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How to become a great software developer?

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Great software developer

A software engineer is a person who is responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining the software and systems. If you are willing to become a software engineering, you need to be passionate about computers along with a good command over the programming languageThe college you choose must focus on fundamentals of software engineering and organize internships programs for the students so that they are prepared for the job role.

Whether you are in final year student or ready to join the workforce, a career in software developing is within your grasp as long as you are willing to put dedication and hard work.  It would be great if you understand the specific skills set or the requirement associated with your job role before you set your foot in the industry.  Nothing can be achieved without hard work as you have to learn to walk before you run.

Become  an expert in one languagesoftware

Engineering is a very diverse field. You have to learn it from all the aspects to go ahead in the industry.  But if you are a fresher or re-entering the workforce, start with basics. It happens that beginners jump into everything at once and never think about becoming an expert in a single programming language.  You have to pick the language and find some books or tutorials. Try to make sure that you understand the fundamentals of language focusing on every line of code you write and doing a regular study till you become an expert.

Put that understating to work 

Now you have a basic knowledge of a programming language, it’s time to take real action.  Build something small to judge your programming skills. Try and learn. For your first project, you might want to take reference from something that already exists. You can consider a simple application, like a to-do app or something like that. Keep in mind your design skills should not come in the way of learning code. You could also build a small web application but try not to go too deep or into a complex web development in the initial phase.

Learn a groundwork

Now it’s time to focus on a framework. You must have a decent grasp of a single programming language and experience working with on web applications. Pick a single framework and pursue it further which allows you to be more productive. The kind of framework you choose should be aligned with your stream, for example, you would choose OS if you want to become a mobile developer. Your knowledge of framework will help in picking the right job role and learning skills.

Earn a degree in software engineering

You need to acquire a professional degree for a successful career in software engineering. Majoring in software engineering will provide the most useful background for designing and perfecting software systems.  A professional degree will help you getting lucrative offers from renowned companies and add more relevance to your profile. Nowadays, employers give preference to the degree holders who have acquired a degree from renowned engineering colleges. Colleges you can take a look at are IITs, NITs, Anna University Chennai, Poornima University Jaipur etc.

Find job opportunities 

There are plenty of job opportunities in the industry as software engineering is the rapidly growing branch of engineering. Once you are sure of your skills, you can find better prospects with your enhanced skills. Talk to your fellow students, faculty members, friends in the industry and make crucial contacts to get a hang of job opportunities.  Once you become proficient in at least one language, it becomes easier to land a lucrative job at a reputed firm.

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