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Advantage of ICSE Board over CBSE and other boards

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Education holds great importance in an individual’s life and school is the place parents send their children to receive a formal education. It not only educates the child academically but also enables the child to become an empowered social being. Formal education boosts a child’s confidence and also teaches basic skills like teamwork, equality, and socialization which are necessary to live in society.

Every formal education follows a particular board and parents often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to deciding a school board for their children. All parents want the best for their child but get confused trying to understand which board would be better. While children learn and grow mentally and physically but in order to understand things correctly, the type of board plays an important role. The two main boards that function in India are CBSE and ICSE.

While a majority of parents choose CBSE curriculum for their children, let’s understand how the ICSE board helps children. It stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and was first established by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. The syllabus followed in ICSE schools differs vastly from that of CBSE schools mainly in its content and volume.

How ICSE board helps your child

The board conducts an ICSE examination at the end of 10th grade and an Indian School Certification towards the end of 12th grade. The syllabus that ICSE board follows is much comprehensive than CBSE. It gives more importance to all fields and a child’s overall development. It is recognized all over the world, particularly by foreign schools and universities in comparison to CBSE. Many top international schools in Gurgaon have ICSE curriculum, The Shri Ram School being one of them.

Children who study the ICSE curriculum have an edge over English language as compared to CBSE students as the ICSE syllabus has literature and grammar as two completely separate subjects and students need to take a 100 mark exam for both. Students who want to make a career in the fields of management and humanities will find the ICSE curriculum fun and challenging.

India today has many schools, colleges and universities that have a tie-up with many foreign colleges and universities and students with ICSE curriculum make it easily to these foreign universities. The ICSE curriculum focuses on concepts and has a well-structured syllabus. Students of ICSE have an edge over CBSE students in terms of personality and intelligence.

If ICSE curriculum is what you plan to put your child in, then you must search for the best school in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. The school and curriculum play a major role in building smart, confident and aware individuals that can contribute to society.

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By Deepesh Bhandari

I am an education consultant for school going students. i like to share my experience and knowledge to the parents and g...more

I am an education consultant for school going students. i like to share my experience and knowledge to the parents and guide them to choose the right school for their children. less

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