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“Ok, Google. Can I get Online coaching for IIT JEE?” Well, let me answer this for you; yes, you can! Coaching for IIT has become mandatory and somewhere I believe it is required because institutes ensure you focus only on preparation while they take care of the rest. Use of internet has produced startling effects. One possibility it has created is home-friendly studying even for demanding exams like IIT JEE. In the past 5 years, online coaching has proliferated and flourished. Some of the portals you can look up for IIT are:

Toppers Academy

Toppers Academy is the most preferred online training platform for the preparation of top medical entrance examinations to fulfill the needs of expansive aspirants willing to set a career in the medical field. Toppers Academy provides standard education for the NEET, IIT-JEE exam domains in India. Being former coaching established 20 years ago with a sole competence to bring the world’s best doctors who will be curing patients with proficient expertise skills.Aspirants looking to get through top medical colleges in India must acquire knowledge and training from the best coaching i.e. Toppers Academy to crack the top medical exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, etc. It has been live now due to covid-19 pandemic situation bringing up the change to match the latest trends of education so far. Medical is considered to be the most esteemed domain operated by the masterful people in the world. The Uniqueness of this coaching is to Motivate students, channelize them to stand out in the crowd.


  • Small batches of 30-35 students for personalized attention
  • Subject expert faculties
  • Definitions of key-concepts on a mouse-over
  • Regular Tests for evaluation of students


Profile: South Korean giant ETOOS collaborated with Best IIT alumni from Kota to establish a training mechanism. It had a remarkable track record of 20 years before ETOOSIndia began. Currently, it is headquartered in Kota and has a 10000+ student strength.

Course:  ETOOS e-learning course includes:

  • Successful faculty with experience and student-friendly teaching styles
  • Comprehensive video lectures moulded according to the current JEE pattern  using simple methods, examples and problem-solving techniques
  • Customise your course structure and faculty
  • Pause and resume lectures and other material at your comfort
  • Faculty is available round-the-clock
  • The material can be accessed online or on the app or can be ordered on a hard drive.

Fees: Pay only for what you want to learn. For fee structure look here

Review: The reviews suggest that the course is very student friendly and beneficial. Many students from Kota have benefited and recommended it. According to me, the course structure is slim, focused and complete. The fee is also nominal; worth a shot.


Profile: Founded by IITians in August 2012, Plancess is a platform to prepare for entrance examinations. They entrust power on the internet to provide education democratically.

Course: The course is customisable, however, the complete course includes:

  • Video lectures includes fundamentals and advanced level topics discussed in detail
  • Rank holders discuss techniques and special strategies beyond syllabus
  • Regularly updated study material including previous years question papers
  • Online JEE Test series comprises 1000+ chapter wise tests with over 50,000 questions
  • The material can be received on a hard drive, USB, etc.

Fees: The complete course fee is INR 16,500

Review: The internet provides mixed reviews; however, the video lectures are appreciated by all. Some also suggest that the course is not reliable. If good study material is what you need then you can probably try Plancess.


Profile: Started in 1984 by popular educator V.K Bansal and has since expanded across India. Bansal claims to have taught 3 students of the Best 100 IITJEE qualifiers of 2016.

Course: The complete course contains:

  • Concepts explained at different levels of difficulty
  • Practice questions behind every chapter with guidelines
  • 75000+ questions of varied difficulty level
  • Video solutions for practice questions
  • Adaptive testing platform which selects test questions based on previous performances to ensure weaker topics are practised well
  • Benchmark test – a test to compare your performance with previous JEE toppers
  • Material can be accessed on app also
  • Free trial available for all packages

Fees: Full package is priced INR 11,300

Review: Their online coaching program seems to be very popular as they have a well-established classroom program, however, not many reviews are out there. The program looks innovative, however, lack of video lectures is a big drawback. You can probably take up the trial and decide for yourself.


Profile: Started in 1984, it is a reputed coaching centre across India, especially in the South. Set up in a garage initially, however, despite having excellent study material and tactics it could not keep up with technology, it started seeing a downfall. Lately, it has seen progress and is doing well.

Course: The course contains:

  • A two-year programme
  • Every year 68 chapters will be covered
  • Every year 267 tests will be conducted of which 69 are chapter wise test papers, 17 unit wise test papers and 12 model examinations
  • Valid for two years only

Fees: around INR 15000

Review: Their study material is reliable but the course on a  whole is average. The programme is for a long duration and can get boring eventually. Do you think you’ll remember what you studied one year ago? It would almost be like studying again. However, faculty experience is an advantage you can utilise. Comprehensively, I would suggest you keep this as your second choice.


Profile: Started in 1988 in Delhi, Aakash Institute has since emerged as one of the leading institutes for entrance exams coaching. It ventured into the internet market with AakashiTutor, launched in 2012.

Course: The course is further divided into USB learning, Tablet learning and Online learning. All the three courses will make available:

  • Video lectures 1500+ hours explaining concepts
  • An online active platform for doubt-clearing
  • 200+ e-books, chapter tests and All India Aakash Test Series
  • 1000+ practice tests
  • Free online trial is available

Fees: Varies between INR 30,000 to INR 40,000

Review: It is quite certain that the comparatively high fee would have raised your eyebrows; this might be because they provide you with a tablet or a USB. Alternatively, the Online learning package may prove to be cheaper as it is available on monthly basis as well. The course structure looks convincing and sufficient; Aakash being an experienced institute, their material can be relied on, however, some additional effort will be required from your end with the test series.  You might want to try the online trial before you go ahead.


Profile: Started in 2008 by CAT Topper Byju. They train students for various competitive exams like JEE, AIEEE, CAT, etc. With an aim to transform learning techniques,  they attempt to simplify your complicated problems by providing you interesting alternatives to tackle them.

Course: Byju’s online tablet includes:

  • Study material explaining all the basic concepts sent as hard copy
  • Classroom videos and All India Test series
  • Techniques and strategies to crack answers quickly
  • Course is valid for two years
  • Free one-week trial available

Fees: INR 30,000

Review: The course looks sufficient, nevertheless, does not look like many have taken it up. I would highly recommend you to take up the trail version and then judge for yourself


Ever since study material has been made available online and some for free as well, students can customise their study. Some of them might be bogus but the others do provide vital material. Some of the portals u can look at are:

  • Free IIT coaching : This is a specific portal for IIT JEE preparation which has attempted to assemble all the significant material you would require for preparing for IIT exams. They are based in New Delhi.
  • Ask IITians: Started by alumni of IIT Delhi with a vision making studying in IIT a less-draining process. Today they have self-study packages, classroom programs and all India test series. It is a popular portal where students clarify doubts and are given access to free study material.
  • Teko Classes: Based out in Bhopal, Teko classes gives you access to free study material classified by topics of all the subjects for IIT JEE preparation. They have also made video lectures available and also operate as a coaching institute predominantly in Bhopal.

Apart from online study material, several IITians and experts have are available on discussion forums like Learners Hub, IIT PaL, Ask IITians to resolve your doubts. If you know of any other, do share them in the comments box below.


I hope after skimming through the information above,  you know what options are open. In my opinion, ETOOS India and Aakash Institute standout, not because they look fancy, but because they appear capable of filling the gaps lack of classroom coaching might create and have somewhere proven to be a potent alternative. You might also want to try others as most of them have free trials and then decide what suits you the best. The above list is my suggestion of the best of the millions out there at present, however, if you find any other, make sure you don’t join them relying on their classroom coaching reviews. Good Luck!

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