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A Few Words About How to Choose the Right Career

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The article talks about the way people choose their career. Also, it teaches how to find a dream profession to fit your skills, capabilities, character features, preferences, and goals. Moreover, the article includes some statistics and psychological research to help you make the best choice.

What Career Path Is Right Just for You?

The life of any person includes the stage of choosing and implementing a career path. This is a crucial stage: it takes from 20% to 60% of all human life. Therefore, it will be reasonable to approach the choice of a career with all possible seriousness and responsibility. Here, you have to think not as a cook, but as a chef. In essence, this means to have awareness: a uniquely valuable piece of advice!

The Methodology to Proceed for Making the Right Career Choice

The First Step

To make the right choice, imagine a diagram or draw it on a piece of paper. The first element of the diagram is the bank of interests. Put there all activities that seem attractive to you. The second element is the bank of possibilities. It is for those professions that, in principle, you can master. Hence, compare your skills in a certain area with how difficult it is to achieve success in it! At the intersection of the two sets lie the professions that suit you best: a set of working options.

The Second Step

The next step is analysis. The goal is to keep the contents of the banks as accurate as possible. Our desires should be a true reflection of our inner world, and our possibilities should correlate with our actual capabilities. To do this, you need to analyze, first, your needs, desires and aspirations, and second, your capabilities and abilities.

An analysis of the needs can be drawn up in the form of a picture of Octopus desires. There is an Octopus of desires sitting in your head that has five tentacles. These tentacles, in general, can be as many as you want. But here are the main ones- personal, social, life, moral and everyday desires. This will build a hierarchy of desires. Then, we find out which of these desires and aspirations are generated by you personally. We also search the ones that are outdated or unreal (left from parents, formed under the influence of society, etc.). Once again, we check the hierarchy by analyzing the priority of desires from a career point of view.

Weigh Your Treasure!

Our perceptions of the professions or career paths that we consider available to us fall into the treasury of opportunities. Here we need to understand the spectrum of modern professions and what combination of strengths and weaknesses of the personality is suitable for each of them.

For example, if you want to check whether you are weak or strong in some kind of skill such as writing find a professional service to make a cool essay review. This will surely show you the truth. The main thing here is to take into account that the level of skill in almost any profession depends not so much on your inclinations and abilities as on tempo and perseverance. That is, on the speed with which you can improve in some career “game” and the amount of time we are ready to dedicate to achieving the goal.

Choose the Best One for Yourself

A well-filled bank of opportunities will contain all the options of professions in which an improved version of ourselves, with enough effort, will reach the point of success. Well, at the intersection of the bank of desire and bank of possibilities, a pond of options is formed, which will help you choose a direction from a set of working options.

It is very important not to take a career as a kind of 40 years long tunnel, from which there is no turning back. This is an outdated perception (in fact, it was never really realistic) because a career choice today is not a tunnel, not a box or a label, but rather a whole series of experiments, choices we make and mistakes we learn from!

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