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Best 9 IAS Coaching Institutes in Lucknow

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Coachings for the IAS exam

More than 5 lakh aspirants appear for the Civil Services exam each year. Civil Services exam is one of the most reputed and toughest exams in India. Cracking a Civil Services exam is no cakewalk but with the right strategy and guidance, one can ace this exam well. Earlier students used to rush to Delhi to prepare for this prestigious exam but now our very own Lucknow has the excellent coaching to crack IAS Exam. The article includes some of the best IAS coachings in Lucknow for better preparation.

Below is a list of the famous IAS exam coachings in Lucknow

1. IAS Next

IAS Next - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

IAS Next is one of the best civil services coachings, situated in the heart of Lucknow, U.P. IAS Next relentlessly works towards realizing the dream of Mr. Sudhanshu Mishra the founder behind the whole platform, to teach and train both the Hindi and English medium students to partake in the process of nation-building by joining the Civil Services. IAS Next provides coaching for IAS/PCS/PCS-J. IAS Next is on the mission of creating the new youngsters who understand the basis of the exam and guide them on the right path for better results in one precise manner. IAS Next desires to create a den of aspirants who are seriously looking towards a career in civil services. IAS Next aims to develop among its students a competitive attitude along with a strong academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as its hallmark. Their vision is to create an arena of possibilities to turn every students’ dreams into reality.

Apart from direct interaction with the teacher, there will be a series of tests to prepare them to the randomness and complexity of questions they are going to be thrown at. A review of these tests will be done by concerned faculty with feedback to embrace their strong and weak sections and lead them in the right direction. They have a belief that to discover the potential of each candidate, coaching institutes should guide them to achieve sure success.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • Interactive classroom sessions which help students to open about their queries.
  • They give personalized attention to each student.
  • Tests are conducted and reviewed properly so that students come to know about their mistakes.
  • They emphasize each topic.
  • They provide a scholarship of up to 100%.
  • IAS Next provides coaching for IAS/PCS/PCS-J/CLAT.

2. Sarthak IAS

Sarthak IAS was initiated by Mr. R. Mohan who is laced with the experience of many years. He has the expert faculty of well known reputable IAS coaching in Delhi.

Sarthak IAS is a reputed IAS coaching institute in Lucknow that provides the most exhaustive exam preparation to the aspirants. It strives hard not only to improve the academic skills of the aspirants but also works on their overall personality development. This prominent IAS coaching believes that nobody can be an encyclopedia to crack IAS, rather the individual must keenly observe everything around and must be able to take their own stand on them. Sarthak IAS enable the aspirants to develop this approach in themselves and become bold, fearless, and confident officers in their careers.

Besides this, this IAS coaching institute also conducts frequent motivational sessions for the students so that an enthusiastic environment persists in the batch. Moreover, this institute leaves no stone unturned in making studies interesting. It aims to eliminate boredom and entertainingly provide IAS coaching so that the students feel comfortable and stress-free.

Being a pioneer IAS institute in Lucknow, Sarthak IAS has the peculiarity of producing toppers with quality and effective teaching practices. With their novel & advanced techniques and to the point study material they help their students attain sure-shot success in civil services exams.

Features of this Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • Free Wi-Fi for online search of doubts
  • Free demo classes
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty
  • Online tests for IAS preparation
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Prelims and Mains examination analysis
  • Numerous motivational classes

3. Prayatna IAS Prayatna IAS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

The third of our giants in the game is the Prayatna IAS. As per their motto ‘We Guide Your Efforts,’ the guides for the IAS exams, particularly for the Civil Services, chisel and stroke your every unprepared sphere to mold you for the dream career of your life.

The coaching, for this cherished dream of yours, holds the greats of mentors like the duo of teacher-couple Mr. Anmol and Mrs. Shivani, for the spread of the learning in General Studies and History, respectively. Where Mr. Anmol is a bonafide product of IIT Roorkee and a witness to the interview board of the prestigious examination, Mrs. Shivani also has gone through a similar atmosphere when she gave the interview. Both carry competent levels of prerequisites to guide students along the stupendous journey of the exam.

Similarly, the sphere of the guidance to the students in Public Administration is extremely taken care of by Dr. R.C. Verma, a Senior Research Fellow of the Lucknow University. The pupils of the disciplines of Geography, Sociology, and Anthropology are also taken in high regard by their respective mentors to proceed them on the highway of success. Identically, Mr. Avnishwar C. Srivastava, Dr. Arti Singh, Mohd Azeem, and Mr. Anoop Kr. Sinha, among others, does the galaxy of the highly venerated guides, who have proved their mettle by successfully taking all the three tiers of the Civil Services Examination and have been awarded great responsibilities. Letting yourself sculptured by mentors as there is an opportunity that even the luckiest are envious of. Having said this, the main features of the guidance institute are being provided below for the sake of your contentment:

  • The maximum strength of 30 to 40 students in the class
  • 6 to 7 numbers of demo classes
  • Personalized face-to-face and candidate-centered mentoring
  • A lecture delivery approach holding by the most basic level to the advanced level
  • 10 to 18 months of duration for finishing your study program
  • 50 to 60 lectures spanning for 2 hours each
  • Refining of the thought process and enhancement of the linguistic skills along with the covering of the syllabi
  • Opportunity to avail sincere self-study during the coaching days
  • The pedagogic style reflecting the incorporation of interactivity and other relevant activities
  • An in-depth study of your descriptive answers along with remarks aimed at the proper remedy of the shortcoming
  • Last but not least, one-to-one dialogue and co-academic counseling until the candidates are selected

4. Nishchay IAS

Nishchay IAS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Nishchay IAS is one of the most accomplished and innovative platforms for the IAS aspirants of Lucknow. Started in the year 2009, the coaching institute has been nurturing the philosophy of ‘Student First’. Here, the students are guided and motivated to reach their career goals employing academic knowledge and overall personality development and serve the country. Nishchay IAS, Lucknow houses some of the most experienced and industrious faculty members and subject experts.

Over the years, the IAS institute has continuously improvised its course contents, study materials, and teaching methodology to achieve better and better results. It offers a bouquet of courses for the Prelims and Mains round. Nishchay IAS also offers specialized courses for optional subjects like History, Geography, Philosophy, as well as interview guidance programs.

The coaching aims to provide equal opportunities to the IAS aspirants in the form of quality learning and guidance so that they can turn their dreams into reality. Nishchay IAS provides a conducive learning environment to its students where the students are infused with determination, confidence, and a lot of knowledge. The academy follows a system of rigorous evaluation through regular tests, assignments, and feedback. The research agenda, academic portfolio, and educational experience of Nishchay IAS over the changing times make it one of the best choices for IAS preparation in Lucknow city.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

• The coaching institute follows unorthodox and unconventional ways of teaching and evaluation
• The study material is concise, updated, and well-prepared
• Experts are available for face-to-face interaction in case of any doubt or difficulty
• Pre-planned assessments offer room for up-gradation of students’ knowledge and answer writing skills
• The batches are restricted to 50 students to make the classes interactive
• Video lectures are available for all subjects and topics

5. Pariksha Adda

Pariksha Adda is a pioneering initiative of Mukund Kumar to provide unmatched learning opportunities to hundreds of IAS aspirants. Along with it, the IAS coaching of Lucknow also offers classroom programs for PCS, SSC, Banking, Insurance, CTET, and many other government exams. It employs a structured, updated, and well-researched study material aligned with the latest testing pattern. The IAS coaching is adorned with seasoned and experienced faculty members drawn from various universities and institutions.

The faculty ensures that the students grasp the subject matter in a clear and systematic manner, while also entertaining their doubts and queries. As regards the teaching methodology, Pariksha Adda focuses on interactive and participatory learning. Besides, it also uses up-to-date pedagogic methods and latest technology to give the IAS aspirants an edge over their competitors. And to supplement the teaching, there are frequent tests and assessments.

The team of Pariksha Adda believes that the IAS exam is not that tough, it just requires a little bit of hard work. The students should have the knowledge about what to read and more importantly what not to read. And this knowledge and guidance are what is provided at this IAS coaching in Lucknow.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • A punctual and committed faculty
  • Fortnightly tests
  • Due focus on personality development
  • Mocks and Test Series for both Prelims and Mains

6. Plutus IAS


Plutus IAS is the coaching institute that provides a platform for the students who want to succeed in competitive exams like UPSC IAS. It renders an environment for each aspirant where they could trigger their mind and build the right path towards success. Here, the candidates devote their complete time to studies. The online course module is for those students who cannot go to the institute to study. Efficient software for learning is used so that students can begin with their studies as soon as they purchase a course. The dedicated faculty of Plutus Academy remains ready round the clock to discuss the doubts of the students. This academy also has a Daily Vocabulary module wherein the students learn new words every day and their vocabulary is enhanced up to a great extent.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

Pre-recorded video lectures facility
Updated notes provided
Discounts to students and female candidates
Feasible batch size of about 15 students
Book issue facility from library

7. Vision IASVision IAS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

With a simple and practical approach, Vision IAS aims to help the aspirants understand the demand for IAS exams effectively. Having a strategy to constantly innovate and keep the preparation process dynamic is the aim of this institute.

The Lucknow based IAS coaching hails its test series as the institute’s hallmark. The test series is based on INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM™ to improve scores of the aspirants.

This IAS coaching of Lucknow provides an interactive learning approach (discussion with experts through e-mail/telephonic discussion) which aims at improving the aspirant’s performance in the right direction. This is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ distance learning / online / classroom program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in the Civil Service Exam. The faculty-experts provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing.

The simple, practical and focused approach of the faculty helps aspirants understand the demand for IAS exams effectively. The strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants. This strategy is based on factors like core competence, availability of time and resource and the requirements of the Civil Service Exam.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • Alternative Classroom Program
  • Foundation Program
  • Interactive Learning Approach
  • Test Series

8. Vaid’s ICSVaid’s ICS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

  • A leading Consultancy for Civil Services, Vaid’s ICS was started in 1988 to provide expert guidance, consultancy and counseling to aspirants for a career in Civil Services. Further, it also provides consultancy in social science information and research. This IAS coaching of Lucknow has achieved phenomenal success during the last thirty years in securing aspirant’s good positions in various government and non-government services. Choose this coaching for producing 1163+ and 498+ successful aspirants since their inception in 1988. Choose this Lucknow based IAS coaching if you want to have an Interaction with the selected candidates and senior civil servants to discuss strategies for success in civil service examinations. The coaching should be your destination for guidance in Civil Services Exams for the following features:

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • Study Material
  • E- material
  • Test Series
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty
  • Individual & personalized demo classes to assess and understand the pedagogy.
  • Weekly tests followed by the problem-solving session for prelims & main examinations.
  • Written, printed and updated notes as per the topics of the syllabus.
  • Emphasis upon written practice through assignments and tutorials which is evaluated by our experts.
  • Interactive classes with a limited number of students to discuss, analyze and understand various topics relevant to the examinations.
  • Dedicated team for 360° analysis of students preparing for civil services.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection for online search and web materials.
  • Comfortable classrooms with all necessary fittings i.e. AC / Projector / R.O. / Water Cooler etc.
  • The number of students strictly limited to proactive and individual training.

9. GS World IASGS World IAS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Since 2013, The GS World Academy has helped out about 700 students to obtain high ranks in the Civil Services Exam. The academy covers courses like General Studies (PT+Main,) Foundation, GS (Module), GS (Crash Course) Test Series and CSAT. At GS World, the focus is on participatory and Extractive learning. The faculty members are highly qualified in the subject they teach and are from reputed institutions. They have developed well-defined strategies to approach each of the subjects from the examination point of view.

This Lucknow based IAS coaching is coaching for a general, quality-based, accurate guidance. The primary aim of the coaching is to guide the aspirants for the Prelims, Mains and the Interview sections of the Civil Services.

Features of this Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • GS Test Series
  • GS (Prelims+ Mains)
  • Doubt- clearing sessions

10. RACE IASRACE IAS - IAS Coaching in Lucknow

RACE IAS Lucknow was established to foster excellence among the aspirants of IAS and other exams in terms of competitiveness and knowledge. It is a vibrant pre-selection training wing of Rajesh Academy for Civil Examinations, a registered society under Registration Act, 2002. RACE aims not only to provide the students with a road-map to effective learning but also to reassure them of our motivating company during their journey to success. Its mission is to help aspirants with facts, analytical skills, and attitude.  In pursuit of this objective, the institution takes care that the commencement of the course, faculty, study material and pattern of teaching and assessment is, to the maximum extent possible, faultless.

Frequent examination, personal attention, continuous monitoring by the faculty and standard study material are hallmarks of the Lucknow based IAS coaching. The institution endeavors to ensure that the time of the student is made most productive by removing the unnecessary from the essential ones. This is primarily true for the preparation for the Civil Services Examination.

Features of the Lucknow based IAS coaching

  • 1-year course for graduate students
  • 3-year course for 12th qualified students
  • Effective study material
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty

A brief glimpse of the history of the Civil Services in India

The inception of the civil services in India can be dated to the post-1757 era when East India Company started to rule. Hence, under the patronage of the East India Company, the CCS (Covenanted Civil Services), whose members signed covenants with the company’s board of directors, was initiated.

Then in 1784, the India Act set the rules of governance in India. Guided by the Act, Lord Cornwallis (1786-93) bifurcated the bureaucracy into – 1) the political division for caretaking the civil governance and, 2) the commercial division of the service, for looking after the commercial movements.

In 1854, Macaulay Committee gave India its first modern civil service. The committee recommended replacing the patronage-based system of the East India Company by the permanent civil service based on a merit-based system through competitive entrance examinations.

ICS exam began to be held in India for the first time from 1922 onwards.

Post-Independence, the Indian government retained some elements of the British structure of a Unified Administrative System. This contained an open entry system based on academic achievements, training, permanent tenure, important postings at the union, state and district levels, etc. for the officers of the civil services. The IAS conducts the civil services exam and many other exams post 1947.

Presently, the civil services can be categorized into:

1. All India Services (AIS): Whose members serve both the union and state governments
2. Central Civil Services: Members serving only the union government.
3. State Civil Services: Members serving only the state government.

Objectives of the All-India Services

  • Preserving national unity and integrity and maintain uniform standards of administration.
  • Maintaining neutrality and objectivity – nonpolitical, secular and non-sectarian outlook.
  • Competence, efficiency, and professionalism of the serving officers at their entry by attracting the best and brightest talents and keeping these values throughout their career.
  • Keeping up integrity and idealism.

We hope this analysis will help you in selecting the right institute for your preparation. Do let us know in the comments below if you had any particular experience during your preparations. Do read, Ethics, Integrity & Civil Services.

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FAQ’S about IAS coachings in Lucknow

Question.1 How do IAS coachings in Lucknow help the students?

Answer.1 The IAS coachings in Lucknow provide the students with notes, current affairs magazines, and interview guidance. They also conduct extra classes for doubt clarification to make sure that students learn in the best possible manner.

Question.2 How do the IAS coachings in Lucknow help students for the interview round?

Answer.2 For the interview round, the IAS coachings in Lucknow conduct a series of mock interviews. After every round, the students are provided with honest feedback and effective insights to improve their performance.

Question.3 Are the IAS coachings in Lucknow enough to guarantee selection in IAS?

Answer.3 No, the IAS coachings in Lucknow are not the sole caterers of the massive need for guidance. The students need practice on their part to score better. A good and well-designed test series play a crucial role in this aspect.

Question.4 How do the IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow help in the personality development of the aspirants?

Answer.4 For personality development of the aspirants, the IAS coachings in Lucknow organize a few informative sessions by various qualifiers of IAS who provide the students with success mantras and a few tips to ace their exams. There are certain rules of conduct maintained at the coaching to make discipline a habit amongst the IAS students.

Question.5 What are the additional facilities provided to students by the IAS coachings in Lucknow?

Answer.5 In addition to the study material, IAS coachings in Lucknow also provide the students with GK Magazines, online study material, and test series to learn and practice at their own pace

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