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Best 6 internship websites

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          In today’s world, many are unsure of their passion, and which field they love. This is impossible to discover without experience in one’s fields of interests. Internships are the best way to get meaningful practical experience in the field of one’s choice, meet and learn from industry experts and pioneers, and get a taste of professional life. How does one even begin to apply for an internship in a specific field of interest? Companies are usually difficult to contact off-campus, and it is even harder to get experience in a specific area of one’s choice. This problem lead to the creation of many online internship portals; the merits and demerits of the most popular of which are discussed below:

  1. Internshala

InternShalaInternshala offers internship and career resources to students and employers. It posts only paid internships along with NGO internships. It mostly features requirements of start-up and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As of October 2013 the site received 1.5 lakh annual applications, with a monthly reach of 1.58 lakh, with most of them being college students. It also features registered paid courses, where one can learn a variety of skills.

Stipend: average stipend of 7000/-, and goes up to 30,000/-

Region: Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Online, International

Statistics: 10 lakh registered students, 30,000+ companies registered, 3 lakh internships given; 7.4 lakh monthly visitors

Categories: Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Marketing, Finance, Summer Research, Law, Architecture, Design, Humanities, HR

Key Features: Internship, Online Courses, Training

X-Factor- International: Internshala is the only major portal with international internship offers from London, Washington, Geneva, Zurich, Singapore, and many others. These offer a stipend of upto 1500 US dollars a month (1 lakh rupees)

Customer Service: Prompt customer service is offered by the employees. Any and all doubts and help required will be provided by their dedicated team.

Social Reach: 397,000 Facebook likes, averages 20 posts per month




  1. Twenty19

twenty19Twenty19 offers a plethora of services in addition to internships offered by companies. It also has Live Courses and Live Events, which deal with different competitions that students can participate in. It also has portals to link students to various college fests, and a blog where a variety of students and industry experts post articles about their experiences.

Stipend: varies from 2,000 per month to 30,000 per month depending on field, and on performance on the job

Region: All major cities, Varanasi, Karaikal, Panipat, Pondicherry, Madurai, Kancheepuram, Kota, Shillong, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Indore, Patna

Statistics: Currently 4.3 lakh students enrolled; 14,000 companies offering internship
Categories: Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Design/Art Work, Sales and Business Development, Human Resources, Engineering and Technology

Key Features: Internships, Summer Training, Courses, College Fests, Conferences, Workshops

X-Factor- Fests and Events, Blog: Twenty19 is one of India’s only portals that offers direct connections to a plethora of competitions, fests, and events conducted in the most reputed colleges of India, including:

  1. Quark 2017, BITS Pilani Goa Campus
  2. ICRIET 2k16 Conference, GIET Odisha
  • Khanan 016, ISM Dhanbad
  1. IoT Challenge National Level Event, i2indya Technologies
  2. Embedded System and ARM architecture, VIT Vellore

Twenty19 also features its own blog, which has a variety of articles including experiences of their students, interviews with industry experts, and career development strategies.

Social Reach: 87,000 Facebook likes, averages 5 posts a month




  1. Letsintern

LetsInternLetsintern acts mainly as a portal between employers and interns. It offers internships by Location (listed below), Skill (listed in Category section below) and by Type (Summer, Virtual, Fresher Job, Part Time, Event, Full Time Internship, Brand Ambassador). Letintern is notable for its social interaction with its userbase, boasting an astounding amount of posts on its Facebook page

Stipend: generally between 2000 and 10000 rupees per month

Region: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad

Statistics: 4 lakh students are enrolled; 22,000 companies creating 2.9 lakh opportunities

Categories: IT, Engineering ,MBA, Finance, Marketing, Media, Design, HR

Key Features: Internships, Virtual/Online, BTL Advertising, Brand Ambassador

X-Factor- Fresher Jobs: along with internships, letsintern also extends job possibilities as freshers in a vast myriad of companies, including

  1. Aurora Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (UI/UX Design), 9,000/- per month
  2. PrintOctopus (Photography Intern), unpaid
  • Wunderman International (Accounts Payable Consultant), 10,000/-
  1. Burgundy Box (Sales Executive), 17,000/- per month
  2. Dongre Technoquip (Content Writer), 25,000/- per month

Social Reach: 188,000 Facebook likes, averages 90 posts a month




  1. 10internship

10internship10internship is an extremely basic portal to link companies with potential hires, both for internships, as well as jobs. It has a lesser number of listings than some of the other portals, but is popular among users, as can be seen on Quora. It places more emphasis on simplicity of use than the other portals.

Stipend: varies from 5000/- to 20000/-

Region: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune

Statistics: 3,500+ companies are registered for internships, and 90 for permanent jobs

Categories: accountancy, analytics, business development, content writing, engineering, finance, design, fashion, HR, Law, management, marketing, media, sales, and IT

Key Features: Internship, Fresher Job

X-Factor: NA

Social Reach: 44,000 Facebook likes, averages 1 post every 3 months




  1. Parishodh(BITS Pilani)

ParishodhParishodh, an initiative by BITS Pilani students, is mainly focused on providing internship opportunities for engineering student in companies creating products to do with social issues such as sustainable energy design and production, efficient garbage disposal, etc. Some examples include WeRSolar, Human Foundation, Sehgal Foundation, Bachpan Banao and Gram Disha

Stipend: average of 5,000/- per month

Region: Bangalore, Chennai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Alwar, Mandi, Dantewada, Chandigarh

Statistics: 10 organizations registered, 34 internships offered

Categories: System design, Metallurgy, Civil Engineering, Material Science, Environmental studies, IT, Rural Development,, Social Entrepreneurship, Agriculture

Key Features: Internship, Grass Root Technologies, Social Work

X-Factor- Social Sector: Parishodh deals with companies mainly working on grass root problems for the common man, solving a variety of problems related to the environment, and upliftment of rural communities is extremely fulfilling work. It also deals with many uncommon practical technologies, especially related  to Renewable Energy. Social Work is a must for all higher studies aspirants (including M.Tech, M.S. M.D. in universities in USA and Europe),, and will look excellent on any resume.

Social Reach: 1,630 Facebook likes, averages 4 posts a month





  1. MTA India

MTA IndiaMicrosoft Technology Associate India is not strictly speaking an aggregator, as the above portals are. It offers MTA certifications for a project based summer and winter training programs for B. Tech CS, IT and ECE students, as well as a 6 month Industrial Training Program for MBA and MCA students. MTA Certifications help you stand out when applying for jobs and internships. You can also network with fellow professionals as part of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Community.

Stipend: null. This is a training program, which has a fee of 12,000/- to 14,000/- per course

Region: Noida, Lucknow, Dehradun, Kolkata

Statistics: NA

Categories: J2EE, ASP.NET, Core Java with Android, PHP, MySQL, C, C#, C++, MVC

Key Features: Professional Training, International Certification

X-Factor- Microsoft: on completion you join the official Microsoft Certified Professional Community (MCP), and can network with your peers. The prestige associated with Microsoft and the certification is high, and it is valued by companies which are looking for interns and permanent hires.

Social Reach: 1,300 Facebook likes, averages 8 posts a month




Concluding Remarks:

[sociallocker]The various internship portals discussed in the above article offer a variety of different opportunities, in a vast multitude of fields. They have been categorized and given scores based on

  1. SNCS: The Social Networking and Customer Service Score: This score recognizes the efforts of the portal in promptly helping the student whenever they require assistance, as well as their approachability and reachability on social networks, primarily Facebook. Special mention must be given to both Internshala and Parishodh, whose HR team personally reached out to me for assistance in writing this article. Letsintern must also be commended for their high social media activity, with relevant and informative posts.
  1. Usability Score: this score is a measure of the practical usability of the portal, IE how useful is the website in linking its users to employers offering internships in their field of interest? This is the most important score, and should be considered by any prospective user of these portals. Special Mention should be awarded to Parishodh, as they offer internships in the social sphere, and have a strong emphasis on sustainable social, environmental, and technological development for a better future. MTA India also deserves mention for being a certification offered by Microsoft, the world’s largest software company. Both these companies have hence been given score of 2.00 and 1.00 respectively in this category, as they cannot be judged by the same parameters as the others.




  1. Total Score: This score is indicative of the final verdict on the overall ranking of the portal. It measures both its technical effectiveness in linking student to employer, and user satisfaction in its customer service and presence on social media.




A table summarizing the scores is given below, along with the above graphs for a pictorial and tabular representation of the data mentioned in this article:

InternshalaTwenty19Letsintern10internshipParishodhMTA India
SNCS Score5.971.3710.880.470.40.81
Usability Score4.001.832.600.551.501.00
TOTAL SCORE8.5973.806.301.153.042.08

Note: All portals mentioned in this article were contacted, and all statistics have been obtained from their official websites.


Thorough research was conducted to ensure factually accurate and significant information was provided, through official sources.

Links to all the portals are given in each individual section.

Scoring Metrics:

SNCS SCORE (Social Network and Customer Service Score =

(Facebook Likes/10) + (Posts *10000)

Usability Score =

(Registered Companies*10) + (Active Users/10)

 Featured Image Source here.

Did I miss any of your favorite portals? Discuss in the comments below!   [/sociallocker]


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By Aniket Rege

Currently a B.Tech II Year student pursuing a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NITK Surathkal. P...more

Currently a B.Tech II Year student pursuing a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NITK Surathkal. Presently interning at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore. less

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Matthew Wolf

Jun 30, 2016

Kudos to Author for the bleeding edge comparison.Why you haven't included Makeintern and Letmeknow in above list?

blog image

Aniket Rege

Jul 01, 2016

Hi Matthew! I had actually included Letmeknow in my preliminary list, but unfortunately their website was and has been down for the past two weeks and counting. They were unavailable for comment, and I couldn't access the site. I didn't come across Makeintern during my search, I can look into them and update the article. Thanks for your comment! Cheers!

blog image

Varatharajan Rajan

Jul 15, 2016

Aniket Rege researched to the core in this topic. Hats off to you :) I'm waiting for your next article

blog image

Nitika Trivedi

Oct 26, 2016

Thanks. I found an internship through internshala after reading this article.

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