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Best 5 ways to land up in a better paying Job

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Campus placement or campus interview is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the program. In this program, industries visit the colleges to select students depending on their ability to work, capability, focus and aim.

The placement season is in full swing and there is a fair of companies searching for the most suitable employees for their institutions. Some students manage to get a record salary out of it and some others fail to make the cut. The basic question which comes to the mind of an undergraduate is what those things which differentiate them from the others are. How can they bag a smart salary in their dream company? Getting placed is more than just a result. It’s a journey, and if you work smartly you can be in the most favorite to get placed. Here are some of the basics which will help you in better placements.

  • Back to the basics

One of the most crucial things that will boost your chances of better placement is your command on one of the basic programming language. You should have a solid command over at least one of the programming languages (like C, C++, and Java etc.). Technical based companies put you through a series of technical rounds where you’ll be judged on the basis of your technical knowledge. So it is advisable to brush up your basic programming skills two to three months in advance. It would also be very helpful if you indulge yourself in competitive programming which can be found on several site like Code Chef or Spoj.

  • Pick your favorite engineering sub stream

Interviewers always tend to test you on the basis of your favorite engineering subject. They want to test you in your area of expertise or rather your area of specialization. You should really be very well prepared to handle this question. Once you tell the interviewers your favorite topic; expect a few questions related to it. It makes a lot of impact on your selection process because it outlines your job profile and your role in the company. If you haven’t already decided yet, it’d be worth going back to all the topics and find out the one which you found the most interesting and study it deeply.

  • Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are the first round segregation process. Almost all the companies conduct aptitude tests to find the candidates with the minimum IQ and reasoning required to meet the job profile. Aptitude tests are feared by a number of engineering graduates but in fact they are very rudimentary and easy. The basic trick is practice. Yes, practice is all it takes. Just keep on practicing and in a month or two – you will solve all the aptitude questions like a pro. Don’t expect to master the aptitude skills in just a week or two. At least 1.5-2 months is the minimum required time. Make sure you solve R.S. Aggarwal (for both quants+LR) 2-3 times completely, till you are able to solve its each and every question.

  • Written and Spoken Skills

Another thing that makes an impact is how well versed are in your language writing and speaking skills. The Indian job markets demand people who can speak and write correct English. Unfortunately – very few people pay attention to their communication skills. If you think you need to sharpen your English speaking / writing skills; then now is the best time to do it. It is going to help you in your entire career. Language, however trivial it seems can become a very big obstacle in your selection problem.

  • CV (Resume)

Your CV id the reflection of who you are. It is the piece of paper which encapsulates all your skills and your achievements. It short, it tells the interviewer who you are. You should start building your CV right from your first year. You should do projects, internships and should participate in extracurricular activities too. Also the CV should be written in a proper format with proper English. It makes the first impression and you want it to be good. Don’t you?

  • Interview

After clearing your aptitude and technical rounds, Interview is your last thing standing between you and your job. Interview is the most crucial step in the selection process. There in front of the interviewer, you should present the balanced self. Neither should you be over confident nor under confident. You should be well prepared to ask some of the FAQ’s asked in HR round. Some companies also ask guesstimate questions. So be prepared with that also.

But that doesn’t mean you should have a serious expression on your face. All you’re expected in an HR interview is to be yourself, have a smiling face, don’t be over confident and be excited about the things. Don’t overdo anything!

Some other important things which you should take care of involve going through company’s website, their projects, and other stuff (some companies do ask about them), and be well groomed on the day of interview (You want your first impression to be good). You should wear proper formals.

However professional help always bring out the best in these situations. They provide you with the right and balanced ammunition. They have years of experience behind them and you can use them to boost your chances of selection in a company. One very viable option can be world class Advance placement training sessions with institutions like 3Edge to make yourselves more competitive and give an edge quite literary.

Best of luck then.

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