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An Ultimate Guide to Accounting Career

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Accounting is the knowledge and practice about the methods for keeping financial records, recording transactions, and to perform internal audits. This job also includes analyzing and reporting financial information and reporting the findings to the management. Moreover, it also involves giving advice on taxation matters.

Choosing the Accounting Career

Accounting career offers high pay and fast placement after graduation. The accountant’s demand is growing, and job opportunities are better for an accountant than ever. To enter in a business field, choosing to study accounting is a perfect way to do it. In the last decade, we have witnessed the growing regulations of the government, the rise of the internet, et al. Furthermore, there were the incidents of restrictions over the corporations, their constant downsizing etc. Lastly, the world also went through business globalization and frequent changes in tax law. These all incidents, demand accountants in different ways such as system professional, forensic accountant, management consultant, budget analyst etc.

How to Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

Get the Relevant Degree

To be an accountant, it is not necessary to get a bachelor’s degree. To get the CPA license, usually, one needs a total of 150 credit hours. In many bachelor’s degree programs, one requires a total of 120 credit hours. So, students should check with their state board of accountancy because requirements vary from state to state. If the requirement is 150 credit hours, then consider doing double majors. This can be an accounting with the minor in business studies or accounting and finance to pursue 150 credit hours. You can achieve this by studying accounting, most of the time.

Pick the Specialty

Accounting is a versatile field and those students who get the degree in accounting are eligible to get the job in accounting, sales, or finance departments, financial planning, production and client management, product development, education, and banking. The career options list is long for accountants.

Preparation for the CPA Exam

Recent and upcoming graduates should research and prepare with full devotion for taking the CPA exam. This is because, in the accounting profession, potential employers consider it as a ‘gold standard.’ They count it dearly to distinguish between the better-qualified ones and those of the average caliber. There are a lot of websites which provides material for the CPA exam courses.

Get the Job

Aspiring accountants would require one-year of accounting experience, at least, under a CPA licensed authority for obtaining the license. They can achieve this either via their regular employment or through an internship in the accounting firm.

Continue the Education

Even after completing the bachelor’s degree, it’s better to continue education in the graduate studies program and earn additional accounting or related certification or can do both. The credentials like CPA, CMA, CFA, or CIA are when it comes to advancing the career. In many states, it is required to continue education in order to maintain a CPA license.

Accounting Certification and Licensure

Accountants who have earned specialized certification are about 40 percent. Licensure and certifications give an advantage to the accountants in the job market. These not only demonstrate the professional expertise and commitment but is necessary for many accounting functions also.

Certified Public Accountant

The CPA is used to practice as a Certified Public Accountant and is a state license. It is not required for the accounting job, but corporate accounting firms look favorably on the CPAs and encourage the CPA professionals.

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