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6 Practical Uses of VR in the Education System

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Virtual reality is forever changing the world of teaching, and education, for that matter. The education sector is using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses for better understanding of History and Science. AR glasses is an advanced tech unlike perception glasses available at

Virtual reality allows students to “travel” to any country, to space or to the interior of the human body. Witnessing past events in the first person will change the way you study history.

Immersive learning can also be useful in developing children’s empathy towards other communities. Since the fifties, virtual reality has been in continuous development without achieving a commercial or institutional acceptance. But since 2012, startups focused on this technology have had a success that few could predict.

Virtual reality is already a reality in different areas of society, also in education. Although it is still an emerging technology in relation to its potential, it is already offering opportunities that were previously unthinkable. Virtual reality allows students to experience learning in immersive scenarios and break geographical and temporal barriers in a similar way to when we read a novel.

But, in particular, what possibilities does virtual reality apply to education? These are some of its most outstanding uses:

Travel Without Leaving Your Class

Thanks to the virtual reality, the excursions do not have to be only to the local museum or the neighboring city: students can visit and study the Taj Mahal, for example, without leaving the site. This enriches teaching and makes it more fun while avoiding economic and geographical barriers.

Exploration Without Limits

Bringing students to the lunar surface is not a feasible option for any school in the world. And it would not be the safest either. Through virtual reality, children can travel through space and immerse themselves in the depths of the sea to satisfy their curiosity.

Travel in the Past Time

The limits that it breaks are not only geographical but also temporary. Students can witness the taking of the Bastille, for example, and learn history in a much more memorable way.

The Human Body

Can you think of a better way to study the human body than to visit it from the inside? Imagine the experience moving freely through the digestive system, locating organs and discovering their functioning through immersive learning. All this is possible with virtual reality.

 Empathy and Values

Why limit yourself to studying? Teaching, especially in the early stages, should instill values, ethics and a worldview that helps children become better people. The concept of empathy can be transferred to immersive education through “trips” to developing countries, favoring that students feel close to other communities. It is always said that traveling is the cure for discrimination, can virtual reality be the key to a more just society in the future?

Professional Orientation

One of the most complex decisions a student should make is to choose a career. There are few who are wrong and end up studying something that they are not passionate about. With immersive education, students can see life through the eyes of a surgeon, a programmer, an archaeologist or a journalist with the goal of having a clearer perspective of their future.

To Sum It Up All…

It’s important to realize that today’s students are quite different from their prior generations. They’ve lived with technology at their disposal from their early times. They’re well versed with tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. Consequently, traditional teaching methods have become somewhat old-fashioned and can’t explain crucial concepts.

As this technology is taking its first steps, the potential for growth of Virtual reality is a huge one. Irrespective of the fact that this technology is still comparatively costly, it’s soon going to be easily affordable. VR modifications for educational applications will also swell in numbers as educators will more acquaint themselves with the technology and be able to produce educational resources.

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