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A Guide for a Career in Gardening and Beginning This Journey with Sowing Perennial Flowers

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Gardening is the best of hobbies, you can change your garden’s design whenever you like. It keeps you close to nature and somehow you learn different phenomena of life. But, apart from taking gardening as a hobby, you can also look forward to taking it as a career option too. Yes, and that’s in Floriculture – the discipline that deals in the cultivation of ornamental flowers to use them as resources for the pharmaceuticals and perfumery.

But, every big journey starts with the first few steps. This is the reason, we are not delving too deep into the sphere of Floriculture, and will redirect ourselves from this topic to start doing something for drawing you closer to nature, by sharing some tips on planting. Similarly, for a better understanding of science and biology, students must experience gardening once in their life. Finally, it is so pleasant a thing to gift someone a bunch of homegrown fragrant flowers, and consume them for your own edible uses (yes, tea can be prepared from flower petals). So, there are enough reasons for you all to read the lines below, more sincerely.

How to Start with Gardening

Sowing plants and growing them is something we did in our college lives. Nowadays, if a student does this it is only for the sake of research.

Since there are two types of plants so for students who want to learn rapidly, they must try to grow perennial flowers. perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall can be a good option for learning and observing different varieties of flowers.

Here is a guide about how would you grow and take care of your perennial flowers.

  • Decide the Zone

Before you sow the seeds decide whether these will need sunlight or not. For instance, you are trying to grow coneflower then they need extra sunlight to grow. Some flowers need more sunlight because of their innate growth behaviors. They are long day plants.

  • Make the Flower Bed

You must design the bed beforehand. Add some compost and a lot of water for mak8ng the soil loamy and lose.

  • After Sowing

When you have sown the flowers water the bed, water until it gets really muddy. This is important for making the roots grow. When you will buy or order perennials they will either come in a pot with roots or just open roots. If it is a flower pot it is better to take the roots out. Then dig and place the roots very carefully. You have to stay meticulously while putting them because negligence can destroy the premature buds.

  • Place Mulch

Now after you have sown the roots or seeds. It is time to secure the moisture. Add about 2 to 3 inches of mulch. Mulch plays a very crucial role in maintaining the temperature. It keeps the soil warm even during the night. Change the sheets after 3 days this will prevent the growth of weeds.

Pro tip: if you are growing perennials in a temperate region take off mulch after a day or two if it is hot there. In winters you must follow the same steps.

  • Clean the Area and Dead Flowers

The last step before leaving the young roots to grow independently is cleaning the area. Take out any useless weed around or dead flowers. This will balance the PH of the soil making it more sustainable.

  • Separate the Perennials

After the stems are out and the flowers are about to bloom. Take out these ready to bloom plants and place them apart.

You will have to dig some more space. Until then you can decide what type of designs do you want in your garden put these flowers according to your taste. For a neater look and better growth cut down the extra leaves or sprouts but make sure that each flower has got its integral essential sections.

Pro tip: place the flowers in the same depth as they were in the last flower bed.

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