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7 Reasons Why a Good Domain Name is Needed for A Successful Venture

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Dominate in the business by having a good domain name!

A brand leaves a great impact and an identity behind only when it bears a beautiful, catchy, and unique domain name. A domain name is what makes a brand memorable and a long-term player in the niche market. Whether it is a web development company like Intlum or an online shopping store like Amazon, a site like wish, every brand must have a good domain name. Sometimes, brands choose names which are difficult to pronounce. Often, brands do not research and analyze the market well and end up in legal battles due to copyright infringement. Overall, ensuring these things may build a framework for a successful organization. But these are not enough, there are a few reasons for choosing a good domain name. Let’s talk about 7 prime reasons to unlock the mystery.

It is About Branding

If the market is analyzed properly, you would find that every company including your competitors are trying to establish a brand name. A name that would be short, simple, and memorable at the same time. There might be only 26 letters in the Alphabet, but how interesting name do you form with that matters the most. In fact, the name should sound logical and would match the content or the service you are offering.

Reasons for having a good domain name


SEO Value is Considerable Too!

Well! Google as a search engine always prefers domain names which are short, unique, and easy to access. For some point in time, if we forget about the importance of great and stunning articles, then this parameter plays quite an important role in establishing your brand in the market. Because after all, you might marketize your website tremendously, but the organic search would determine the fate of your brand. And, here comes the importance of choosing easy-peasy domain names. A good domain name always increases the brand value in the search engines and thus promote your businesses.

Who Doesn’t Want a Great Brand Email?

One thing that naturally comes along with a domain name is the brand email. An email id that bears the domain name and its extension. Here comes the importance of a good domain name. The simple reason being, a user or a subscriber gets around hundreds of email every day. And obviously, it is not possible to check out every email on a daily basis. But, a good domain name ensures that the branded email gets clicked.

Conversion Rate Matters!

A great domain is what sounds catchy and memorable. A name that would totally be there inside the mind of every visitor. They must find the name catchy. This is something that we have already told a few times here. It is actually all about conversion rate. When a visitor lands to a particular page, the person always looks for three things. A catchy name, great contents, and good design. The first parameter is what we are talking about here and is important for growing the business.

When the website ensures all these three things, it would not be wrong to say that the visitor might subscribe. A visit that generates a subscriber is considered a great thing in the internet market. Achieving a 100% conversion rate might not be possible always, but a site definitely can have 90 to 95% rate which is brilliant. Well! This is definitely not an easy task as a whole as it sounds, but a good catchy domain name can pedal the whole thing closer to this number. Interesting, right?

Don’t Forget about Returning Users

Well! It is true that not everyone would want to be a genuine subscriber of your page or brand. But, what about returning users or customers. Feel fortunate if you have gotten the loyalty of returning users who love to visit your page. This is something every brand longs for.

In fact, there are countless examples where a page has a number of returning customers or visitors These people look for a particular keyword on search engines and the moment they find this brand’s name, they just click the link. This is such a blind trust that they don’t even think of checking other websites for the same keyword. Well! If it is not stunning, then we don’t know what else is.

The Secret Lies in the Right Category

A time when every brand is working hard to do something unique, just a good domain name is definitely not going to pitch the brand’s identity in the market. One needs more, and the more includes to get a meaningful category as well. For example, if you have an online store, then don’t just limit the brand to .com extension. Rather, go for an extension like .store which ensures that your brand is about an online shopping store. It is another way to build credibility among the users and consumers.

Well! Questions may arise whether every brand is running behind selecting the right category or not. There are some eminent examples of sites which use a general .com or .CountryCodeExtension, then what difference does it make. Actually, one thing should never be forgotten that earlier the scenario was different. There were very few niches available and not many brands were there. But now, almost every niche has at least more than 1 million competitors and surprisingly, every brand is excellent. So, a little difference like choosing a different category can make a huge impact on the online marketing.

Above All is TLD

Well! As we already said that category selection plays a pretty major role in online business. And, the domain extension should be meaningful and would bear the brand value. But many prefer to use TLD or top-level domain because those are conventional and easy to remember.

And benefits of a good domain name

And now, we understand that things have become a bit messy for you. Actually, both TLD and easy domain extensions are excellent. But we would like to hand over the responsibility on you. Because, after all a business is also about an owner’s perspective. So, if a catchy domain name is all you are looking for, then go for a categorical domain extension. But, if conventional things are up to your taste and preference, then a TLD would be great for you indeed. The decision is definitely yours, but both of these are quite important for a successful business venture.

These are some of the important reasons to choose a good domain name. Apart from brilliant ideas, establishing a great business as a web development company or an online shopping store depends on a number of parameters. A domain name is one of the topmost parameters that can pivot whether a brand would be popular in the niche market or not.

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