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Advantages of solving Previous Years Question Papers for Class 10 and 12 Students

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There are just a few months left for the CBSE examinations of Class 10 and Class 12. Students took a lot of effort to study all the subjects in the entire year and the next objective is to solve Previous year question papers for getting succinct in the exams. While the exams are almost knocking on the door, students tend to get anxious thinking about performing well during the final exam. One of the best ways to beat this exam stress is practising last year question paper.

The main purpose of solving these question papers is to make you well-versed with the question patterns. This will help you to analyse and ensure the section that needs to be solved first. Also, this boosts your confidence and you will be able to finish answering your questions before the given time frame.

The advantages of solving previous years question papers are as follow:

  1. Get comprehensive details of the syllabus

Always try to complete your syllabus at least two to three months before the exam to get a clear picture of your entire syllabus with ease. This will help to under the chapter in detail and things to be focused on. That is how you can keep track of your own preparation and improve accordingly.

  1. Be familiar with the question format

To prepare well for the CBSE exam, you need to revise the entire book plenty of times. It will help you to understand every concept minutely. Thereafter you will be familiar with the patterns and nature of your final question paper. Revise thoroughly and avoid getting anxious. If you practice enough, then you will not have to worry about the question pattern in the exam hall.

  1. Identify your mistakes

Sometimes even after practising and solving last year question papers a zillionth of times, students tend to make silly mistakes during the final exam. The only way to avoid this is to practice the sample papers and last ten years question papers rigorously daily upon completion of your syllabus.

  1. Understand the weightage of various sections

Practising previous question papers before the CBSE Class 10th and 12th exam will help you to understand section-wise marks distribution and weightage of each question. Thus you will be able to manage your time accordingly as in how much time to dedicate to each section of questions.

  1. Beat the exam anxiety

Practice and revision will make you well-versed for the final examination. Most students tend to get stressed during the exam. But if you practice properly, you can memorise every important detail from your textbooks well. You will be able to rectify your mistakes and won’t repeat those again.

  1. Your speed will increase

Every subject of the CBSE exam has a strict duration of three hours. So, if you are solving and practising the sample papers and previous years question papers enough, then it would not be very difficult for you to complete the entire paper within that time duration.

  1. You will be confident 

The previous years’ question papers are believed to be the most important weapon to score good marks in an examination. Prior to appearing in the final exam, your only job is to revise and practice as much as possible. Practice will make you a confident player in this game. You will memorise every chapter from your NCERT textbooks seamlessly. And if you are confident about the question patterns, then you will easily score well in the final CBSE board examinations.


Unless you finish your entire syllabus, you won’t be able to understand the value of solving the question papers of previous years. The more you practice, the more it will be easy for you to understand the patterns of the question papers.

Also, practise will help to build stamina for a student to sit at the exam hall for three hours at a stretch. This also prepares the candidates to face any level of difficulties during the exam as they become confident enough with the concept of the question paper.

You can also work on your silly mistakes and improve accordingly long before the final exam. So what to worry about now? Just solve the question papers from last year and practice as much as you can. If you are looking for solutions to the question papers, then you can refer to any leading e-learning sites such as Vedantu.

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