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Best 7 websites for MBA College Selection

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The Education & Training Industry in India is humongous standing at $600 Billion. Being one of the biggest education networks and if we see it specific to Management Schools, India has 4,000+ Colleges/Institutes with 400,000 students enrolling each year.

No matter how big the numbers sound, there will be students who do not receive proper education. These facts, figures, data and information do not mean anything to a student whose dreams are shattered by a regretful decision. Hence, comes a dire need to never underestimate the power of the decision of College Selection. These 7 most powerful websites for college selection help you avoids the obstacle while moving towards your dream


Ratings: 9/10

If not the most important, but one of the important platforms for MBA aspirants. Pagalguy has created a community where most students can connect to each other via participating in discussions and get their doubts clarified. For a student to read about articles and prepare for an exam, Pagalguy does it all. Pagalguy’s Recently launched app :Prepathon helps prepare the students for CAT and other such entrance exams.


Verdict: Pagalguy has been a good initiative for connecting and creating an MBA aspirant community. Though it has been degraded to a level               that does not satisy aspirants who look upto support from experts.  There remains a scope for students to scrounge for more  while he is just on             pagalguy


Rating: 7.5/10

Admito feeds on Analytics, statistics, data, information and generate choices using an algorithm to come out with the colleges suitable for an aspirant. It helps one know the dream, perfect and Safe colleges that he could aim for and assist him in targeting the same. Admito’s rich content helps give deep insights while making an informed decision. Admito  has revolutionised the way a student should select a college.


Verdict: MBA aspirants ought to trust data than anything else. What at the end they want to know is – “what is fit for them and how do they                  aim         for it?”. Admito has tried fitting this in the picture through its platform. The content is a unique one, something not supported by any              other website       as of now. They have played well on getting the touch of personalisation. All MBA aspirants would admire the same!


Rating:  7.5/10

Quora, on its platform has abridged the gap between MBA aspirants, MBA industry experts, Alumni of B-schools . With the presence of crucial people on Quora, it becomes imperitive for the MBA aspirants to look into what the alumni and other experts have to guide when it comes to shortlisting your dream B-school.

Website: www,

Verdict: Quora’s rich content is enough for students looking forward to be inspired from what successful MBA aspirants did. Quora can be a                great way to get your queries answered by experts and learn from them. But it still misses out on the personalisation a student wants when it                 comes to shortlisting a college. It helps inspect  a view on the pain points of an aspirant, but it still misses out on being that sole platform for                   college selection


College Bol:

Rating: 4/10

Every MBA Aspirant feels the need to connect with the students of the particular college he intends to be a part of. College Bol has played upon that aspect in a much easier way. Through its platform, it has brought out hundreds of reviews for an aspirant for a B-school aspired by him.


Verdict:  Aspirants have moved beyond reviews. There are already other existing platforms which do the same along with many other things.


Rating: 7/10 has potrayed itself as a one stop solution when it comes to B-school selection. One who  does not want to miss out on any important detail regarding a college can search on shiksha. It is needless to say the importance of knowing specific details when  making the first move for college selection and Shiksha does it better than anyone else!


Verdict:  If its just about generating a list of all Best colleges and elements as placements, fees etc , then you can trust shiksha well. Shiksha’s                   efforts seems more inspiring  to cater to a generalised view of what most aspirants should think about a particular college. But when it comes to             an individual aspirant Shiksha fails to do that!

 InsideIIM –

Rating: 5/10

Inside IIm ‘s heart lies in its content. Everything an aspirant wants to know about a  -school gets published on insideiim in the form of short stories. A story is indeed what an MBA aspirant relates  closely with especially when they read about inspiring people and their journey


 Verdict: Reading great content is a part of College selection process. But relying just on content for making an informed decision is not called               for. Hence Insideiim supports you to strengthen your college research , but surely it does not help you completely do that!


Ratings: 6/10

Why must an aspirant who prepares the whole year not want to know about where he stands? What colleges he could get into? And the colleges he should go for. Careers 360 famous for its tools as Pathfinder, College Predictor, Best fit College is backed by Data that most aspirants can trust upon while making an informed decision.


 Verdict:  Careers 360 could have been a great website for college selection, had it not confused the aspirants through the many tools that it                    recommends. For an aspirant to know a suitable college, Careers 360 has ended presenting the same generalised opinion in a modified way.                  Old wine in a new bottle’ is best regarded for the same..

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