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Beginners’ Guide to Apply to Foreign Universities ON Their Own

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Applying to foreign universities, for most of the aspirants, is a process requiring enormous investment of time and labour. However, if a systematic approach is followed, with sincere introspection, the aspirants can secure a good university internship with no trouble.


Learn How to Write in Academic English

Learning how to write by means of academic English is the crux in preparation for higher studies in foreign universities. Academic writing perhaps is quite different from other types of write-ups in English. After you get a hang on academic English, you’ll gain some expertise in academic grammar and the different stages in essay-writing, which will help deliver an impressive essay of your own. Besides, you’ll learn how to organize an essay and put pen to paper in academic fashion. You’ll learn the tactics of writing an intriguing essay through thorough editing and necessary truncation. More importantly, you’ll learn how to use online tools to assess your own write-ups.


International Transfer Programme from ICAS, Manipal University

 Ever since 1994, ICAS (International Centre for Applied Sciences), Manipal University, has been making a unique international transfer program possible, under which a student can complete the first 2 years of education at Manipal University and the following 2 years can go in for a premium university in any of the countries he or she wishes for including the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, and France.

On completing the course, the student will be awarded an Engineering Degree by the chosen international university. After achieving the degree, the student can get international placement assistance by the selected university or go on with their higher studies abroad.

The specialization branches available in this programme include Aeronautical/Aviation, Architecture, Biomedical, Biological, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical  and Electronics, Mechanical, and Mechatronics.



Scholarship for Meritorious Students

There are lots of students who want to go in for scholarship but do not have any idea how to apply for it. Most universities advertise scholarships to attract qualified students to help them go for higher studies. Your application to the university decides whether you’re going to win the scholarship or not. So, it has to be first- class. Submit an article about yourself including your skills, accomplishments, and hobbies. Take your time and give a lucid explanation to  the judges why you need scholarship as this is  the most important parameter they check to offer scholarship. Most importantly if your first language is not English, you must have the examining agency send your TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores to the universities if checking your English proficiency is one of the deciding factors. The following are the three simple steps you need to follow to win a scholarship:


Write a Winning Scholarship Essay/Article

This is the most important part of the scholarship application. So, write the article/essay and keep it ready before searching for advertised scholarships.


Search for Advertised Scholarships

 After your essay is ready, begin your search for advertised scholarships and apply for them in a timely manner. Are you wondering where to find these advertisements? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. National tabloids are one dependable means that frequently advertise scholarships. Alternatively, the most convenient way for searching them is on search engines. The most common key words used in quest of finding scholarships include “Engineering scholarships, 2017,” “Undergraduate scholarships, 2017,” or simply “Scholarships, 2017.” The search engine will throw hundreds of results matching the keywords entered.


Apply for Scholarships

After you’ve found the scholarships matching your profile, it is time to apply. Ensure that you read the scholarship many times before interpreting it correctly and find out the requisites, which vary from one scholarship to another. However, the following are the most important requirements:

  • A scholarship offer letter (if issued by a college/institution)
  • An impressive scholarship essay/article
  • A valid international passport
  • Reference letter from your lecturers or people you’re acquainted with

Keep the soft copies of all the above, along with your academic records including secondary school, college, and university, handy so you can readily upload them while applying in the websites of the universities.


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