exactly! How about that research paper that you’re supposed to submit by a close deadline? It’s also a priority. No one will take that exam for you, but you can get help with the homework. Roberta Higgins, writer at Best Essays, explains: “Students from all around the world are getting help with academic projects during finals. It’s nothing new. When they delegate part of the work to professional writers, they get more time to study. It works!”

If you can manage the projects and the studying, by all means, do it! If, however, you’re overwhelmed with the amount of studying material to cover, you can consider getting help with the assignments. Read “How to Write a Stellar Dissertation“.

2. Create a Studying Schedule

How much time do you have before exam week? Hopefully, you have at least a month. Even if that’s not the case, you can still prepare well if you’re an effective time manager.

You have to create a studying schedule that will guide you through the different subjects and modules. If you skip this step and study when you’re inspired to do that, you’ll turn the whole process into a hot mess. You won’t know how much material you have left.

Start by marking the exam dates in Google Calendar or any other organizer you use. Evaluate the material for each exam. How much time do you have by those dates? Plan it very carefully. Then, follow that plan. If you’re diligent enough, you’ll get the most out of the time you have.

3. Make Studying Your Priority

For some of your friends, this week will be just the same as any other week. They will call you at any time of the day or night. They will pressure you to go out. They will invite you to a double date. At that point, ask yourself a question: what’s your priority? Studying! If you allow yourself to get distracted, the plan for studying will definitely suffer the consequences.

Spending all day with books and notes is not fun. However, it’s the only way to go if you want to do well on the exams. Going out will have to wait. It’s just a week, after all.

4. Don’t Waste Time on Preparations

That schedule is just about the only preparation you need before you start studying. Of course, you’ll take notes along the way, so the process of repetition will be easier. Anything beyond that is a waste of time. Stockpiling photocopies, printouts, fancy notebooks, and all kinds of stuff related to the studying process don’t make you smarter. Bringing the entire library onto your table doesn’t make you study more.

Be real: you’re trying to absorb three months worth of information throughout a very short period of time. You have absolutely no time to waste. Stick to minimalism. Get the textbooks, a notebook, and your laptop. Start studying.

5. Alternate Between Subjects

Studying is not the most interesting process, is it? It’s easy to get bored. When you catch that moment, it’s important to push yourself a bit harder. There’s a trick: you can alternate between subject while you study, so you’ll be taking a break from one of the subjects while studying for another.

Include two subjects per day in your schedule. You can study history for one hour, take a short break, and switch to social sciences for another hour of studying. Take another break and get back to history. This method shifts y our mental focus. It keeps the boredom away (as much as that is possible) and allows you to use your time more effectively. Click here to find out how to make studying less stressful, even for the most boring subject.

Whatever you do, don’t stop believing in yourself. If you give up, the result is clear: you’ll fail. If you keep going, at least you’re giving yourself a chance to succeed. At least you’re learning, and that’s what matters.

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