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7 ways to Enhance your Creativity that ensures a Successful Career

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Many people have the notion that creativity is something that some people have in abundance, while some don’t possess even an iota of it. It’s a quality that not everybody is blessed with. Now it’s true that some people exude creativity more naturally than others. But that doesn’t mean the people that are not quite blessed with this quality won’t succeed in life, be it professionally or personally.

This is why we have come up with ways to enhance the creativity of these people, which not only extends in their professional lives but will reflect in their daily routine as well. So some practices are presented below that you all can do to be more creative and propel your career towards success.

Indulge in the Good Old Brainstorming

We cannot stress enough on how significant brainstorming is for igniting the sparks of creativity. So make sure that you invest time in the process, to reach the prime of your creativity at work. Now, this is where lies the fundamental problem, most of the professionals don’t even realize the importance of taking time out to brainstorm.

While we agree that juggling between projects, meeting clients and dealing with junior employees may leave very little time to go through the process. In this case, you can consider scheduling a time every week which you will spend brainstorming. Based on your roles and responsibilities in the company, this session could be as little as half an hour, which you can extend gradually according to your convenience.

The process of brainstorming can involve how to come up with more effective marketing strategies, how to increase the work efficiency and how to receive exposure for your products and services on a global scale. You can also get your meetings to carry out a brainstorming session.

Practices to follow to be more creative and propel your career towards success

Keep Asking Questions as many times as you need to

A critical factor in nurturing creativity is to understand that any idea that hits you at any point in time is something that was there in your memory. This means when you come up with an excellent idea, you have retrieved a relevant piece of information from your memory.

Now the pertinent question you may pose, how to get the useful information from memory? It’s simple; question your memory, and it will come up with a solution connected with the question.

The creative people don’t look at a problem from a single perspective or angle. Instead, they keep finding out more about the problem and delve into their memory to come up with more details that might solve a particular issue. Depending on the number of different questions you ask, you will be able to churn out more creative ideas.

As a simple way to practice asking questions, ponder over a problem for which you’re seeking solutions. Now, question yourself on how your friends or colleagues would tackle the same issue. Utilize the views and perspectives of different people as a process of teaching yourself to define a problem in multiple ways.

Use your Skills and Strengths to Boost your Creativity

As mentioned before, some people are better at harnessing their creativity to get things done at their workplace. But how should the less creative people exercise their prowess effectively?

Let’s present an example to answer this question, if you are from IT department, spare a thought about how you can make the system you are working on even smoother and faster. No matter what your responsibilities are at work, determine and try to implement the correct ways to do it more efficiently. And also consider how your skills and abilities, also the skills of your other team members, can be utilized to boost the creativity.

Get out of the Cubicle

Even if your company has one of the best-looking office spaces, that doesn’t guarantee that it will provide a free rein with your creativity, or for that matter the creativity of your teammates.

It is quite natural that the team that you’re working with has already exhausted itself trying to come up with a great idea for a particular project sitting at their desks, and that’s why you should consider getting them out of the cubicle for a brief period. Having the team together out of the cubicle is at once refreshing, and it makes the process of ideation a lot simpler. This way you will be able to come up with different perspectives on solving a specific problem.

Many working spaces come with different rooms for carrying out such activities, which involve whiteboard walls, cafeterias, and outside patios. You can even consider using go-cart tracks, and bowling alleys as a venue to promote the surge of creativity which takes a company forward and allow individual growth.

Revisit or Review your Best Work

You may have had instances before you have used your creativity to drive success, or you may have had none at all. The ideal way to being creative is to understand that you can be creative as well. If you think that you’re unable to produce any creative ideas, then feel free to go over some of your previous projects to reaffirm that you still have it in you to present your creativity through your work.

In whatever project or engagement you get involved in, often the best inspiration can only come from yourself. It’s possible that you will be hit by a block. And the best way to take care of such setbacks is to simply understand that these things are normal. This way you can come to terms with the fact that these temporary periods of non-creativity are not the be-all and end-all, and that sooner or later you will be able to overcome them, and that will allow you to have a successful career.

Brainstorming Techniques

Step out of your Comfort Zone

Creativity is a skill that only gets better when you know how to nurture it. And it’s needless to say that you will have to spare a considerable amount of time to improve the skill. So, how to do you practice enhancing your creativity? You practice that by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Now stepping out of the comfort zone means you have to go beyond the norms and constantly challenge yourself to gain new experiences.

And when you push your limit and think beyond your comfort zone, you are definitely going to learn something new. Additionally, these new experiences enable you to come up with more ideas, which you can use while working on your next project.

Stimulate your Creativity

You should work on yourself and stimulate your creativity. And to carry on with the process, you must ensure to take frequent breaks, read new books and articles, and also be open to new possibilities. And every once in a while, when you feel like catching up on an old hobby, do indulge in it.

This way you will notice that you are making the optimum use of your creativity to drive more success in your career and to make it future-proof.

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