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Best 10 NEET Coaching Institutes in Lucknow

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The City of Nawabs, Lucknow has been historically very active. Being the 11th most populous city of India, Lucknow has been an important commercial, finance, aerospace, music and poetry. Besides the area of Chowk in Lucknow, is important for its Chicken embroidery. With coaching trend gaining momentum, Lucknow is now becoming a hub for coaching centers. You name any prominent exam and there is a reputed coaching institute for it in Lucknow. Earlier, students didn’t have any other option but to rush to Kota or Delhi but the scenario is changing rapidly. Medical aspirants from Lucknow and adjoining areas preparing for prestigious exams like NEET have not to go anywhere else. They can take help from these institutes of guidance for NEET. We’ll be, through this article, delving into some of the NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow. These NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow have many reputed teachers who can help with preparation. These teachers from Lucknow are well versed with tips and tricks which can save some time during the actual exam. Further, the faculty at this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow have expertise in gauging the amount of preparation needed by a different individual. Moreover, the coaching institutes have well-planned course curriculum, mock test series, topic wise practice sheets and more which can smoothen the experience of NEET aspirants from Lucknow. NEET or National Eligibility and Entrance Test is conducted by National Test Agency for preparing a list of suitable candidates for admission in medical colleges. The test consists of four papers namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Lucknow has seen some brilliant qualifiers in NEET. Abhishek Verma, Prakhar Agarwal, Pranav Prakash are some of the names who have in the past made Lucknow proud. NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow have been the frontrunner in churning out champions. Not only providing useful resources but these coaching institutes in Lucknow motivate NEET aspirants constantly to work above their present potential. But since competition is on the rise, many NEET coaching institutes have opened up their branches in Lucknow. This poses a problem for medical aspirants from Lucknow since they have to go to each and every coaching institute personally to have a look at the educational service. But now they have another option as well. What about if somebody would give the students a summary of features offered by these coaching institutes. This would save a lot of time plus less frustration will be there. If you think this way then you are at the right place at the right time. Presenting to you a list of the best 10 NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow.

List of Best 10 NEET Coaching Institutes in Lucknow for Preparation:

1. Gravity Classes – Lucknow

Gravity is a prestigious institute for the preparation of various competitive exams for the last 6 years. Right from the very beginning, it was our vision to impart quality education in a conducive ambiance where a kind of deep mutual understanding and trust develops between the mentors and the students. In this endeavor, we strived hard and slowly but steadily developed a system that is so simple and effective that results started trickling in. Gravity is well known for the highest selection rate. We have produced so many best ranks and city toppers.

One of our salient features is that we firmly believe that preparing for Boards and Competitive exams are not two different things. But should be merged with each other with such finesse and aplomb that an aspiring student remains least stressed and enjoys the rigors of the daunting challenge of performing superbly in both. Integration of both the Boards and competitive exams is designed, planned, and executed at Gravity in an excellent fashion.

The basic thought is to synchronize the board curriculum with the preparation of competitive exams in the school premises during the regular school hours. This saves a lot of time and completely eradicates any possibility of duplication of efforts both on the part of the teachers as well as the students. We, at Gravity, have immense faith not only in the abilities of quality mentors and receptive students but also in the equanimity of the teachers under long and arduous association spells. The mantra is to mix knowledge with humility and academic aggression with serenity. A silence that reverberates and excellence that remains calm and diffident.

2. S-Orbit – NEET Coaching Institute in Mahanagar, Lucknow

s-orbit - NEET Coaching Institute in LucknowIf you are thinking about NEET preparations S-Orbit is one of the top coaching institutes you can opt for. This institute has been producing remarkably good results over the few past years. This is due to the expert faculty members with a minimum experience of 10 years that are present at this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow. They are well trained and experienced in their respective subjects. S-Orbit coaching institute in Lucknow imparts quality education by providing improved study materials, and innovative methods of teaching. The profoundly competing environment and learning gives that additional edge to NEET hopefuls at this coaching institute in Lucknow. Fussy, significant and one of a kind Study Material and Test Papers are set up as per the most recent example at S-Orbit coaching institute, Lucknow. Contact Details: E-mail- [email protected] Website- Phone- 9305287910/9454606724

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

• Demonstration of practical experiments for a better understanding of concepts. • Innovative Teaching Methodologies • Special Discounts/Scholarships to brilliant students • Extra classes and special attention to weak students.

3. Aakash – NEET Coaching Institute in LucknowAAKASH - NEET Coaching Institute in Lucknow

Aakash coaching institute was set up in the year 1988 to prepare youth for various medical exams. From that point forward the NEET coaching institute has developed by a wide margin with more than 165 branches all over India. The cutting edge instruction framework joined with traditional strategies at Aakash coaching institute, Lucknow ensures perfect and dependable preparing by the personnel. The teaching method is so amazing and sweeping that it makes intuitive study hall sessions. Excellent addresses and quality scholarly material is accessible for applicants at this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow. Parent-educator gatherings are additionally a piece of the Aakash coaching institute, Lucknow’s scholarly conveyance and criticism framework. Aakash coaching institute, Lucknow comprehends that time is a standout amongst the most basic aptitude to clear NEET. Thusly, the NEET coaching institute’s instructive modules are uniquely fitted to tap the capacity of every competitor from Lucknow to its optimal measurement and provide them with complete guidance in a period bound way.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

  • Monthly Performance Report (MPR)
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Daily Attendance Report (DAR)
  • Toll- free counseling

4. S-Orbit – NEET Coaching Institute in Hazratganj, Lucknow

s-orbit - NEET Coaching Institute in Lucknow Among all the top learning centres in Lucknow, S-Orbit Hazratganj has been consistent in inducing excellence in their students. This institute has been producing remarkably good results in NEET examinations over the few past years, all thanks to the expert faculty with 10+ years of experience in Medical field and as Educators. They are well trained and experienced in their respective subjects. S-Orbit is known for providing improved and updated study materials along with proven methods of teaching. NEET and other Medical exam aspirants have gained by the result-oriented approach of the faculty members. In this era of cut-throat competition, to propel yourself all you need is accurate guidance and the right materials which S-Orbit is never been short of. Contact Details: E-mail- [email protected] Website- Phone- 9305287910/9415327721 Features

  • Hindi & Bi-lingual Teachings
  • Experienced and well-trained faculty members
  • Career Counseling & Guidance
  • Special attention is provided to every student to improve their weak areas
  • Motivational Classes and free Career Counseling is provided to students
  • Separate Study Room/ Library Facilities available in the Hostel

5. Pathshala Academy 

Pathshala academy counts among the most prominent NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow. It provides the medical aspirants with customized study materials and regular tests to prepare them for the most coveted entrance exams of the country. Apart from learning facilities, Pathshala Academy, Lucknow is also equipped with a well-built infrastructure and a conducive environment. It is backed by a team of expert professionals who not cover the course content but also offer certain tips and tricks to score better. The faculty at this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow follows a well-planned academic session and a scientific approach to produce competent medical professionals. In light of the vision that preparation helps as root in creating a society and building better destinies for all, this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow centers around their key convictions of perfection, morals and nobility, understudy center and coordinated effort.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

• Doubt-clearing sessions • Personalized attention • Detailed analysis of students’ performance

6. Resonance – NEET Coaching Institute in LucknowResonance - NEET Coaching Institute in Lucknow

Resonance coaching institutes, Lucknow is a specialist establishment which gives explicit educating to NEET wannabes. The educators at this NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow are dependable with offering through and through quality education to hopefuls. For determined appreciation, students of Lucknow are given assignments after conduction of classes. Standard test sessions are facilitated and test’s performance is totally discussed to spur them for development at this NEET instructing foundation in Lucknow. Reverberation instructing establishment, Lucknow learning reasoning is based around the probability of making the NEET hopefuls acquainted with important data. The understudies are set up for academic quality similarly with respect to the improvement of character also at Resonance coaching institute, Lucknow. With such tip-top scholarly administrations given to candidates, Resonance has solidified its place as one of the best NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

  • Pre-foundation Career Care Program (PCCPs)
  • VRIDDHI (e-Knowledge series)
  • Reward Programs

7. Raghuvanshi – NEET Coaching Institute in Hazratganj, Lucknow

If you pine for excellence, Raghuvanshi coaching institute can be a viable option for you. Located in the heart of Lucknow, Raghuvanshi has a team of experienced and dynamic teachers. With exclusive test series, students go through a rigorous mental exercise which helps them score high in NEET. Raghuvanshi coaching institute, Lucknow has been delivering splendour both in the academic and entrance exams. The vision of this NEET coaching institute situated in Lucknow is to create splendour in academic, examining innovative regions of the lethargic self, continuing capacities including assurance among the students to keep themselves refreshed with the latest enhancements in the test. Endeavouring to give the best guidance to designing close by the board test is the thing that makes Raghuvanshi one of the première NEET coaching institutes in Lucknow.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

  • RTS (Raghuvanshi Test Series)
  • RTTS (Raghuvanshi Topic Wise Test Series)
  • Full Year Batches for PMT (NEET, AIIMS, BHU, AFMC, AMU, CPMT, DPMT, MPPMT, UPMT), etc.

8. Pace IIT and Medical – NEET Coaching Institute in Hazratganj, LucknowPace IIT and Medical - NEET Coaching Institute in Lucknow

With a belief to provide all deserving students with the most competitive curriculum and pedagogy for competitive exams like NEET, Pace IIT and Medical strives its best. Determined to make the journey of exam preparation interesting and easy, Pace uses interactive methods of learning. Having a proven excellence record, Pace coaching institute is one of the most sought-after options for NEET in Lucknow. With a surprising educating technique, this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow has had the alternative to empower the understudies to comprehend their dreams and get attestation into their optimal designing universities. The inside pillars of PACE coaching institute, Lucknow are understudy driven technique and analysis driven instrument. These sections drive this NEET coaching institute in Lucknow to create the best outcomes in each engaged examination be it IITJEE or some other national test. Front line establishment, totally stacked library, best pool of IITians and doctorates as workers, quality examination material and the extraordinary testing framework makes PACE as one of presumed NEET coaching institute in Lucknow.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

  • Foundation Builder Courses
  • Education Abroad

9. Discovery Classes

Discovery Classes coaching institute, Lucknow is one of the pioneer establishment in the field of present-day Education. This NEET coaching institute in Lucknow is an examination based outcome arranged establishment that confers worth driven quality instruction to shape all adjust characters that can lead tomorrow. Founded in 2018, Discovery Classes coaching institute in Lucknow chips away at the grass root level to give all around adjusted present-day education while making openings and soaking up qualities. The NEET coaching institute in Lucknow moves understudies ahead in the challenge making them all, as Leaders and Achievers. Discovery Classes coaching institute in Lucknow has been flooding ahead on the achievement track and has separated itself by setting up another standard in the training for competitive exam. It is Institution of learning for bringing in the nature of the understudies of state board prospectus qualified and experienced educators direct training classes at advantageous timings.

Features of this NEET coaching institute:

• Limited strength per batch • Strict implementation of the course schedule • A friendly environment with experienced teachers • Regular attendance report to parents

10 . Gangwar Institute

Gangwar Institute, Lucknow not only makes students’, teachers of the future but give them technical and managerial knowledge as well. The NEET coaching institute works upon both theoretical and practical knowledge base of the aspirants. One of the other reasons for Gangwar Institute, Lucknow’s good reputation among students is their highly experienced faculty. Also, the personality of students is horned in such a way as to make them confident individuals. Becoming an engineer endows one with a lot of responsibilities. This NEET coaching institute at Lucknow understands this in a perfect way. Hence students are also taught how to remain upbeat under stressful conditions. With quality educational facilities in hand, a student is bound to achieve success provided he tops it with a meticulous approach. Practice sessions for developing effective communication skills are also held at Gangwar Institute, Lucknow.


  • The facility of mock tests
  • Comprehensible study material
  • Interactive class sessions
  • Doubt sessions are conducted regularly



What is the eligibility criteria for NEET? The criteria for appearing in NEET is different for different category of reservation. As an example, a general candidate with 50 per cent marks in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology in class 12th is eligible to appear for NEET. For the reserved category, the percentage is 40. Whether the exam is in offline or online mode? Going by the trend of NEET 2019, the exam was conducted in offline or pen & paper mode. Can I change my centre from Lucknow to any other city after generation of roll number? No, centre or city cannot be changed. Hence, it is advisable to remain careful while filling details. Can a candidate opt Delhi as centre city, if he or she resides in Lucknow? Candidates are advised to select the centre of exam in their residential state or in the neighbouring city only. In how many regional languages NEET is conducted? Going by NEET 2019, which was conducted in 11 regional languages, we have: Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, English, Bengali, Kannada, Odia, Telugu If a candidate is opting for regional language, then in which language candidates will be provided with the Test Booklet? Those candidates who opt for the regional language will be getting bilingual test booklet i.e. in English and in the language selected. This is to help the candidates, if there is any ambiguity while answering the questions, then the English version is treated final.

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