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Best 6 Engineering streams in India (w.r.t. pay)

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India is one of the largest producers of Engineers in the world. According to some studies about 85% of students in the age group of 16-18 years show interest in the pursuing the dream to be an Engineer in India. With such a huge populations of undergraduates, aiming to be an Engineer there arise some basic questions which cause confusion to the younger minds. Some of the vital questions are, The college from where they should pursue their dream, the branch they should choose in the field of engineering.

With this article, we try to guide the young aspiring minds to choose some best engineering stream in the light of monetary aspect. The harsh reality of India is it’s poor employment rate and unstable market, which forces students to choose engineering streams on the basis of job and salary options rather than interest and passion.

Here are some of the highest earning streams of Engineering in India.

  1. Information Technology

    India is known as an IT hub globally and the salary package in the stream show us why. Information technology is one of the highest paying sectors of engineering in India. With tremendous potential growth, huge demand and attractive salary make it the apple of the eye for engineering students.

    IT Eng

  2. Software Engineering

    Software engineering is the second highly paid engineering job in India. With the large scale digitalization of various sectors of the country, the demand for skilled software engineers has skyrocketed. Software and technology boom is still expected to prevail for some decades in the country and so is the demand and salary of software engineers.

    Software Eng


  3. Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering is in its infancy stage in India and is expected to grow rapidly in coming time. With the increased per capita income and urbanization, the mechanical industry is also catching the pace. It is further expected to be boosted by several schemes of the government like increased cap in the FDI and ‘Make in India’ initiative with major players of the Industry turning towards the country.

    Mechanical Eng

  4. Civil Engineering

    It is said that Civil engineering never gets out of the fashion and it’s true. India is currently facing a huge infrastructural void and needs to fill it quickly to compete with the rival countries.The government is pumping billions of dollars in the development of Infrastructure and is expected to pump more in the coming future. This has been one of the causes for the exponential growth of the sector.

    Civil Eng


  5. Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering and is always in-demand. However, it hasn’t lived to the expectations in past few years but  many experts of the field believe it to regain it lost luster. With the increased technological boom electrical engineering has found its way in almost all the branches of the Engineering.

    Electrical Eng


  6. Electronics Engineering

    [sociallocker]Electronics engineering is one of the most in-demand engineering streams in India. It lays the foundation for IT and Software Engineering. With the increasing technological advancement and communication field, electronics has made its presence felt in almost every sector. Right about now India has one billion Mobile phones and this is just the tip of the Iceberg. It’s all sunny for Electronics Engineering ahead.

    Electronics Eng[/sociallocker]


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