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Become a Data Scientist with Free Online Courses

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The demand of skilled and qualified data scientists continues to increase and experts are predicting that there will be a hike of 30% in the number of employed data specialists or scientists in the coming years. Industries and businesses have already started to monetize on huge increase in data. New big data technologies are becoming readily available for gaining value from it and analyzing data. This makes it the best prospect for people who are looking forward for a career in this cutting-edge and exciting field.

It is predicted that in coming years, industries will encounter a talent gap in data science as the demand for data scientists will increase. Almost all businesses are now implementing this newly evolving technology and hence hiring data scientist with higher pay scale. There are online free courses for data science which you may choose to become a data scientist and for practical notebooks and course books you may check the online retailers like Amazon or Flipkart which offers books for free online data science courses. Use Flipkart or amazon book coupon code  in India for discounts on the data science books online. Below you will come across with free online courses that can help you understand the fundamentals of data science and become professional and experienced data scientists.

1. Learn Data Science 

Learn Data Science is the online tutorial video for all beginners who want to learn the fundamentals and become a qualified Data Scientists. Created by Barton Poulson from, this is the 6 hours free explanatory video which lets you learn about data science from very basics to advance level. This includes introduction, coding, data sourcing, statistics and mathematics. Upon successful completion of the course you will have the robust foundation for future learning and applications in the niche of data science.

2. Code Free Data Science

Code Free Data Science is the online tutorial course designed to equip the learners with skills and knowledge of data science. This is the course for learners who want to expand and hone their knowledge in the field of data science. It is free of cost and you will get the chance to enrol for free training in predictive analytics approaches along with growing discipline of Data Science without the need of programming requirements.

Students will learn new skills to apply the predictive algorithms in real data, validate, evaluate and interpret the results without the need of any programming. Students will learn the workflows of data science without the involvement of programming, also learn the essential skills to build, design, test and evaluate the predictive models.

3. Data Science Specialization

This is another free course which focuses on covering the entire concepts and tools required for a data science pipeline. The course educates you how to use R to analyze, clean, visualize data, perform regression analysis, navigate entire data science pipeline from publication to data acquisition. The books for this online course are easily available online and you can check the website of Coupons Curry to get the Amazon or Flipkart book coupons online in India. The books are designed to offer you complete learning and skills to perform regression analysis, least interface and squares using the regression models.

4. Data Science Essentials 

This is another free online data science course where you will learn about the key concepts in data preparation, acquisition, visualization and exploration. The online course will let you learn the practical application oriented examples on how to create cloud data science solution with Azure Machine Learning platform, R and Azure stack and others. The course covers the topics including introduction, statistics, probability, data exploration, data ingestion, visualization, transformation and cleansing.

5. Introduction to Data Science

This is the starting level course offered online where you will learn the fundamentals of data science. This online course covers topics like introduction of data science, technologies and tools used by data science organizations, data scientists and other relegated topics. This is free online course where you can learn at your own pace.

These were some of the free online courses which can help you to learn the fundamentals of data science and become a reliable and expert data scientist. There are many online courses and books which you can use to hone your skills in the domain.

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shikha gupta

Sep 21, 2019

There are many other websites that provide free online classes of data science like machine learning, deep learning, python language, R language, business intelligence and there practical applications. The free online platforms for learning these skills are edx, coursera, datacamp, telusko, udemy, unacademy and a lot but the most recommended platforms are these which I had explained to you. You can directly visit there website or can start your course by watching online videos. On youtube, the most popular and in-depth knowledge of these courses can be received from edureka. Start learning and exploring the things in data science and artificial intelligence and be the part of experts team!

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