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career confused


  1. As we all know that the earth is round and so is our life. Every few years down the lane, we are always at the same cross roads, with the same questions in mind “Now What”. After class Tenth, the question is, science stream or commerce or arts. To make it even more complicated the question is science with maths or with biology or with computer science or hindi. Ooff, from here the struggle starts and how we how find solutions to these problems – ‘ your mamaji is doctor, so you should take biology and try MBBS’ OR ‘your US wale chacha is doing so well as an architect, so you take engineering drawing as your fifth subject and do architecture’. So it is that how well your uncles and relatives are doing in a profession, that matters, your interests / likings etc are all secondary. After class twelfth, same circle, which stream in engineering. Choice is between software engineer mamaji or automobile engineer mamaji.
  2. Somehow, a person becomes an engineering graduate, in a stream of not his choosing, confused and looking for opportunities in the job market. To get a job of your liking and choice generally happens in fairy tales. After a wait, time may vary from days to months or even years, a God send job opportunity that one gets, may appear to be the God’s blessing, however that too wither’s away with time. Same routine, less growth opportunities, saturation in that field, slump in the job market etc makes a person think about the wrong career decisions that one has been taking since his school days. Due to which life becomes monotonous and a drag. So write career decisions, at right time are a must. So therefore I took this decision for ‘myself’, after 16 years of my career as a communication engineer that ‘MBA KARANGE’.


  1. Not that I am not successful in my present career, I own two cars, two houses, respectable pay package etc but that inner satisfaction to do something of own choosing, without the interference of mamaji’s and chachaji’s. But why MBA, was the question and why not M.Tech or ME. After my 16 years of career, I have realized that everything is management related, from daily office routine to daily domestic chaos. Doing the right thing at the right time, allotting the right priority to the important things, optimum utilization of the available resources, managing finances, motivating own self and also the subordinates etc are things that all one does in one’s daily routine. On going through the detailed syllabus of the two years MBA course, I decided to take a plunge. As a preliminary step, I met head of management faculty, Dr GS Lodhi, at Vedica Institute of Technology, part of RKDF university, Bhopal and discussed about the various courses offered by the university in detail. The discussion was all the more required to avoid repeating my past mistakes and to choose the right stream in MBA and so I opted for Human Resource Management.
  1. I realized that in our daily schedule, we all are managers applying the management theories in every step that we take, however the art lies in doing all these activities in a scientific and in an organized manner. MBA gives you an insight and answers your question ‘why’.  Personal management, financial management, human resource management, motivation, environment management etc all form part of the curriculum and during the course of study one realizes that all these are an integral part of one’s life. MBA sharpens your analytical thought process and gives direction to one’s actions. Case studies strengthens your decision making capabilities and becomes a platform to learn from other’s experiences and follies. So I have learnt it my way, the hard way’, and taken the leap of my choice, when do you plan to follow suit. A new direction, a new choice, anything that’s new appears difficult as well as challenging, so    earlier the better and just go for it.

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Sun Joy

Apr 01, 2017

A very insightful article.

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Nida Sarwar

Apr 04, 2017

Well written article. wish you luck :)

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