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Best learning strategies for LSAT exam

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Best learning strategies for LSAT exam

Multiple law colleges in India recognize the LSAT score for their admission process. This test is considered by many to be the most important part in getting into a best law school. Rather than testing your memorizing skills, this test is designed to measure your reasoning and reading skills, which are necessary for the study of law. The LSAT is quite different from other standardized tests, this is why it’s important for you to understand the format and the type of the questions being asked so that nothing takes you by surprise on the exam day. A thorough preparation is the key to obtain a high score at LSAT. Here are the best learning strategies that can improve your chances of obtaining your full potential on the LSAT. Download LSAT Mock Paper.

General strategies

First of all, make sure that you begin studying months prior to the test and that you have all the materials and writing instruments that you need at hand. Keep your pencil moving this period and ensure that you practice a lot. Create a study plan and allocate time for preparation on a regular basis.

LSAC suggests that you approach the preparation in 3 steps:

Step 1 – no time limits

At this stage, you should familiarize yourself with the test instructions and question types by taking a practice test, but don’t focus on how much time it takes. It’s important to review the questions you got wrong and understand why so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Take notes and analyze the incorrect answers because this way you will be able to master the skill you are not very good at. You should know where your strengths and weaknesses lie beforehand to determine where you should concentrate your efforts and not waste time by studying all over again what you already master. Use your time wisely.

Step 2 – Individual sections under time limits

This is the moment when you estimate how much time you need to spend on each section and which question types you should spend additional time practicing. Focus more on the questions you find more difficult.

Step 3 – full timed conditions

It’s the time to simulate the real thing and take the test as you would on the exam day, under actual time constraints. You won’t have a lot of time for each question, so you should:

  • Workout your optimal pace
  • Answer the easiest questions first so that you can get the maximum points in case time runs out
  • Build mental stamina so that you can stay highly focused for a longer duration

Do this last step as many times as you can until you’re sure you can focus, without any distractions like checking phone, having a break or getting up for a walk. With enough practice, you will be able to answer all questions without running out of time. Also, you should keep in mind that the scores you obtain at the practice tests are not representative of your final score, but a guide to show you which areas to work on.

Question-specific tips and strategies

The advice of lawyers who have already taken the test is to learn strategies for the various parts of the test and use those strategies when studying.

Reading Comprehension Questions

Try different strategies to approach the selection and choose what works out most effectively for you under the time conditions:

  • Reading the selection and then answering the questions
  • Reading the questions, then the selection and thereafter answering the questions
  • Skimming the selection and questions very quickly, then rereading the selection carefully and answering the questions.

Whatever strategy you choose, you should read carefully the passage at least once before answering the questions and try to identify the main ideas, opinions or objective information. The questions should be answered based only on the information provided in the selection and not on your views or what you consider right. Remember that a good reading fluency and comprehension is a key skill for LSAT.

Analytical Reasoning Questions

This part of the exam assesses your abilities to analyze relationships and sets of constraints, which are necessary for a law student in problem-solving situations.

  • Read the passage carefully so that you can get a clear picture of the structure of the relationships involved
  • Keep in mind that each question should be treated separately from the others in the set
  • Highlight the text and use diagrams when possible. You can experiment with different types of diagrams to see if it helps you in answering the questions

Logical Reasoning Questions

These questions evaluate the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and bring arguments to support a point, which are important skills for legal analysis.

  • Read each question and answer choice carefully and make sure that not only you understand the meaning and structure of the argument, but also how the answer choice relates to the question
  • Answer each question on the basis of the given information

The Writing Sample

The sample essay you write on the day of the exam will be sent to the law schools you apply to, so it’s an important part of the admission process.

  • Read the topic carefully
  • Organize your thoughts before you start writing
  • Spare some time at the end of the test to review what you have written

These strategies are meant to help you prepare the best way possible for the LSAT exam. If you start preparing in advance you will be able to choose the strategies that suit your learning styles and preferences. It may also help you developing a strategy of your own. Check out the latest trends of LSAT.

A good approach in preparing for the exam might also be to get guidance and assistance. You can get it from the people who have already taken the test and were successful. Their input can help you understand what is expected from this exam and gain more confidence in your abilities. Finally, keep in mind that practice is the key to success.

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