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7 Essential Qualities That a Good Professor Must Possess

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Good Professor Must Possess

As a Professor, you represent something different for everyone. While you may be a nuisance to some, to others, you’re a real inspiration. However, regardless of how you’re looked at eventually, you become your students’ last mentor as they cross into the next stage of their lives. Therefore, you’ll be their source of inspiration in the rather harsh school setting.

Keep in mind that your students will be joining society soon and you’ll need to mentor them in the best way. Besides, you should also offer encouraging words to guide you through tough situations. So, as a professor, which qualities do you think you should have?

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You Should Be Friendly and Approachable

A good professor should be someone that you can talk to freely and anytime. Friendly professors improve student’s confidence and create a comfortable learning environment. You should also be generous, kind, caring and compassionate. Besides, understand that students are not to blame. Just take the time to know their specific personalities.

Research shows that a majority of professors are dealing with sensitive student cases today. These issues affect the behavior of such students in class as well in their overall test scores. So, as a kind teacher, you should show some compassion and try to understand such unique challenges.

Like a good professor, you should also be generous. A good example is spending money on your kitty just to get the best learning books and other resources for your students. On top of all this, as a professor, you should maintain a kind and joyful spirit. If you’re in a good mood, the whole classroom lights up.

You Need To Offer a Perfect Balance of Control

There are two kinds of professors. For instance, there are those that just issue assignments and those that challenge you to think beyond your duties. Like a good professor, you should even send reminders on upcoming assignment deadlines to keep students on their feet. Also, confront them when you feel like they are not performing as they should be.

Unfortunately, professors are not known for their caring nature. Therefore, in many cases, your students will not find your concern welcoming. In any fact, they’ll remember your efforts after completing the course. So, always keep pushing and encouraging them!

Being Resourceful and Organized

As a professor, you’ll discover that being reactive hardly works. Instead, it’s better to be proactive! Although it’s one of the most challenging things you’ll have to learn, your resourcefulness will eventually make your job less challenging.

In short, plan and identify the situations that they may have problems. Then, come up with solutions to solve such problems, and you’ll have an easy time teaching. However, this does not substitute being adaptive. You’ll realize that despite having an active lesson plan, you’ll still encounter different surprises.

In any case, by keeping things neat and orderly, you can quickly access relevant resources. In other situations, you’ll have to get creative solutions to help your students. A good example is getting materials and supplies that help students understand complex issues like writing marketing research papers or science projects!

Have a Good Sense of Humor

Students love a professor who can crack a joke or two in between the lesson. A good number of learners today suffer from lack of concentration in classrooms. Humor plays a huge part in keeping them alert. While this is not such a crucial trait, it helps in creating a fun learning environment.

It even makes boring content appear exciting. Of course, too much humor does not always do the trick, especially if you’re trying to connect it to a tough topic. So, it’s wise knowing when to pick the right moment to ‘crack a joke.’

All in all, remember that it’s fantastic to see a professor who feels free eating a pop tart in class, or who talks about weird trends on social media. Besides, starting your lesson with a joke prepares your students for a lengthy lecture and keeps them entirely ‘hooked’ from the onset!

Your Determination is Key!

Like a good professor, you should be determined in getting the best from your students. Such means making sure that all learning resources get to each student. Show up each day and take time to deliver the best kind of education for all of your students.

Unfortunately, this means spending late nights trying to come up with additional assignments and lesson plans. On weekends, you’ll be grading papers and complete the week’s tasks. Despite the challenges, your fearlessness and resilience will gift the society with qualified men and women.

Learn How to Adapt

The classroom and the world are continually changing. In this case as a professor, the way that you adapt, plays a massive role in determining your overall success. Therefore, you should know when to adjust your activities or lessons when an unexpected situation hits you! Keep in mind that the school environment is full of events that are not always in your control. You’ll have an easy time if you learn to adapt accordingly.

Another problem that you may face is if your students don’t understand a particular concept. In such a situation, you’ll need to change your lesson plan. Such means that you’ll have to come up with a better way of teaching that concept quickly!


You should hold yourself to the same standards and expectations as your students. If you fail to take responsibility for your failures, you destroy the classroom environment. Accountability should also be in your learning experiences. So, you should always look for efficient and innovative ways of teaching your students.

Make use of new technology and research, as well as different educational tools, and you’ll become an even better teacher. Lastly, it’s also wise to look for new opportunities for your students. Bring something new to class as often as you can!

These seven qualities are what define a good professor, teacher or mentor. Always humble yourself to the level of your students as it’s the only way that they’ll express their troubles. And even though there’s no such thing as a perfect professor, showing your best qualities proves that you’re passionate about teaching.

Of course, some topics are challenging like showing your students how to write a 1000 word essay. However, these will make sure that you can turn such a complex topic into easily understandable bits. Of course, your students may not recognize such efforts, but in the end, they’ll appreciate their good grades. And as a professor, seeing them prosper in life is enough!

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