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Best Books, Apps and Websites for Mastering Conversational American English

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listen speak and write like like uncle sam

Do you have to make many conversations with your American mates every now and then? Does your lack of ability to speak fluent English block your path to success? Well, here is a quick list of websites, apps, and books assisting you to grab more skills for mastering conversational American English.

Presently, we are stuck in a time when we may not have time to read huge books. Still, we have the urge to improve our language skills. The list mentioned below provides you with several options to work on your abilities to learn the language. The diverse range of options is all here. Read on!

Conversational American English

First of all, McGraw Hill’s Conversational American English is one of the most popular textbooks in this regard. The textbook educates, guides and assists speakers to enhance their language skills. It includes conversational techniques from greetings to goodbyes. Moreover, it has tricks to leave a lasting impression on people. Also, it fills the reader with appropriate expressions to deliver their thoughts. Lastly, it has over 3000 common phrases and idioms.

Differences Between British and American English

Speak English Like an American

Similarly, Speak English Like an American is another great collection of McGraw Hill. The textbook teaches readers about the art of holding conversations with their peers and fellows. It has a long list of idioms and phrases alongside a proper definition of each vocabulary to ensure efficient usage. Also, it offers users a short worksheet section where they check their skills and overcome their weaknesses.


Enabling a perfect gateway to visual learners for enhancing their skills, FluentU, therefore, is a perfect website for you to improve your conversational skills. Hence, through interesting and short vlogs, videos, podcast, images, and other forms of visuals you get to learn the language way more easily. Moreover, it offers a unique style of learning the language. From vocabulary tips to pronunciation methods there is a lot more to discover.

Real English Conversations

It has a collection of the podcast that guides the listeners about the simple tricks with which they can acquire the ability to hold proper conversations. It teaches you to speak naturally and flawlessly. From working on your fluency to building up your accent, it’s a perfect guide to enhance your American English speaking abilities. Each lesson unfolds a different manner of learning the language. Moreover, the website itself is easy-to-handle and has a clean, fresh, responsive interface that can let you delve deeper into its many pages easily.

American English Pronunciation Tutor

A highly responsive app, which is available on both IOS and Android- American English Pronunciation Tutor, makes you crack down the gems of the language effortlessly. It assists users by providing them with clear instructions and tips to learn the language.

It provides illustrations to guide viewers about mouth movement to make each sound. In this way, you can practice saying words. Moreover, through speech recognition ability the app will respond back to you in you have spoken it incorrect.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App

There is no need to stick to only American accent as with the Sounds: The Pronunciation App you can learn both of the accents- American and of British. You can choose whichever you want and the entire plan will get changed into the particular language. You can switch the language whenever you like to learn the techniques used in both of them.

It’s a perfect way to enhance your learning and speak fluently in both of the accents. You only have to tap the vocabulary and the app will show its pronunciation and meaning and the way it is used. The app is responsive, seamless and easy to handle. There is no complicated procedure. With this app, make your learning simple.

US American English Resources

The United States Department of State offers an amazing website for teachers and student to develop their skills and learning through their resourceful website- US American English Resources. The website offers lessons that are easy to grasp and has individual sections that focus on the ability to improve learning, listening, writing and speaking skills of the students.

Some Language Statistics & Facts

Wrapping Up

You may also count on Ghostwriting LLC but by having a couple of these resources you can write great content on your own or learn the ability to interact with your mates in the best way. Deliver your thoughts out and fulfill your goals.

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