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Best 10 IIT JEE coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar

Date : July 18, 2019

Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s capital is famously called the city of temples having almost 700 temples. Together with Konark and Puri, Bhubaneswar forms the Swarna tribhuja or golden triangle. In addition to it, there is a lot more to Bhubaneswar such as handicrafts, handmade Tussar silk, regional paintings and an educational hub. Many prominent institutions of the country such as CIPET, Institute of Life Sciences, IIT, AIIMS etc. are located in Bhubaneswar. Given the several reputed institutions in the city, many youngsters of Bhubaneswar look for securing admission into these. Hence, young students of Bhubaneswar try to search for some of the best coaching institutes in the city who would help them with guidance for exam preparation. There are many institutes of guidance for IIT JEE in Bhubaneswar as well. We would be shedding some light on some of the prominent IIT JEE coaching institutes situated in Bhubaneswar.

IIT JEE coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar can provide that extra edge which might be missing from one’s armoury. Subsequently, IIT JEE coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar give some assistance for this situation. These institutes of guidance are famous for creating remarkable outcomes throughout the years in IIT JEE. Besides, these institutes of Bhubaneswar know that a number of students are preparing for board exams side by side. Henceforth, they manage the aspirants of Bhubaneswar so as to keep up an equivalent harmony between IIT JEE and board exam.

IIT JEE is one of the most competitive exams of India due to the number of applicants opting for it. IITs & NITs are some of government engineering colleges which take into account performance in IIT JEE for admission to their various technical undergraduate courses.

Over the years Bhubaneswar has seen many IIT JEE qualifiers. Sarthak Behera and A. Kaushal are some of the names who brought laurels to the city. Most of them relate their success to special academic material they could avail from coaching institutes.

IIT JEE requires constant dedication and commitment. Regardless, hard work without suitable preparation strategy will not yield any profitable results. The training organizations in Bhubaneswar help in giving that additional push and vital concentration to IIT JEE candidates. So in light of that how about we view the best 10 IIT JEE coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar.

Toppers Academy

Toppers Academy is the most preferred online training platform for the preparation of top medical entrance examinations to fulfill the needs of expansive aspirants willing to set a career in the medical field. Toppers Academy provides standard education for the NEET, IIT-JEE exam domains in India. Being former coaching established 20 years ago with a sole competence to bring the world’s best doctors who will be curing patients with proficient expertise skills.Aspirants looking to get through top medical colleges in India must acquire knowledge and training from the best coaching i.e. Toppers Academy to crack the top medical exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, etc. It has been live now due to covid-19 pandemic situation bringing up the change to match the latest trends of education so far. Medical is considered to be the most esteemed domain operated by the masterful people in the world. The Uniqueness of this coaching is to Motivate students, channelize them to stand out in the crowd.


Small batches of 30-35 students for personalized attention

Subject expert faculties

Definitions of key-concepts on a mouse-over

Regular Tests for evaluation of students


Aakash coaching institute, Bhubaneswar strives to provide guidance for medical as well as engineering entrance exam under one roof. For this, this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar have planned and incorporated course educational programs in congregating both the prospectuses with productive consideration to prepare the students for all examinations and towards an all-encompassing proficient career. The IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar instils in students to have confidence in their potential and work towards the accomplishment of their goal over and over. Students are urged to think, justify, extrapolate and contend over concepts to have a clear understands of the fundamentals at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. At Aakash coaching institute, exceptionally qualified educators having tremendous experience impart quality academic services to IIT JEE students so that they have a clear picture. Regular assignments are given with the goal that IIT JEE aspirants can work upon their weak areas at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.


Facility of an online test under ‘Aakash Prac test’

Doubt clarification support

Scholarship test to nurture talent

Foundation course also available


Resonance coaching institute, Bhubaneswar is a professional institution which provides specialised coaching for IIT JEE. The faculty at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar is tasked with providing in-depth knowledge to aspirants. For conceptual understanding, students are given assignments after conduction of classes. At this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar, standard test sessions are directed and the exhibition of every aspirant in the test is thoroughly discussed to spur them for development. Resonance coaching institute, Bhubaneswar learning methodology is based around the possibility of making the IIT JEE aspirants acquainted with the fundamental knowledge. The IIT JEE students are prepared for academic splendour as well as for the improvement of character also at Resonance coaching institute, Bhubaneswar. With such tip-top instructive administrations given to aspirants, Resonance has solidified its place as one of the first-rate IIT JEE coaching institutes of Bhubaneswar.


Execution of curriculum and academics in a planned manner

Result-centric approach

0 per cent of the faculty has a teaching experience greater than 5 years

Performance analysis at micro as well as macro level


Set up in 1992, FIITJEE coaching institute started as a discussion council for IIT JEE applicants. This IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar has seen an incredible 7,263 choices for JEE Main and 5,674 for JEE Advanced till date from its countrywide centres. This has made them one of the noticeable IIT JEE coaching institutes of Bhubaneswar. FIITJEE coaching institute, Bhubaneswar has a fortunate 40 program where it empowers financially denied adolescents to accomplish their dream of clearing IIT JEE. The program is exceptional for denied offspring of society and is dedicated to their thriving. Today, FIITJEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar remains as an encapsulation of accomplishment. This could be only possible by reasonability of the unimaginable scholarly methodology that FIITJEE coaching institute, Bhubaneswar has progressed, made and realized consistently. This IIT JEE coaching institute at Bhubaneswar has a mission to give healthy school instruction to IIT JEE students through FIITJEE Integrated School Programs like UDAYA Plus, SUPREME and PINNACLE so that there was no prerequisite for teaching outside of the educational system.


Tutorial and quiz sessions frequently conducted

CLIP for improvement in classroom learning

Exclusive rank Enhancement Program

All India Test Series

iBooks Institute

iBooks coaching institute, Bhubaneswar had its humble beginnings in the year 1993. Since then the objective of this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar has been to prepare young aspirants for various competitive entrance exams. iBooks coaching institute, Bhubaneswar combines conventional study methods with Hi-Tech techniques. This according to them makes an IIT JEE aspirant dynamic in approach as the competitive scenario is ever changing. Over the years this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar has produced unmatched results and still continues to set a new benchmark for the future as well. The study material and academic curriculum are judiciously designed at iBooks coaching institute, Bhubaneswar. The coaching institute in Bhubaneswar has an aim to nurture the overall personality of a candidate. With a pool of experienced and famous faculty devoted to the purpose of the success of aspirants in IIT JEE, iBooks coaching institute has become synonymous with excellence in Bhubaneswar.


Monitoring an reviewing of students on a regular basis

Competitive learning environment

Query solving sessions

Rigorous discussion on given assignments

Amogh Classes

Amogh Classes at Bhubaneswar boast of being the only institute in Orissa to give a fastidious and detailed solution for IIT JEE within 4 hours on the same day. The IIT JEE coaching institute at Bhubaneswar knows how to convert an average student into a star performer in IIT JEE. Many of the teachers at this coaching institute in Bhubaneswar are nationally recognised having vast experience in coaching for IIT JEE. There is a facility of both online and offline test series at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. Over the years, Amogh Classes, Bhubaneswar have produced quality results in IIT JEE. A passion for education and learning is maintained at the IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar to enable the candidates to realise their full potential. With dedication, commitment and quality education, Amogh Classes have become a prominent IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.


A well-disciplined and cooperative environment

Academic programmes are student friendly

Result- centric approach

Special attention on the building of concepts

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ALLEN coaching institute, Bhubaneswar was developed in 1988 by Shri Rajesh Mahesh Wari. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, new statures of accomplishment are being scaled. In 2016, ALLEN coaching institute, Bhubaneswar broke its very own stand-out dazzling records of earlier year results by changing into the essential coaching institute of the nation to pass on All India Ranks 1, 2, 3 in JEE Advanced. With a solid pool of devoted and persevering staff, ALLEN coaching institute has turned out to be one of the unmistakable IIT JEE training establishments in Bhubaneswar. The trust that ALLEN coaching institute, Bhubaneswar has developed is because of the student arranged framework. The reasoning pursued is that each competitor is an advantage and consequently they be set up for life also. Henceforth, the spotlight isn't just on conveying scholarly perfection yet, in addition, the improvement of the right frame of mind and expository personality in understudies at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.


Exhaustive courseware

Worth-based instruction

Fundamental mechanical framework

Unbiased arrangement of instructing

Vidya Mandir

Vidya Mandir coaching institute have throughout the years turned out to be synonymous with accomplishment in IIT JEE in Bhubaneswar. The IIT JEE coaching institute has since its initiation in Bhubaneswar structured, conveyed, enhanced and idealized the craft of directing and instructing aspirants. The goal of Vidya Mandir coaching institute, Bhubaneswar is to provide learning and guidance and along these lines make a space that not simply associates understudies to the method for achievement, yet furthermore inspires them to see and examine their own potential. Vidya Mandir coaching institute, Bhubaneswar is controlled by a cohort of Ex-IITians, who have consistently, guided an enormous number of IIT competitors to fulfil their dream of getting into the famous IITs. All courses at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar are dependably made under the supervision of specialists and which has made unmatched results in IITJEE dependably over the span of late years.


Academic material prepared after technical considerations

Key ideas are clarified utilizing deliberately picked inquiries

Course material is suitably adjusted in a state of harmony with the most recent changes

National level benchmarking through IIT JEE test series

Naidu Classes

Naidu Classes, Bhubaneswar was set up to prepare aspirants for all state level and national level entrance exam, held in India under one roof. This IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar have structured and coordinated course educational program in congregating both the prospectuses with productive consideration to prepare the aspirants for all exams and towards a comprehensive expert vocation. Naidu Classes, Bhubaneswar additionally motivates the students to remain disciplined and to motivate them to have confidence in their potential and work to taste its products of progress consistently. Naidu sir himself supervises and guides the complete programme. Highly qualified instructors having enormous experience are available at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. The assignments for IIT JEE aspirants of Naidu Classes, Bhubaneswar have various issues of various evaluations and are set up with the goal that understudies give enough time for self-examination.


Preparation for board exams as well

Best in class infrastructure with smart classrooms

Periodic parent-teacher meeting

Frequent counselling sessions

Eklabhya Classes

Eklabhya Classes, Bhubaneswar was founded in the year 2011 by Mr Jagatananda Satapathy for integrated +2 science and entrance exam. Having educational experience for more than two decades, the founder of this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar believed that unconventional ways were needed to prepare aspirants for the exam. Eklabhya Classes, Bhubaneswar takes complete responsibility of IIT JEE students and all-around enhancement of its discipline. The coaching institute’s IIT JEE aspirants utilize space, time and assets and use the individual scholastic projects and pioneers to qualify exam while preparing from Indore. Scholarly Excellence is our definitive objective is the motto of this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. The stress in Eklabhya Classes, Bhubaneswar is on developing of speed, skill and accuracy. There is a yearly planner, as well as daily worksheets, are given on daily taught topics at this IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.


Monthly performance review of every student

In-depth analysis after each periodic test

A dedicated doubt clearing desk is also available

Transport as well as hostel facility

Bansal Classes

Bansal Classes adopts methods that best suits the students of Bhubaneswar to crack IIT JEE. With devotion and uplifting frame of mind, the IIT JEE coaching institute in Bhubaneswar created great outcomes every year which provoked themselves to deliver far better outcomes. The goal of Bansal Classes, Bhubaneswar is to give equivalent contemplating chances to all students preparing for competition. The educators at this IIT JEE coaching institute figures out how to utilize an assortment of instructing systems so as to provide food for the scope of adapting needs and necessities that are available inside most class situations. All understudies, paying little heed to their dimension, can profit by improved exam technique. For applicability of theoretical concepts, accurate and thorough explanations are provided at Bansal Classes in Bhubaneswar. To make IIT JEE aspirants aware of attempting of problems, each step in solved examples is carefully and systematically explained.


Theory portion in a detailed manner

In-chapter exercises

Set of question banks comprehensively designed

Correspondence course also available

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Shahim Sinha


Bansal Classes

Found everything I wanted and it solved all of my queries for which I was searching a lot.... best institute for JEE preparation. A must visit Bansal Classes

Devika Sahini


Amogh Classes

Best JEE coaching Bhubaneshwar!!!!!!! Amogh Classes is the best coaching center..the teachers are very familiar with all the student's and always available to solve our queries without any delay perfectly. that's why I chose Amogh Classes.

Raghav Singh


Vidya Mandir

It is one of the best institutes for coaching classes for medical students as well as preparation for IIT- JEE. well qualified and experienced teachers impart excellent quality education & guide the students to gain knowledge in that particular field. The management has totally professional approach under the leadership Vidya Mandir Team.

Neelam Kumar


Bansal Classes

Bansal Classes is the best institute for neet preparation as well as for jeeing.The faculties of all subjects are well experienced, they solve all of our doubts any time we ask. Our lead physics guru Kundan sir (physics faculty), his way of teaching is awesome, he clears all of our concepts also he teaches the way of approaching a good . Organic chemistry is also useful and better understand. Biology is the best. The environment of the institute is also good:)

Rashika Gupta



Best institute for engineering and medical preparation. Helpful and experienced teachers and found it the best place for doubt clearing and regular practice test.

Rithwik Awasthi


Bansal Classes

I am very happy to get admission at Bansal Institute institute. All faculty are very supportive and give proper guidance to crack the IIT exam. The interaction between students and faculty is very well. Thankyou Bansal CLasses. You are the best in JEE preparation.

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