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A decision that changed my life-MBA krenge

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A decision that changed my life-MBA krenge

Students are like pirates lost in the sea, don’t know which career path to take till their high school. Well, some follow the tides or the currents created in the sea others chose to fight against all odds and tides to reach their destination. Students who follow the sea are those who submit their fate in the hands of their peers and parents while other tends to oppose the decision taken by them and follow their dreams. No matter how many times their ships gets shipwrecked but they still learn to get up once again and be ready to face the tides once again.

Sometimes I feel Our education culture is mostly society or family driven like “इंजीनियर का बेटा केवल एक इंजीनियर होगा” and the same goes for the doctor. Profession wise segmentation has been the base root of our culture, for instance, take the example of the Caste system which is true. After completing my 10th board I was pretty much clear in my mind to go for science. I had reasons to support my choice. Firstly coming from family of Engineers and doctors. Secondly, a nag for Physics in particular and also mathematics looked to me like puzzles to solve at that time. Also, my score in these subjects was a lot better than other subjects which required mugging up. Thirdly being the way the other stream students being looked at by others in society. It was a taboo then. Only Engineers and doctors are supposed to succeed in their life as per the Society. Some of my friends were confused right away as they couldn’t decide whether to go by their marks or the society. Being smallest in the family I was always given the freedom to choose whatever field I wanted to. After getting the school and subject of my choice it all looked easy. The sky couldn’t be more beautiful and sun couldn’t be warmer. But real troubles began coming to class 12th where I felt the heat of real competition among students sharing the same fate as me. Yes, I was in deep trouble. Though maths was friendly but physics and chemistry turned up enemies. I somehow managed myself out of this situation by more practicing and working hard. After clearing 12th I had to clear exams to get my family profession going. However, I got into a decent engineering college and was getting into the groove to become the nation most wanted profession of this century. I learned a lot in engineering but not in the books or my classroom but outside of these things. Soon I saw a transition me from a problem defender to problem solver. From problems in colleges to people I could easily come up with a solution. Whenever I see two of my friends quarrelling I just had one say in that lets past be bygones because no one changes it but we are currently in the present where we can do anything to improve it and your past will not look so unpleasing after all. I had a network of great friends around me to help and support. During my engineering, I started earning pocket by taking private tuitions and later joining a night call center. I was making decent enough to support my expenses living outside the hostel. It instilled a sense of dependency in me. Like any other engineering student, I used to make road trips with friends and cherished every moment of this life whether its birthday or events in the college. Being close to a foreign tourist spot we saw an opportunity of the possible way of making money.  Me and my friends have purchased bikes to ease our transportation problem to college and we have made few other contacts in the town like bike mechanic. We came across a guide or a translator of french language who said he wanted rental bikes every now and then to move the tourist to the various destination near the town and some outside, but the town has very little to offer. We decided to provide him with our own bike rental service with the side help of our mechanic. Mechanic use to be the face of our business so that it does not appear to the tourist that they were dealing with a bunch of students. We were making easy money and we saw an increase in our service during festive occasions, sometimes as huge as more than 20 in a day. Seeing the market and scope in the rental business, I tried to onboard my other friends having the bikes and sharing the same interest. It was during this time I learned about my other qualities in me like entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills.

Finally, the day came when we all have to say goodbyes to our college. I joined in a power sector in Operations as a graduate trainee. After spending few months I realized there is enough growth for me in the company. I missed my days as an entrepreneur in the college where every day could be a new set of challenge. I then realized that it was time for me take my CAT exams and pursue MBA. I took my exams and joined an ivy league college of the country after going through the various screening process. I was sure that this was what I wanted then. I may have a different needs and like after high school but with age comes wisdom and we learn new things that can change our thought and liking. I was pretty excited to join one of the IITs but also excited that I have got another chance to pursue my entrepreneurial desire.

Finally, I left my job in the month of April last year and joined IIT Roorkee and already started working on next business but this we are going online. We have received series A funding to pursue our idea. We have targeted towns in Uttarakhand and wishes to expand to major cities like Delhi spread over north India after reaching the phase 1 of our business plan.

Thus I would like to end my article on a happy ending by few lines which I follow. It goes as

“When life is too hard to be pulled togetherThen go with the flow ratherTry nothing hard eitherLife would be pissed off neitherAnd these are five hard lines which I could possibly gather.”

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