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Admission Requirements for International Freshmen at University of Montana

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Located in Missoula, MT, the University of Montana is a public institution that laid its foundation in the year 1893. In addition, spread across 220 acres, it is home to 9,323 UG students. Hence, the University showcases a unique blend of diversity with students hailing from 81 international countries.

It has secured #201 rank in National Universities and is popular for offering majors such as management, business, social sciences, education and visual and performing arts.

Among the benefits, firstly, students get uncountable options to choose from for pursuing undergraduate and graduate courses. Furthermore, the exhaustive curriculum enables the students to have profound knowledge in their field. Moreover, the University of Montana acceptance rate has shot up considerably in the past few years and has reached 93%.

Types of Admissions for International Students

Firstly, the University follows a unique admission procedure for granting admissions to international students. For this reason, there are 3 different admission types based on the scores obtained in the English Proficiency Tests. TOEFL or IELTS is the relevant English Proficiency Test in this case.

First, the Full Admission

To be eligible for full admission your TOEFL score should be 70 or above. Or, your IELTS score should be 6.0/above.

Then, the Pathway Admission

To be eligible for pathway admission your TOEFL score should be in the range 52-69. Or, your IELTS score should be in the range 5.0-5.5.

Lastly, the Conditional Admission

You are eligible for conditional admission if your TOEFL score is less than 51 or your IELTS score is less than 5.0. Also, students having no English proficiency test score are required to apply for conditional admission.

In addition to the English proficiency test scores, the applicant needs to have a GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for admission.

University of Montana Admission Procedure

International applicants must know that all these admission types share a common application procedure:

Firstly, fill the online application form

Secondly, pay the application fee through credit card (30 USD; non-refundable)

Thirdly, provide English Language proficiency test scores

Then, submit academic records (official transcripts) by mailing to the University address

Follow this by providing financial details by filling ‘The Certificate of Financial Responsibility’

Then, submit a passport copy

Finally, submit a completely filled ‘Transfer form’

Study Expenses at the University of Montana

Before applying for the admission, it is essential for international applicants to ensure that they have sufficient funds to support their education cost and other associated expenses. In view of this, applicants need to produce the ‘Certificate of Financial Responsibility’ and get form I-20 issued. In this case, the expense for international applicants applying under any admission type remains the same. Overall and on average, the total academic cost sums up to 37,702 USD. This includes firstly, the tuition and fees (24,958 USD)., secondly the living expenses (9,544 USD). And lastly, other miscellaneous expenses (3,200 USD).

Financial Aid for International Students

First of all, at the University of Montana, international students avail financial aid in form of scholarships. For the purpose of this, the University provides the international scholarship to all the students admitted successfully. These are the students taking admission into a full-time undergraduate programme. Moreover, no separate application is required for it. However, graduate and research scholars are not eligible to avail of this scholarship.

Furthermore, the students may seek other types of scholarships based on their exceptional performance in academics and sports. These additional scholarships include the Presidential Leadership Scholarship, Academic Department Scholarship, Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship.

The University of Montana provides equal career opportunities to its students, irrespective of their nationality. Regular career fairs are organized which facilitate the students to dive deep into the industrial knowledge and gain first-hand experience. Considering this, every year international students decide to apply for this university. We hope that we could provide with all the essential information pertaining to the admission at the University of Montana.

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