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8 Important Trends In Operations Management

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People pursuing an Operations Management course know that it’s a catch-all for a host of functions in an organization. They know that it’s chiefly concerned with planning, organizing and supervising various services like production, servicing and provisioning. Hence you can describe Operations Management as a delivery focused role, that very efficiently turns an organization’s inputs into outputs. The inputs here can be anything from materials to workers.

Some good examples of the types of duties of an Operations Manager are:

  • Procuring goods and services from other entities
  • Managing relations with partners and people of interest.
  • Improving the company’s efficiency to increase outputs

Recently the demand for Operation managers has opened up which has led to an increase in the number of people applying for Operation management courses. One can get an Operation Management course with the help of several programs with the most famous being an MBA.

You may have versed yourself well with an Operation Management course. Still, the field is constantly expanding and there are new changes every year. A good Operations manager needs to keep himself up to date with all the latest trends in this new age. Below are some of the most important trends in Operation Management.

A Global Focus

One of the reasons people apply for Operation Management courses is because the markets in today’s time have expanded. This expansion has rendered these markets the freedom to explore the areas around them. There’s a global focus involved where markets and organizations deal, fight with their counterparts internationally. This has occurred due to the rapid advancement in communication, transportation and the advent of freer markets. Another major factor is that various countries compel companies to set up shops in their cities. They exercise this in exchange for lesser taxes and more economic benefits. This has significantly increased competition globally.

Product Development

In the past, product development had longer cycles and took a considerable amount of time to finish. There has also been a trend of products reaching their lifespan quicker when you compare it to the past. This has led to companies demanding shorter cycles and more products. This further has led to an increase in people taking up operations management courses to keep up to speed.

Personalized Production

Companies used to mass-produce standardized products in the past. But, a new trend of mass-producing the customizable products has taken the industry by storm. This has led to companies shifting to a more personalized production method.


Employees had a general knowledge of the subject in the past. But, as companies get more and more advanced, goals and milestones have become much more complex and harder to achieve. This has also caused the diversification of employees and demand for employees with specific and more specialized skills. In the past, employers considered these skills as niches. This also is a cause for people to clamor for operation management courses.

Supply Chain

Companies and organizations in the past usually depended on short term partners or partners that could get them the service they needed for the cheapest price. In the new world economy, this has changed. Companies now look for more reliable partners. They count the price of services only at the beginning. Subsequently, companies engage in long contracts with such partners. Dealing with these contracts and making sure that the company can be trusted and is reliable is a vital job of an Operation Manager.

Green Production

Due to the recent climate issues and activism against industries that pollute the climate, getting services for the cheapest price is not as easy as it was earlier. Moreover, the companies also take into account the green factor. They employ several checks that verify if the product is biodegradable or how much it affects the planet. This includes ensuring that they don’t needlessly cut down the forests, the companies make less use of plastic, prevent dumping of trash into waterways, etc.

On-Demand Production

In the past, companies always produced products in bulk and then followed the purchase. This was because there wasn’t much of any diversity in the industries. With increased diversity and a larger selection of products, there’s been a new trend to produce products quickly and efficiently only when requested. This has led to an increase in on-demand production.

Lean Production

Businesses have cut down on their production in the sense that now they are increasingly focusing on making processes efficient. This is because they require a lesser input to produce the same amount of output. They achieve this by using a multi-talented workforce and flexible manufacturing systems.

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By Shalaka Padhye

Shalaka is skilled education expert & a writer by profession at Walnut Folks. She understands the education systems ...more

Shalaka is skilled education expert & a writer by profession at Walnut Folks. She understands the education systems of varied countries & helps students make the right choices for learning abroad. less

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