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A Bachelor’s Degree in Biology: What Can You Expect?

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Biology is a field that is not likely to go out of demand anytime soon. This is because of its dealing with the very essence of life itself. However, there are various divisions, programs, specialties, and real-life considerations to make before choosing to enter this industry. This write-up should give you an introductory idea of what to expect from a Bachelor of Science in biology. This discussion is in terms of building a career from it.

What Can You Expect to Study?

At its core, all undergrad courses in biology are designed to help students build up a foundation in general biology. Moreover, they have specializations catering to providing knowledge and understanding the specific subject chosen. The actual course will vary quite a bit depending on the college and the curriculum it follows. Still, you can consider the following as a general guideline:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the cells, genetics, evolution, environmental interaction, and function of each biological element in the environment.
  • Classification of the biodiversity in its microbial, botanical and zoological form. Moreover, it also covers an understanding of the role each plays in the planet’s ecosystem.
  • Development of the skills necessary to implement the acquired knowledge in a professional environment.
  • Learning the use of various modern technologies in the field.
  • The soft skills necessary to deliver the knowledge and findings of a project in a professional setting.

Can It Be Completed Online?

If you are a professional who cannot leave his/her job in order to complete a full-time course at a college campus, it is perfectly possible to get an online biology degree which will hold the same value as any offline bachelor’s degree in biology. In fact, Excelsior’s bachelor’s in natural sciences (Biology) program is specifically designed bearing an objective in mind. It is to provide working professionals with the opportunity to further their education and improve their future career prospects. Excelsior also recognizes academic credits for students having job experience, military training and a range of other accomplishments and achievements.

Which Fields of Work is a Degree in Biology Most Suited For?

Whether you are already a professional looking to enhance your career opportunities, or a high-school graduate trying to decide if a bachelor’s degree in biology would indeed be the right option for you, it is necessary to understand what those career prospects actually are before making an informed decision. Taking a look through the following should provide a brief idea of the kind of careers that a student can look forward to with an undergraduate degree in biology.

  • Teaching
  • Careers in state departments such as Wildlife & Fisheries, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, etc.
  • Careers in federal departments such as the U.S. Forestry, NPA, CDC, EPA etc.
  • Jobs in private and government healthcare and research
  • Jobs in biotechnological and pharmaceutical corporations

It should be understood that associated and additional degrees in other fields, alongside higher education (master’s and doctorate degrees) in biology will open up even more windows of opportunity for you, but a bachelor is a foundational qualification you will need.

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