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8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

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Educational Effectiveness

8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

Education plays an important role in our personal, professional, social and academic development. The schools, colleges and universities around the world used to do everything that is practical and possible to improve the effectiveness of learning. Most of the schools, colleges and universities around the world used to follow some myths that they believe increases educational effectiveness. Some of the myths followed by the educational institutions and teachers are good and used to help students to improve their learning. Nearly all the educational institutions impose the myths that they believe on their students even if they are uninterested to follow it.

Myths are good but it should offer benefits to people who follow it. If the myths present damages to the people who follow it, there is no point in following it. It is always a great choice to follow the myths that lead to educational effectiveness and also improve students’ academic performance. However, educational institutes don’t force the students to go after the myths that weaken their study outcome and educational effectiveness. The myths that undermine educational effectiveness can destroy students’ academic performance and weaken learning. A lot of colleges and universities still ask students to chase myths that undermine educational effectiveness.

Here are top 8 myths that undermine educational effectiveness:

  1. Homework Enhances Achievement                                   

One of the common myths that undermine educational effectiveness is homework boosts achievement. There is no proof that homework boosts achievement. Experts in the academic field say that there is no relationship between homework and student achievement. Doing homework may help people with their test performance for the reason that teachers frequently make tests by means of the material that is related to homework. It is the only positive thing that students can obtain from doing stressful homework.

Studies have mentioned that students used to get an overload of homework which destroys their sleeping. Homework can also lead students to become stressed, tensed, depressed, scared and worried which can have a poor impact on their overall learning. Students further get only reduced time to study and prepare for next day’s classes due to the overload of homework that they get from different teachers. So, it can be said that homework weakens educational effectiveness.

  1. Teachers Are The Chief Influence On A Student’s Attainment

There is a common saying that teachers are the main influence on a student’s attainment. Without a doubt, teachers play a huge role in students’ academic performance but they cannot influence every attainment. Parents have a massive role to play just as the teachers. Teachers are not able to manage the economic struggles of their students and their families. Teachers don’t have the power to make every choice about syllabus and instruction. Keep in mind that students financial situations and syllabus and instruction play an important role in deciding students’ attainment.

  1. Class Size Does Not Matter

Another common myth that undermines educational effectiveness is class size does not matter. Remember that class size does matter when it comes to students’ achievement and learning outcome. A lot of studies have shown that smaller class sizes are able to contribute more notably to students learning. Smaller class sizes influence students learning in a positive way because teachers can focus on every student in the class. But, if the class is big, teachers will not be able to focus on every student in the class.

  1. The 21st Century Fundamentally Changes Everything

A lot of people consider that the 21st century fundamentally changes everything. It is a major myth that undermines educational effectiveness because the 21st century basically cannot change everything in particular when it comes to education. Undeniably, many of the technological developments that took place in 21st century are used in educational settings in order to improve students’ learning and teachers teaching. The 21st century cannot fundamentally change everything especially the values, purpose of learning, customs, rudiments, tradition, and many other important educational values.

  1. A Successful Program Works In All Places

You cannot tell that a successful program works in all places and it is a common myth that undermines educational effectiveness. There is a general belief amid people that a program victorious at one institution or in one nation will work in another institute or country. Remember that a method that is used in one nation or institute may not work in another institute or nation. Context is an important thing that decides the success of a program and a program has to correspond to the particular needs of the institute, country, culture, and students to be successful.

  1. Zero-Tolerance Rules Make Schools A Safe Place

It is a common myth that zero-tolerance rules make schools a safe place. The zero-tolerance rules followed by many educational institutions have proved to be wrong and ineffective by now. There is no believable proof that zero tolerance policies reduce school violence. Suspensions and throwing out that happens due to schools zero-tolerance rules have sweeping negative effects and implications for a student’s academics. Studies have shown that Suspensions and throwing out can set students up for failure in their professional, public, academic and personal lives.

  1. College Admissions Should Be Based on Academic Success and Test Scores

There is a common myth that college admissions should be based on academic attainment, academic success, and test scores. It is a poor myth that can weaken educational effectiveness. So, colleges and universities practice admissions by looking at different things or in different categories. Admissions shouldn’t be practiced only based on academic attainment, academic success and test scores. They should give importance to extra-curricular activities. There are many schools and colleges that also consider students’ athletics performance and it doesn’t indicate that these colleges have poor academic results.

  1. Teachers Thrive on Competition

One of the most destructive myths followed by many people is that teachers thrive on competition. It is a myth that kills the overall potential of teachers across the world. Competition amid teachers will throw away their collaborative attempts to aid students of all classrooms to do well. The myth teachers thrive on competition will increase the chances of teachers being selfish and concentrate only on their own classroom achievement.

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