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Best 7 Psychometric Tests compared

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Best Psychometric Tests compared

Humans need a medium to showcase their expertise; stereotypically putting it, a career choice is one of the dominant media. We reside in a global village where every ability has found a career, be it a dancer, surfer, painter, waterslide tester or just watching films and writing reviews. But the need of the hour is to determine what do you want to set your foot into. To solve your dilemma, physicists and psychologists of the 19th & 20th Century devised a fairly accurate mechanism called Psychometrics.holland_codes-5

 Psychology has been a principal player in the process of choosing the best team for any purpose since many eras. With a similar fundamental application, psychometrics has now evolved into a new field of sorts with several purposes. In brief, psychometrics is a branch used to identify and measure qualities in individuals in order to make informed decisions. Psychometrics tests are used to measure intelligence, aptitude, achievements, creativity, personality traits, behavior, interests and neuro-psychological characteristics. Depending on the purpose of conducting the test, a combination of these measures is used and a personality type is determined.
Over the years, to help students make an informed career choice, several institutions and portals have established and adopted different approaches. Before you decide on which career test is apt to help you decide your career path, it is essential to know why psychometric tests are employed.


Jung Typology Test

It is a free online career test analyzing personality traits, habits and preferences on four parameters

  • Extrovert/Introvert
  • Intuitive/Sensing
  • Feeling/Thinking
  • Perceiving/Judging

The questions are of general routine. On their basis a report is developed describing the student’s personality – his/her interactions with different people, with different environments like workplace, home, party etc. skills, deficiencies and preferences. The second part of the report suggests careers based on the personality type identified from the test like ENFP or INTJ, etc. and the institutions you can apply to. Since, only 16 personality combinations are possible using the parameters, the analysis is generic but reliable.

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Srinivasan S

Jul 15, 2016

Aanchal expressed her views clearly. Excellent article. I recommend this article to all my friends.

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